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Islamophobia in the US, a CAIR Report, April 15, 2014

CAIR Welcomes Cancellation of Anti-Muslim Event in Tenn. School (see below)

CAIR-Chicago Warns Muslims of Fake 'IRS' Tax Scam "We want the police to take this seriously," said CAIR-Chicago's Rabya Khan. CAIR-MI to Hold Annual Banquet This Sunday  

CAIR-Ohio Calls for Investigation by Oberlin College into Professor's 'Bigotry'  CAIR-Cleveland is asking Oberlin College to investigate a lecturer in the Arabic Language Department whom they say openly promotes "anti-Muslim bigotry and crude stereotypes of Muslims in his writings on campus." Video: Megyn Kelly's Attempt to Disguise Anti-Islam Bias in CAIR Shoot Out, Part 2 

CAIR-Philly: Rescinding an Honor for an Anti-Islam Activist (NY Times) Honoring Ms. Hirsi Ali would have been an insult to the legacy of Justice Louis D. Brandeis and his great defense of religious freedom and civil liberties. Why Aayan Hirsi Ali Gets A Conservative Media Spotlight (Media Matters)

CAIR-CA: Legacy of Malcolm X to Be Subject of Discussion It is sponsored by Muslim Students Association at Pacific, Religious and Spiritual Life at Pacific, the Council on American Islamic Relations, the Ta'leef Collective and the well: space for seekers in San Joaquin. CAIR: Legislation for Religious Workers Introduced in Congress CAIR applauded the introduction of the Act, which unchains the Special Immigrant Non-Minister provision of the Immigration and Naturalization Act from the unnecessary burden of continuous congressional reauthorisation.

CAIR: Congressman Honda Introduces Freedom of Faith Act

Fla. Senate Passes Anti-Islam Textbook Bill The bill was also inspired by complaints over a high school world history textbook that some said gave too much attention to Islam.

CAIR Welcomes Cancellation of Anti-Muslim Event in Tenn. School

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 4/9/14) --

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today said it has joined with concerned Muslims in Tennessee in welcoming cancellation of an anti-Muslim event scheduled for April 24 at a Knoxville high school.

TN: Approval Rescinded for Shari'a Law Event at Farragut High School

A school official today told CAIR: "I am happy to announce that our Central Office has canceled the ACT event. Thank you for your concern and support."

"We appreciate the prompt and appropriate response to concerns of Muslim parents and others that hosting this event in a public school would send an implicit message of endorsement for the bigoted views of the speakers," said CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper.

"We welcome the decision by the superintendent of Knox County Schools to help ensure that they remain a safe place for all students," said American Center for Outreach Director of Policy Remziya Suleyman.

In a letter sent yesterday to Farragut High School Principal Michael Reynolds, Hooper wrote:

"I wish to bring to your attention our concerns about a program scheduled for April 24 at Farragut High School in which two anti-Muslim speakers are to appear to discuss 'Shariah Law.'

"'Bill Warner' (Bill French) is identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as a member of the "anti-Muslim inner circle."

SPLC: The Anti-Muslim Inner Circle

"He will appear with Matt Bonner, the southeast regional director of the Crescent Project -- a group whose mission is to 'reach Muslims with the Gospel of Christ.'

"Note the anti-Muslim bigotry they both expressed at a previous event.

SEE: Town Hall Meeting Warns Against 'Political Islam'

"The April 24 event in your school is sponsored by ACT! for American, another anti-Muslim hate group.

"ACT! for America leader 'Brigitte Gabriel' claims that an American Muslim 'cannot be a loyal citizen' and that Islam is the 'real enemy.' She once told the Australian Jewish News: 'Every practicing Muslim is a radical Muslim.' She also claimed that 'Islamo-fascism is a politically-correct word ... it's the vehicle for Islam ... Islam is the problem.'

CAIR Islamophobia Backgrounder: ACT! for America and 'Brigitte Gabriel'

"We believe this event will be viewed as having the endorsement of school officials and has the potential to promote bullying and to create a hostile learning environment for Muslim students. It may also serve to create a negative impression of Islam and Muslims in the minds of students of all faiths.

"We support the First Amendment right to free speech -- even the kind of hate speech used by these speakers -- but believe, because of the need for a safe and inclusive learning environment, that a school is not the proper setting such an event.

"I therefore respectfully request that you review district policies to determine whether you high school is an appropriate venue for a potentially hate-filled program."

