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Israel Behind Anglo-Zionist Invasions, Wars, Civil Wars, and Counter Revolutions Around the World

By Henry D'Souza

 Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, June 6, 2014


Obama's 2014, West Point Speech: All Hat And No Cattle?

        A commentator described Obama’s Commencement Address at West Point as, “all hat and no cattle,” which is a Texan expression that means all show and no substance.  The expression is a herder’s way of showing that what matters in life is cattle, his cash.  If the title is enigmatic, it cannot be realistic since Obama is an astute thinker who would never deliver a speech that had no substance.

        As a guest speaker, a President and a Commander-in-Chief he had to praise an institution and its staff that has no peer.  Its graduates led the way when America was the sole Superpower, and are expected to lead America to greater heights. West Point took the lead by starting a first all-female command team and by giving gays recognition, as best it could.  As a parent, Obama recognised the sacrifice parents made when they offered their children for service in the armed forces, on behalf of their country, and for freedom of others.

        From time to time, Obama’s experiences in Afro-American churches surface in surprising ways.  Like a pastor behind a dais, he absolved all West Point recruits of their sins which they might have committed during training.  His listeners were amused by this general absolution.

        Obama also drew applause when he told his audience that this class would be the first that would not have to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan, since 9/11.  This statement was not an indication of cowardice, but an affirmation that the Administration had come to realize that wars based on lies will not be fought ever again.

        So far, some would be excused of thinking that Obama’s speech was “all hat and no cattle.”  But experienced speakers are aware that speeches usually begin with pleasant and deserving appraisals of their hosts.

        The real substance of Obama’s speech came when he reaffirmed what came to be known as the “Wolfowitz doctrine:” “America must always lead on the world stage. If we don’t, no one else will.”1    Russia and China have questioned this belief in several ways.  Russia said that it has to be treated on equal terms by the US: it will not tolerate the US interfering with its Near Abroad; it is arming Syria with anti-aircraft missiles, SA-17, SA-22, SA-24, and the more potent SA-300 on the grounds that previous orders had to be met and foreign intervention had to be prevented.2   Russia and China have the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation to counter NATO.  And, the most powerful man today is not the American President, but the Chinese Premier, say the experts.

        One implication of these developments is that there are three Superpowers: the Chinese Dragon has assets of more than three trillion dollars and is a large investor of American bonds; the Russian bear is getting richer by the day with China paying in advance for the supply of oil and gas; the American eagle is heavily in debt and is unwilling to take the necessary steps to put its financial house in order, speedily.

        All three “Superpowers” are imperialists.  Obama noted that Russia’s aggression towards its Near Abroad frightens Europe, while China’s economic rise “worries” its neighbours.3   In a speech filled with optimism, one would not expect Obama to say that the Anglo-Zionist structure of the world is keeping Palestinians in bondage and that America’s motive is to weaken all imperial rivals, as it is doing in Syria, Ukraine, Western China, and North Korea. This goal is designed to ensure that America’s dominance continues.

        The second implication is that the Superpower rivals and laggards, are following the sinister techniques of global manipulation that the US has followed to maintain its power.  Billy Graham, who has officiated in several Presidential ceremonies, regretted that the trend in America is “oppression” and that the country is drowning in a “sea of immorality.’  Graham felt that his country had abandoned the Christian principles on which his country was founded.4

        US techniques of Anglo-Zionist subjugation include financial warfare like sanctions and bribery through the Bretton Woods Twins; subversion by “coloured revolutions” financed by US’s National Endowment for Democracy and private financial magnates, from Libya to Ukraine; cyber warfare as disclosed by Julius Assange in Wikileaks, Edward Snowden, and NSA/CIA whistleblowers like John Kiriakon; “pest management” to cause agricultural disasters; the use of CIA and Operations units to conduct dangerous missions of destabilizing foreign countries; Phase Zero Shaping and a pilot scheme called Human Terrain System introduced by Secretary of the Army John McHugh which gives the Pentagon power to take charge of diplomacy and development;5 and, of course, numerous wars.  

        Since the end of the Second World War America has been engaged in the following wars, notes Arundhati Roy: China (1945-6), (1950-3), Korea (1950-3), Guatemala (1954, 1967-9), Indonesia (1958), Cuba (1959-60), Congo (1964), Peru (1965), Laos (1964-73), Libya (1986), El Salvador (1980s), Nicaragua (1989), Panama (1989), Iraq (1991-9), Bosnia (1995), Sudan (1995), Yugoslavia (1999), and Afghanistan (2001.)6  

        The official view, as presented by commentator David Brooks, is that in the 1990’s Presidents Bush and Clinton “took military action roughly every 17 months to restrain dictators, spread democracy, and preserve international norms.”7   Brooks adds that despite this effort there have been more autocracies than democracies.  America’s weakness has been “over-reach.” 

Obama is on the same page as Lord David Richards who said that, “there is sometimes no alternative to war.”8   But Obama showed more wisdom by realizing that the over-reach view is realistic.  He therefore refused to be goaded by Israel to impose a no-fly zone in Syria, as he did in Libya.  Against Israel’s wishes, Obama started negotiations with the Iranians on the non-proliferation issue.  Unfortunately, this Obama doctrine which diverges a bit from the Wolfowitz doctrine has come a bit too late in his second term.  And, there is no guarantee that it will be followed when Obama leaves office.  But Obama does have the backing of the electorate as only 7% favoured military action in response to Russia taking over Crimea.

