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May 5, 2014


John Kerry's Apartheid Humiliation Episode: Just Another Piece of Evidence About How Israelis Control US Foreign Policy By Mark Dankof

The Shameful Chapter: How Kerry and Obama Capitulated to Netanyahu and his AIPAC Operatives By Uri Avnery

Palestinian Unity: Hope and Gloom in the Beach Refugee Camp By Ramzy Baroud

Tony Blair's Neocon Zionist-Israeli Vision of Demonizing Muslims By James Zogby

US Accelerated Economic Descent Thanks to Globalization By Ben Tanosborn

A Palestinian Resistance View: 66 Years of Israeli Brutal Occupation and Delusional Peace Talks By Stuart Littlewood  

Tunisian Landmark Action on Women's Rights, First in Region to Lift Key Restrictions on International Treaty, a Human Rights Watch Report

Egyptian Government Bans "6 April" Opposition Group, Another Attempt to Silence Dissent, a Human Rights Watch Report

Iraqi Government Blocks Residents Fleeing Fighting, Humanitarian Crisis in Anbar Province, a Human Rights Watch Report

Algeria: Arrests at Protest Against President, Officials Target Movement Opposing Bouteflika’s Fourth Term, a Human Rights Watch Report

Columbus or Native American Day? By Eric Walberg








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