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Israeli Passion for Destroying Small Palestinian Villages Ended up Causing a Diplomatic Incident

By Adam Keller

Gush Shalom, Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, September 23, 2013 


 Israeli occupation soldiers resorted to violence against diplomats from France and other European countries on their way to give humanitarian aid to inhabitants of a village destroyed by the IDF. Quite embarrassing, just a few days after the government made a desperate plea to the European Union to relax its new guidelines , excluding Israeli organizations active in  the Palestinian occupied territories from getting European grants. 

Already for many years, the Israeli occupation authorities implement the most brutal policy precisely against the smallest and weakest of the Palestinian communities. Poor  shepherds who live in miserable huts or in caves, at the Jordan Valley and South Hebron Hills. They want nothing but to be left alone to live their life  of poverty, but the State of Israel is sending soldiers, police, and bulldozers to demolish their homes and leave them without a roof over their heads. .

Those who implement this cruel policy have the illusion that no one notices and no one cares what happens in remote, out of the way spots. When the tiny village called Khirbet Makhoul was destroyed and its residents left destitute and homeless, the world did hear about it. Immediately there arrived a Red Cross delegation and after them,  representatives of the European Union - from France, the UK, Spain, Ireland, and also from Australia - to support the residents and bring them tents and emergency supplies. This was a clear humanitarian duty, understandable to all.

Understandable to all except those who run the Israeli occupation policy, people who seem to have long since lost any vestige of moral sensitivity .


 Adam Keller




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