A powerful representative of the extreme Right Senator McCain is more aggressive than Obama. He would wage a war on, or with, Nigeria and have troops in Falluja.9   Stanton is right in claiming that the political-military-corporate leadership has not learnt any lessons from all these wars that America has fought.10

Obama warned the West Point graduates that they still have an asymmetrical counter-terrorism war, “the greatest threat,” for which he has allocated $5billion.  Obama hopes to co-opt nations affected by Al Qaeda in its counter-terrorism war.  Obama spoke of “a long season of war.”  Seasons change but American wars seem endless.  Al Qaeda’s strategy is to conduct a decentralized war and weaken America by a thousand costly cuts.

It does not appear that the US can disengage from these wars.  As long as Anglo-Zionists occupy Islamic lands, wars will continue.  All the coloured revolutions from Libya to Egypt, all the way to north to Ukraine are intended for the longevity of Israel.  By encouraging Ukraine to join the European Union prematurely, the US has taken on a Superpower, Russia, as an opponent.  Such rivalry is not going to be a short one. 

The US has accused another Superpower, China, of cyber-espionage.  The FBI have accused five Chinese hackers of computer fraud, commercial theft, damaging computers through codes and commands, identity theft and economic espionage.  The hackers include Hunag Zhenyu, Wen Xinyu, Sun Kailing, Gu Chunhui, and Wang Dong.  There are 300 known families of malware.  Some work from their homes, while others are trained by the Peoples’ Liberation Army.  A smaller group focuses on Viet Nam.11   But according to a Department of Defense official, Snowden “stole everything –literally everything.” His was a “doomsday cache” of intelligence information, including undercover intelligence personnel stationed around the world.12 The US has therefore been quite thorough as a hacker, worldwide.  This cyber-war against China, and other competitors, is not going to end, even though the Obama Administration has placed some restrictions on such activities.

The new theatre of war will be Asia where both Russia and the US have pivoted for different reasons.  To cite one example, the US is collaborating with several states in opposing China’s claim to 80% of the South China Sea. 

Taken together, these conflicts will make US foreign policy “a meat-grinder for its enemies for the foreseeable future,” notes Peter Lee.13

The US needs to change its foreign policy drastically for several reasons.  Its policy in Ukraine is disastrous.  Ukraine has lost Crimea permanently and the US could do nothing effective about the annexation.  The President-elect of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko took the wrong advice by attacking pro-Russian rebels with weapons in the East and then decide to talk to Putin. He should have spoken to Putin first and saved the Donetsk, Luhansk and Odessa from declaring themselves People’s Republics, independent of Kiev.  Russian residents in Odessa blame the CIA, the Security Service of Ukraine, some members of the FSB and the Governors for destabilizing the region.14  Ukraine had a better deal under the Budapest Agreement, when both Russia and the US guaranteed Ukraine sovereignty, and Russia paid rent for its base in the Crimea and fees for servicing Russian long range missiles. 

Obama is guilty of observing contradictory principles.  In Ukraine, he rightly says a dominant country cannot sign a piece of paper and take a weaker nation’s territory.15   But the US, and its ally Israel, flouts this principle in Palestine.

One would have thought that the misery of 1.6 million refugees would stop major powers from escalating the civil war in Syria.  But the US clandestinely sent 400 anti-aircraft missiles from Libya to the Free Syrian Army. The deaths of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other diplomatic staff is attributed to these links between Libya and Syria. 

Another error is that the Free Syrian Army wanted the Americans to train thousands of their volunteer army.  Frontline disclosed that only a group of 85 soldiers are flown to Doha at a time for training.  This suggests that American and Saudi aid is meant to fight just a guerilla war on behalf of Sunnis.  Although pockets of Syria are controlled by rebels, President Assad is winning on the ground.

Another reason for a needed change in American foreign policy is the threat to Americans anywhere in the world.  On September 25, 2013, the US Department of Consular Affairs issued a worldwide caution to American nationals.  The warning was updated on April 10, 2014 because of “the continuing threat of terrorist actions and violence against US citizens throughout the world,”… for decades to come.16

The argument given by the current US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel that Russia is a threat to Europe is incorrect.17  The Political Capital Institute of Hungary has concluded that, “Russian influence in the affairs of the Far Right is a phenomenon seen all over Europe.”  It is a rebellion against the financial oligarchy of the US and Europe.  French philosopher Alain de Benoit agrees; he says, “Russia is now obviously the principal alternative to American hegemony.”  Aymere Chauprade of the National Front adds that, “Russia has become the hope of the world against the new totalitarianism.”18   The Far Right from Vladivostok to Lisbon has gained political ascendancy in Europe, and their views contradict those of Prince Charles who compared Putin to Hitler.  Slovokia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico, Czech’s PM Bohuslav Sobotka, and Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban have stated that it is hypocritical to impose sanctions on Russia when France is selling warships to Russia, and German, French and Italian companies have signed deals to build Russia’s South Stream project.19

America might have to change, too, if it accepts the Russian view of the USA.  Reporter Lulko20 argues that American politicians fall into two groups: one believes in its own fairy tales; the other is cynical.  They know that their words are not true, but they utter them anyway.  The Russians are as good as, if not better than, the Americans at propaganda. 


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