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Hail to Erdogan on the Local Election Victory

By Khalid Amayreh

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, April 3, 2014

The convenient local election victory earned by the quasi-Islamic ruling party in Turkey, headed by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is a very bad news for the enemies of freedom and enemies of Islam in the region and beyond.
It is bad news for the ultra-secularist but-sectarian-minded enemies of Islam at the Turkish arena who have been making rabid efforts of late to scuttle Turkey's successful Islamic experiment.
These forces, eager to take Turkey back to the days of military tyranny, have been organizing vociferous protests against the government. Their demands had a thin fašade of legitimacy as they raised slogans against government despotism and corruption. However, their real opposition centered on Erdogan's Islamic approach. They simply wanted Erdogan to turn his back on Islam, something that no dignified and honorable Muslim could ever do.
Alawite Turks, who follow a pseudo-Islamic sect which believes that Ali ibn Abei Taleb was God-incarnate, has been infuriated by Erdogan's support for the Syrian revolution against the murderous Alawite regime in neighboring Syria.
The truth of the matter, however, is that Erdogan's stance against the Assad regime doesn't stem from any sectarian considerations but is the result of the bloody and nefarious nature of the Damascus junta.
In the final analysis, a regime that murders his people at will and wantonly destroys his country in order to remain in power is a diabolical regime par excellence.
Second, Erdogan's elections victory must also be bad news for Israel and its Free Masonic and other anti-Islam agents in Turkey itself.
Indeed, ever since the advent of Erdogan at the helm of power in Turkey more than ten years ago, Turkey has been a consistent supporter of the just Palestinian cause.
This support, especially to Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic liberation movement, infuriated Israel which always viewed the Turkish republic as a satellite-state orbiting Talmudic Israel, a criminal state that is hell-bent on ethnically cleansing the Palestinian people and crushing any efforts on the part of the Muslim Umma to reinstitute the rule of Sharia.
Needless to say, the rule of Sharia is the ultimate anathema for Israel because a truly Islamic state will never accept or come to terms with the arrogation of Palestine by Zionism.
Erdogan's victory is also bad news for the Sissi gang in Cairo. Sissi and cohorts have been trying desperately to tarnish the image of the Turkish Prime Minister who had the courage to condemn the fascist coup in Cairo against the only democratically-elected President in Egypt's history.
The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia must be very disappointed by Erdogan's victory.
The decadent rulers of both states calculate that the success of any Islamic democratic experiment anywhere in the world will expose the utter depravity and moral bankruptcy of the tribal regimes in their respective countries.
Hence, reinforcing Erdoganism is the antithesis of what these corrupt despots hope for.
Finally, the main Shiite powers of Iran, Iraq and Hizbullah, must also be greatly unhappy with Erdogan's victory.
For them, the strength and stability of any Sunni Muslim country interferes with and seriously undermines efforts at spreading Shiite hegemony in the region.
We in Palestine are quite happy that Erdogan and his party have been able to democratically defeat their enemies who are actually the enemies of Turkey and the enemies of Palestine and Islam.
We hope that Turkey, our big sister to the north, will continue to grow both quantitatively and qualitatively for the glory of the Turkish nation.
God bless Turkey.




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