After receiving the letter, a representative of the school told CAIR that "Farragut High School does not support this event, nor do we share the presenters' views" and that a review of the "use of facilities" agreement was being reviewed by legal experts.

CAIR is America's largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization. Its mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.


CAIR-FL Exposes Link Between Sen. Hays' Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim Legislation

Video: Alleged Calif. Killer Accused of Hating Muslims NYPD

Hunts for Man Who Threatened to Kill Muslim Teen (NY Post)

The NYPD's Hate Crime Task Force is hunting for a middle-aged white man who called a 15-year-old Muslim girl a "terrorist" and threatened to kill her aboard a crowded city bus in Queens. NY: "Sand (Expletive)" Sprayed on Building of Middle Eastern Man

Montreal Islamic Centre Gets Axe Thrown Through Window

Islamophobia Journal Contains Summary of CAIR's "Legislating Fear"

Video: TV Host Slams Hirsi Ali's 'Honor Diaries' as 'Pre-Packaged Propaganda'

CAIR-New Jersey Banquet a Success Some 400 New Jersey residents turned out on Saturday for the 10th Annual Awards Banquet of that state's chapter CAIR.

CAIR-OK Celebrates Eighth Annual Awards

California Muslim Charged for Hands-Free Phone in Hijab (LA Times)

Lawyer: Oregon Muslim Fears Return after FBI Actions

CAIR Welcomes Brandeis University's Withdrawal of Honor for Islamophobe Ayaan Hirsi Ali Muslim civil rights group says 'victory over hate' came through unified front against intolerance

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 4/9/14) -

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today welcomed a decision by Brandeis University to withdraw its invitation to notorious anti-Muslim extremist Ayaan Hirsi Ali to receive an honorary degree at commencement ceremonies on May 18 and attributed the "victory over hate" to a unified community response.

CAIR, the nation's largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, requested that move yesterday in a letter to Brandeis President Frederick M. Lawrence.

SEE: Brandeis Cancels Degree for Ayaan Hirsi Ali (NY Times)

CAIR: Brandeis U. Decides Against Honor for Islam Critic (AP)

CAIR: Brandeis Drops Plan to Honor Critic of Islam (Reuters)

Ali has in the past seemed to express sympathy for mass murderer Anders Breivik, who included her writings in his manifesto. She has also stated "we are at war with Islam," called for the closing of "all Muslim schools" in America, urged that Islam be "defeated," claimed "there is no moderate Islam," and suggested that the U.S. Constitution be amended to allow for discrimination against Muslims. In its statement announcing the withdrawal of Ali's invitation, the university said: "We cannot overlook that certain of her past statements are inconsistent with Brandeis University's core values."

"We welcome the recognition by Brandeis University that honoring an anti-Muslim bigot like Ayaan Hirsi Ali would amount to an endorsement of her hate-filled and extremist views," said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad. "We would like to thank all those who took part in the effort to expose Ali's extremism and to convince the university to take corrective action."

Awad added: "This victory over hate was achieved because the American Muslim community joined with interfaith partners in presenting a unified front to challenge Ali's intolerance."

He offered specific thanks to the Brandeis Muslim Students Association, the editors of The Justice student newspaper at Brandeis, Tikun Olam blog editor Richard Silverstein, Imam Suhaib Webb of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, the Islamic Council of New England, Brandeis Professor Joseph Lumbard, and the many Jewish activists and academics who joined in demanding that Brandeis University withdraw its invitation to Ali.

Awad said the issue was not one of First Amendment rights because "Ali remains free to spew her anti-Muslim venom in any other venue," but was instead about a prestigious university not honoring a purveyor of religious bigotry.

CAIR is America's largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization. Its mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.


CAIR-FL Warns Muslims of 'IRS' Phone Scam Nezar Hamze with the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Pembroke Pines is just one of several community group leaders joining in on IRS warnings to people that anyone calling on the phone to tell them their tax filing is wrong should make them suspicious. CAIR Welcomes Defeat of Md. Anti-Free Speech 'BDS' Bills CAIR-Maryland today welcomed news that anti-free speech legislation introduced in the Maryland General Assembly's 2014 session failed to pass. Video: Fox News' Bob Beckel Blames 'Arab Money' for Brandeis Dropping Islamophobe Hirsi Ali

Video: CAIR Rep Debates Fox's Megyn Kelly on Brandeis U Disinviting Islamophobe Hirsi Ali Megyn Kelly's Shoot Out With CAIR Unmistakably Shows Her Anti-Islamic Bias

Protest Planned: Mass. Muslim High School Students Say They Were Bullied Students at Westfield State University are planning to picket West Springfield High School to protest what three sisters called a pattern of anti-Islamic bullying by students and inaction by school officials.

