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European Lawmakers Must Speak Up Against Zio-Nazism

By Khalid Amayreh

PIC, Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, February 13, 2014

I am addressing European rather than American or Canadian parliamentarians because the former are relatively less subservient to Zionist blackmail in comparison to the latter.
In North America, the financial and political clout of organized Jewish groups holds most politicians by the throat. 
We all know that the American Congress is at Israel's beck and call and can hardly adopt a moral stance against Israeli crimes in Occupied Palestine regardless of the level of nefariousness of these crimes.
Besides, it was Europe, and Britain in particular, that inserted the venomous Jewish snake into the child's bed. They are under a moral obligation to deal with the consequences of their historical crime.
Today, Israel is carrying out a real demographic genocide against the helpless Palestinian people. This demographic genocide may not be dramatic, e.g. involving the usual scenes of a classical genocide. But it does involve the demolition of people's homes on a large scale, the creation of man-made homelessness, banishment from one's community, withdrawal of residency rights as well as destroying or denying all facilities necessary for maintaining a semblance of decent life.
The Israeli genocidal demographic campaign covers large parts of the occupied West Bank, including the Jordan valley where entire villages and hamlets have been obliterated from the face of earth.
The sinister onslaught also includes East Jerusalem, the town's suburbs and environs as well as western and southern Hebron. 
Indeed, a fleeting examination of daily news headlines would show that Israel is now trying to catch up with her criminal actions against the Palestinians and carry out criminal plans that were suspended due to political considerations or halted due to court rulings. 
Some observers argue that the Netanyahu government, which is a government of settlers, by the settlers and for the settlers, is trying to take advantage of the world's preoccupation with the so-called peace process in order to arrogate and steal more Palestinian land for the purpose of building more Jewish colonies thereon.
This is very much similar to the Lebensraum policy adopted by Nazi Germany against some neighboring European states.
In Israel, the generally cowardly western media doesn't use terms such as "lebensraum" in reference to Jewish-Zionist colonization of Palestinian territories.  Media organizations, even individual journalists, think twice or even ten times before upsetting the holy cow or bothering the Zionist golem lest Zionist circles invoke the ultimate mantra of anti-Semitism.
According to aid agencies working in the occupied territories, there has been a dramatic spike in Israeli demolitions of Palestinian property, coinciding with renewed US-backed peace negotiations.

A statement by 25 aid organizations published  by Reuter on Friday, 7 February,  said the number of demolitions increased by almost half and the displacement of Palestinians by nearly three-quarters between July 2013, when the talks began, and the end of the year, compared to the same period in 2012.

This is added to the much larger "indirect displacement" whereby many peasant and shepherd families are forced to leave their communities due to heavy-handed or even draconian Israeli actions such as barring food and fuel supplies from reaching these communities, setting out inherently pugnacious Jewish settlers to harass or even attack defenseless Palestinians and declaring large swathes of land a closed military zone off limit to the Palestinians.

It is amply clear that Israel is trying to force as many Palestinians as possible to be concentrated in the smallest possible geographic area of the West Bank in order to avail or "save" as much land as possible for future Jewish settlement. As one Palestinian diplomat put it, Israel wants as much as possible of Palestinian geography but as little as possible of Palestinian demography.

This Nazi-like ethnic cleansing must not be allowed to continue. The law of the jungle which Israel is using vis--vis the Palestinian people is not acceptable. It must be rejected in the strongest terms.

The EU countries, probably with the exception of Germany which apparently doesn't mind atoning for its past sins against European Jewry even by enabling Israel to commit Nazi-like crimes against her Palestinian victims, can do much to discourage Israel from pursuing the present criminal discourse against the helpless Palestinians.

EU as a bloc or as individual states can impose meaningful trade sanctions against the Zionist state.  We know that a large share of Israeli trade is done with Europe. Hence, EU should sting Israel where it hurts.

EU must not flinch from imposing on Israel sanctions and other boycotts similar to those imposed on the defunct apartheid regime in South Africa. Israel is far more virulent and insidious than South Africa under apartheid. That racist regime merely sought to separate and segregate but Israel is effectively trying to obliterate and destroy the Palestinian community using non-dramatic means to achieve Nazi-like goals.

Europe owes it to itself to stand against Israel's lebensraum policies. Failing to do so would haunt Europe for many decades to come. It is enough that the EU has played the cowardice card with regard to the Syrian crisis by playing the role of passive spectator while a sadistically murderous regime has been enjoying the process of murdering its own people for more than three years.




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