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A Garlic Exclusive:

Nazi Billionaire Finances Netanyahu to Achieve Nazi Ultimate Goal

By Frank Scott

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN,  October 18, 2013

An exclusive secret interview with a wealthy Nazi working from international offices in Brazil, New Jersey, Wall Street, Berlin and Tel Aviv revealed a mind boggling financial plan to bring about the destruction of world Jewry. He claims to have financed the career of Benjamin Netanyahu in order to create more hatred for Jews than was ever possible under Hitler.

“I saw this crackpot as the answer to my, um, prayers” said the source of this exclusive story.
“ I lost my entire family in the Dresden firebombing and was barely able to escape that holocaust, salvaging only my multi-million dollar collection of art, tons of gold bullion and thousands of shares of stock in oil, uranium, diamond and coal mines. As an historic survivor I resolved to do all I could to destroy the Jews I held responsible for my and our incredible suffering and when I heard about this young Israeli I knew my, um, prayers had been answered.”
The anonymous Nazi multi-billionaire proceeded to send millions of anonymous dollars to all of Netanyahu’s campaigns for public office, after paying for his education at synagogues and American universities.
“ I used Jewish groups as covers for many of my donations. I have been a major anonymous donor to Jewish groups like the ADL for ages, always claiming that my generous contributions came from prudent and profitable investments in the Holocaust Industry and insisting that they strengthen world Jewry by helping to finance Netanyahu’s rise to power. I knew he could eventually bring about the downfall of Israel and world Jewry. It was only a matter of time before his crackpot allegiance to irrationality and his treatment of the American government as his shvartze servants would earn him, and Judaism, the undying hatred of all gentiles and even many Jews ” said the anonymous global member of an anonymous ruling class.
 “That day finally draws nearer due to his idiotic and alienating behavior; Nazis the world over couldn’t be happier.”
For obvious reasons, neither "The Garlic" nor "Legalienate" can reveal the source for this interview.
Except to say that it was made possible by a grant from the "911 Truth Foundation."
Which is headquartered at Area 51, USA.




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