Backgrounder: Almost Half of Calif. Muslim Students Report Bullying

Canada: Man Charged with Racial Assault on Teenage Muslim Girl

NY: No One Helped Muslim Teen When a Man Spat on Her, Called Her a Terrorist

Islamophobia Watch:

Leading Islamophobe to Speak at Public School in East Tenn. CAIR: Two Wayne Law Students Honored by Women Lawyers Association She works as a law clerk at the Council on American-Islamic Relations, helping file asylum applications for Syrian refugees, and as senior editor for Michigan International Lawyer, a publication of the Michigan State Bar. CA: Muslim Panels Shed Light on a Diverse Religious Group Nearly 13 years since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Muslims in America -- and the 250,000 living in the Bay Area -- still face fear, reprisals and a variety of misunderstandings that make daily life continuously difficult.



Oberlin College Asked to Probe Claims Against Anti-Islam Prof

CAIR-Cleveland requested on Tuesday that Oberlin College investigate one of its Arabic professors for allegedly promoting anti-Muslim sentiments in his publications and on campus.

 CAIR-OK Celebrates Anti-Islam Amendment Defeat (OK Gazette) As [CAIR-OK] held its annual banquet Saturday, guests celebrated a year of advocacy that was highlighted by the defeat of State Question 755, a amendment to the state constitution approved by voters four years ago.

500 Oklahomans Attend Sold-Out CAIR-OK Awards Banquet

CAIR: Fox's Eric Bolling Joins The Five's Anti-Muslim Hatefest

The Anti-Muslim Hate Agenda Behind Clarion's 'Honor Diaries' 

Executive Producer and Expert: Ayaan Hirsi Ali, prominent Islamophobic ideologue. 

'The Okra' Website Offers Satire with a Muslim Twist (Sun-Times)

"I personally welcome the lighthearted humorous take on Muslim-related news as I am a fan of Jon Stewart and the Onion," said Ahmed Rehab, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations-Chicago, who has visited the site.

CAIR-FL Calls on State GOP to Stop 'Legislative Bullying' of Muslims, Other Minorities

(TAMPA, FL 4/7/2014) --

The Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-FL) today called on that state's Republican Party leadership to reject anti-Muslim events and legislation promoted by party members statewide.

CAIR-FL expressed concern about a disturbing trend of local GOP organizations hosting extremist anti-Muslim speakers to promote fear and hatred of Islam and Muslims. This trend has led to GOP Senator Alan Hays supporting legislation, such as SB 386 and SB 864, intended to marginalize the American Muslim and other minority communities.

In a letter sent to GOP leadership today, CAIR-FL Chief Executive Director Hassan Shibly wrote in part:

"I am asking you to stand against actions taken by certain GOP members and clubs clearly designed to marginalize the American Muslim community and result in unconstitutional laws that harm our state and serve to undermine the long-term credibility of the Republican Party.

"Our office has documented a pattern of local GOP organizations inviting extremist anti-Muslim speakers who promote fear and hatred of the entire Muslim faith and community, often under the pretense of targeting 'radicals.'

"One of the most recent such events was advertised by the Lake County Republicans using the following description: 'If you believe that Islam is just another religion (and not a threat to America and the world)... then you especially need to hear this presentation.'

"This fear-mongering of Islam and American Muslims is leading to anti-Muslim legislation in Tallahassee that is both useless and that will harm our state.

"If you remain silent while party organizations invite Islamophobic speakers and GOP legislators support bills driven by anti-Muslim bias, your party risks alienating one of the fastest growing groups of American voters.

"Florida now has 150,000 registered Muslim voters. The GOP cannot afford to continue to alienate a minority growing in influence, especially in a key swing state such as Florida."

CAIR-FL is calling on the state GOP to take immediate action and stop the "Legislative Bullying of Florida Muslims and other Minorities." The civil rights group said the silence of the Florida GOP leadership is enabling and encouraging anti-Muslim xenophobia and bullying of Muslims and other minorities statewide.

CAIR is America's largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization. Its mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.











CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper, 202-744-7726,; CAIR Communications Manager Amina Rubin, 202-341-4171,

Council on American-Islamic Relations 453 New Jersey Ave, S.E., Washington, D.C., 20003





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