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Israeli Jews: Licensed to Be Racist

By Nureddin Sabir

Editor, Redress Information & Analysis

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, November 5, 2013


Racism ruins lives

Here’s some food for thought for advertisers and brand-builders thinking of peddling Israel to an unsuspecting world.

The Jews-only state is not just “the only democracy in the Middle East” (but only if you’re a Jew), and it’s not the only surviving apartheid state, now that South Africa has switched colours. It is the only society that allows openly racist groups to spread their poisonous racial hatred without hindrance.

Readers of this website will already be familiar with the activities of some of these groups and individuals, which we reported in, for example:

Two of the racist groups, Lehava and Yad L’Achim, have been actively operating to thwart contact between Jews and Arabs. As +972 Magazine reports,

Lehava, which runs a hotline encouraging callers to inform on Jewish-Arab couples, was reportedly behind a campaign to pressure Israel’s National Service Administration to stop allowing Israeli Jewish females to work night shifts in hospitals – presumably to make it more difficult for them to socialize with the Palestinian citizens of Israel with whom they work.

Yad L’Achim – whose mission is to fight “assimilation” (read: miscegenation) and whose slogan is, “We don’t give up on a single Jew” – claims to collect the identification cards of Jewish women seen socializing with Palestinians.

A report published today by +972 Magazine highlights the fact that these two organizations “have posters circulating on the streets and in social media that are racist, sexist and offensive”.

The flyer below, for example, which has been posted in Jerusalem, says in Hebrew and Arabic: “Don’t even dare think about a Jewish woman!’

Lehava poster: "Don't even dare think about a Jewish woman"

“Don’t even dare think about touching a Jewish woman” – Lehava poster in Jerusalem (Courtesy TF)

Another posted, by L’Achim, circulating on social media asks: “In a relationship with a citizen belonging to an ethnic minority?” It then goes on to say: “You know it’s not it, but having fun in the meantime? Don’t waste your time! You are wasting the most beautiful years. Your life is not a game! Turn to Yad L’Achim’s 24-hour hotline now.”

Yad L’Achim poster: "In a relationship with citizen belonging to an ethnic minority?"

Yad L’Achim poster: “In a relationship with citizen belonging to an ethnic minority?”

As +972 Magazine reports, the barcode in the flyer takes you to this video, in Hebrew, produced by Yad L’Achim.

It shows a Jewish Israeli woman telling other Jewish women about the dangers of dating an “Arab” – how they are obsessive, and take over your life, and she implies that all Arab men abuse Jewish women verbally and physically. The last message of the video is: “You deserve one of us” – one of us Jews, that is.

Whether you’re in the United States, Canada, somewhere in Europe, Australia or New Zealand: imagine what the reaction would be to this sort of racist and sexist filth being peddled in public.

What would the media and politicians say, especially if the racism targeted Jews?

Yet, as usual, the silence is deafening. Jews – especially Israeli Jews – it would seem, have  unrestricted licence to be as racist or sexist as they like.




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