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Israeli Con Game of Endless Negotiations Soon to Be Over

Video and Article By Mark Dankof

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, April 6, 2014


Press TV has interviewed Mark Dankof, political commentator from San Antonio, to discuss the so-called peace talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.

What follows is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Your take, basically, on the previous question when I asked Mr. Millet and his answer. What do you think about that when I say more and more the Palestinians are losing land, so why would the PA continue to negotiate with Israel? -Your take on that same question.

Dankof: Secretary of State Kerry made a very, very interesting statement when he said that perhaps the United States would walk away from these peace talks because they weren’t being taken seriously by the parties, quote-unquote.

The fact of the matter is that no thinking person takes these so-called peace talks seriously because Israel stole 51 percent of Palestinian land in 1947 and has proceeded to illegally settle more land since to the point to where the Palestinians supposedly granted 49 percent in this partition in 1947 are now down to nine percent.

The Israelis continue to be involved in illegal settlements in the West Bank. They’re clearly trying to take over all of East Jerusalem. They clearly have the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem in their sites to be replaced by a so-called rebuilding of the Jewish temple.

The other thing that needs to be emphasized here is that Israel is also trying to blackmail the United States. Israeli spy Philip Giraldi who according to all the CIA damage assessment people at the time, was deemed to be the most damaging spy to American interests since the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg spy case in the 1940s. Israel is demanding his release in exchange for doing anything with these peace talks.

I think it’s notable that after reading Philip Giraldi’s article on this thing this week that in fact Pollard was convicted under US Code 18194, where when you see the extent to which he was compromising the so-called SCI or password code intelligence information of the United States, should have been given by statute the death penalty.

The fact of the matter is that Israel has no intention of engaging in honest negotiations at all. They’re a criminal state. They’ve been a criminal state from the beginning.

The thievery will continue and of course their criminality continues in Syria, it continues in Ukraine and some of their leading lobby spokesmen in the United States including the casino mogul Sheldon Adelson have been openly advocating a preemptive nuclear strike on the part of the United States against Iran. This is clearly lunacy. It is clearly illegal. It is clearly genocidal.

Press TV: What do you think about that, Mr. Dankof? What is the solution at this point in time? As our guest in London said, basically it’s the Palestinians and Israelis who are suffering.

However, what we have seen is more and more of the Palestinian land eaten up. What we have seen have been illegal detainments and continuously illegal checkpoints and so many other illegal acts from the siege on Gaza to other things, that basically the international, or should I say the Western community, Western capitals have looked the other way. What can be done when basically these Western capitals are not putting any kind of pressure on Tel Aviv?

Dankof: Well, I think we get into something that Mr. Millet doesn’t want to discuss in addition to the obvious public criminality of Israel ever since the state was founded.

We’re also dealing with the circumstance where the American people are suffering. The fact of the matter is that when we look at the billions of dollars that the United States has borrowed and spent in these endless conflicts in the Middle East where it’s own military forces have been involved, this is largely at the behest of the Israeli lobby and the project for the New American Century and its successor, the so-called Foreign Policy Initiative.

The fact of the matter is that the Jewish power structure in the United States, which owns the banks, which owns the news media, which can bankroll elections including what Mr. Sheldon Adelson indicates he’s going to do the next time thanks to the recent McCutchen decision at the United States Supreme Court is going to ensure that the only people who benefit from this ongoing miserable situation in the Middle East and Central Asia are the Jewish power structures of the United States and Western Europe.

When 98 percent of the American public and 98 percent of the European public begins to understand not simply the magnitude of what they have inflicted on the Palestinians by supporting this criminal state known as Israel, but when they start losing more of their own people in international conflicts and wars, and as their own economies continue to plummet because Israel is constantly syphoning from all of these societies, then there’s going to be some change.The American public is beginning to turn on this. It’s obvious that there are some people in Europe that are beginning to rethink this whole situation. The fact of the matter is that the con game and the shell game is soon to be over.

If Israel manages to suck the United States into a direct military conflict with Iran, that’s when I think you will see a circumstance where more and more people in the United States, average people who are not a part of this power structure or the people that are fronting for it like John Kerry, John McCain, Barack Obama and George W. Bush, will rise up and put all of these people out of business.

Press TV: Your take, basically what is it that Israel has over the United States that we have seen time and time again? The majority of the countries in the world at the United Nations has actually gone against Israel, but the United States has time and time again used its veto to go against world opinion. What is it that Tel Aviv has on Washington?

Dankof: I think the answers are provided in a couple places. First of all, I’d like to mention to Mr. Millet that the only racist in this situation are the Zionist Talmudic racial supremacists who have stolen Palestine on behalf of a Jewish state, a Jewish state that has absolutely no true legitimate claim in that region and is again rooted in the racist doctrines in the Talmud which are aimed against non-Jewish peoples including Christian peoples, not simply Arab peoples.

In regard to Marzieh Hashemi’s question, a look at the latest statistics published by Janet McMahon and Hugh Galford of the Washington report on Middle East affairs where we see the amount of Israeli lobby PAC money which is buying federal elections, the Israelis are buying House elections, they’re buying Senate elections, they’ve been buying presidential elections to the extent that Mr. Millet doesn’t want to talk about this.

Whether you’re looking at the PAC money or whether you’re looking at the fact that five of the six media consortiums that govern the media dissemination of information in the United States are Jewish-owned or Jewish-staffed, and the sixth is Rupert Murdoch of the News Corporation which in fact owns Fox News.

Philip Giraldi, the former CIA station chief and consultant for the American conservative in fact identifies Mr. Rupert Murdoch and his News Corporation as a deliberate disseminator of Israeli intelligence disinformation in regard to Palestine, in regard to Syria, Iran and everything else.

So, in fact what we have is a power structure in the United States that is provably oriented toward the concerns of less than two percent of the American population, and as long as this continues, where going to see this absolute joke known as “peace talks” at the same time that both Israel and the United States continue to put a gun to the head of the Palestinians, continue to put a gun to the head of President Assad of Syria, continue to overthrow governments like the Yanukovich regime in Ukraine, and finally hold a gun to the Iranians’ heads when it comes to a situation where the United States could well be dragged into a horrific, illegitimate genocidal nuclear war against a non-nuclear state that is simply trying to exercise its freedoms according to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act that it is a signatory to and Israel is not.

Press TV: Mr. Dankof, we’re almost out of time. He’s talked about Israel withdrawing as far as settlers, but what we have seen is a great expansion of the land that settlers are grabbing. Your take, can a solution ever be reached between these two, Mr. Dankof?

Dankof: I don’t believe so because again the cards are all stacked against the Palestinians. The fact of the matter is that from the bombing of the King David hotel by Menachem Begin and company in 1946 to the ethnic cleansing of Deir Yassin and other Arab villages as the Zionist state was coming into existence, Israel was founded on thievery, Israel was founded on terror, Israel was founded in murderous policies and all of its policies since then have simply been an expansion of its illegally obtained lands by its same methodologies.

The fact of the matter is that nobody would want to negotiate with anyone who is involved in policies that relate to thievery, that relate to killing people’s families, and that relate to continuing to push people out of property that they have occupied for centuries.






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