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Mursi's Farcical Trial in the Coup-Backed Corrupt Justice System

By Khalid Amayreh

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, November 5, 2013


The absurdity of the ongoing Egyptian show reached a certain culmination Monday, 4 November, with the so-called trial of the country's only democratically-elected president, Muhammed Mursi, and some of his aides.

Mursi was overthrown by the army in a bloody coup four months ago in apparent collusion with anti-Islamic centers of power, including the Coptic Church, the Azhar Academy and fascist secularist forces as well as pseudo liberals opposed to true democracy.

Muhammed Mursi and his Islamic party, the Freedom and Justice Party, won popular elections three times. Their opponents, who are now trying them, lost elections three times.

The legitimate President didn't kill anyone and didn't order the killing of anyone. However, His opponents did kill or ordered the killing of thousands of innocent Egyptians whose "crime" was peacefully protesting the criminal unlawful coup against the legitimate leadership.

In light, it is Sisi and his cohorts, not Muhammed Mursi and his aides, who ought to stand trial for murder, treason, sedition and breach of trust. This is to put it extremely mildly.

They are undoubtedly the true criminals, the true murderers and traitors. They carry on their hands the unjustly-spilled blood of thousands of Egyptians.

Muhammed Mursi and a number of his aides are accused of inciting to murder. This is a pornographically mendacious charge by a Justice system that is devoid of any iota of justice, legitimacy. Legality or dignity.

It is a justice system that remained utterly silent during 30 years of murder, tyranny and treason under former dictator Husni Mubarak.

It is a justice system that has failed to indict a single killer of the estimated 4000-5000 Egyptians murdered in cold blood since the 25 -January revolution against Mubarak.

It is a justice system that had the guts to annul transparent elections on no other accounts than that the "wrong people" won, as infamous Constitutional Court judge Tahani Gabali told he the New York Times.

It is a justice system that stood utterly silent as the army and Interior Ministry thugs murdered in cold blood thousands of innocent Egyptian who were holding peaceful sit-ins in Cairo following the sinister coup.

It is a justice system that supervised the closure of non-conformist media, an act that constitutes the ultimate antithesis of democracy.

It is a fascist justice system par excellence, since it Okayed rather unquestioningly the liquidation and imprisonment of political opponents and ordered the banning of their political parties.

It is a justice system that is driven by political and ideological vindictiveness.

Needless to say, this so-called justice system has no credibility or dignity whatsoever. It only has the dignity of a toilet paper, nothing more.

But this is the very system that has been operating in Egypt and is now prosecuting the country's legitimate president and leadership.

In fact, it is a system that ought to be on trial itself for betraying Egypt and its people by pandering to the treacherous centers of power, the so-called deep state.

Needless to say, this corrupt system has thoroughly prostituted itself before the world and debilitated Egypt as no enemy could have done, rendering it a failed state.

There is no real hope for the recovery of Egypt from the current fascist quagmire unless the present justice system is crushed to smithereens and a new Justice system is created. The new Justice System must be truly independent, and not at the army's and secular establishment's beck and call.






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