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Home Land Security Pick, Jeh Johnson, Is an Advocate for Drone Killings

By Mark Dankof

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, October 28, 2013


Press TV has conducted an interview with Mark Dankof, political commentator, about Obamaís nomination of Pentagon lawyer Jeh Johnson for the new head of Homeland Security.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: From what kind of a background does J. Johnson come?

Dankof: He is a trial attorney and most importantly he has represented many significant corporate banking constituents in his legal work. He has been the general counsel in the United States air force; more recently the general counsel for the Defense Department.

Whatís fascinating of course is that the far left - the Frankfurt school wing of the Democratic Party on social issues loves him because of his work in bringing an end to the Ďdonít ask donít tellí policy on homosexuals in the military.

But then on the other hand, this guy supports the drone strikes; he supports the Military Commissions Act of 2009; he supports the targeted killings of American civilians abroad.

And most amazingly of all, to me, in January 2011 he gave a speech at the Pentagon where he said that Martin Luther King would have supported the American invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. So this guy has a very strange ideological profile.

Press TV: What have been the domestic reactions to this nomination?

Dankof: Itís a relatively new nomination. I donít know that there has been that much domestic reaction to it except Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, a Republican, has criticized the guyís lack of experience mostly on issues of homeland security.

But frankly when you look at this guy I think the most significant thing is that his nomination is fairly typical I think of what presidents of both parties choose for these kinds of positions. Both what he will go along with ideologically, as well as his past as youíve already noted him being a major contributor financially to Mr. Obama and also in this case to the Democratic Party.

To me the most fascinating aspect of this is the conversation that will not be held by either Republicans of Democrats or by the American news media on what I think is the most pressing issue at the Department of Homeland Security... And that is what Dr. Philip Giraldi calls, the ĎIsraeli-ficationí of the Department of Homeland Security.

You have Israeli citizens who have significant roles to play in the American Department of Homeland Security. Israeli companies tied to the Israeli intelligence community that have a very, very close working relationship with the Department of Homeland Security and are getting a lot of the Homeland Security contracts.

This is something that I think is very serious and yet itís an aspect of this whole situation thatís not going to be brought up by the nominee or Mr. Obama or by the critics of Mr. Obama and this nominee.




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