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Forgive us Egypt, it's a Counter Revolution

By Mohamed Kamel

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, November 25, 2013


Is it logical to support the coup ...!

The world was shocked severely by the development of the situation in Egypt.  No one imagined that the police and Egyptian army reached this level of deterioration.  Although precedents of the Egyptian police may qualify for bullying and murder, but the heinous crimes that we have witnessed in the streets of Egypt over the past months at the hands of the Egyptian police and army have exceeded all the crimes committed by that bullying during the Mubarak era. Joined by the Egyptian army for the first time in its history, these heinous crimes exceeded all what we know of Egyptian history and introduced the deliberate mass murder for the first time in the political equation. A deliberate transfer of the Egyptian people from peaceful people to people who don’t care about death nor disgusted from the smell of human blood.

However, the tragedy was huge to an intolerable extent as we witnessed it deteriorating to a level were Sky News Middle East Correspondent Sam Kiley, reporting from inside the Rabaa al Adawiya camp in the capital, said it was "under very heavy gunfire" and was a "massive military assault on largely unarmed civilians in very large numbers". He said government forces were using machine guns, snipers, AK-47 and M16 rifles and were firing into the crowd.

Kiley added: "There are machine gun rounds, and snipers on the roof, that are preventing people from getting any closer to the field hospital (in the camp) …..I haven't seen any evidence yet of any weapons on the side of the pro-Morsi camp. The camp is very full of women and children."

He said it was a scene of "extreme chaos and bloodshed" and "many hundreds of troops and interior ministry police and Special Forces are involved….The dead and dying are on the steps of an improvised field hospital. The scenes here are absolutely graphic…I have covered many wars and this is as severe a battlefield as I have witnessed, with the exception of scenes in Rwanda. There are dozens and dozens of people who have been shot in the head, neck and upper body."*

Despite the tragedy, which began when military controlled the government in Egypt after the coup, the case has not been settled for those who did it, or those who have paved the road for it, nor who is portraying it as a revolution. If we reviewed last year’s events, we will discover to what extent the liberals deliberately worked hard to derail the democratic process, insisting not to give it any chance of success, and today they are requesting that Egyptians give an opportunity to the coup’s roadmap to succeed after liquidating politically and physically the only party capable of tackling the corruption of the Mubarak regime, the regime that is returning stronger than before with its worst elements. Egyptian’s liberals committed the greatest folly in history!

In that James Traub the author of Foreign Policy in his essay "the dark side of liberals Said “....He [Morsy] was a bad president, and an increasingly unpopular one. But nations with no historical experience of democracy do not usually get an effective or liberal-minded ruler the first time around. Elections give citizens a chance to try again. With a little bit of patience, the opposition could have defeated Morsy peacefully. Instead, by colluding in the banishment of the Brotherhood from political life, they are about to replace one tyranny of the majority with another. And since many Islamists, now profoundly embittered, will not accept that new rule, the new tyranny of the majority will have to be more brutally enforced than the old one.

Since Egypt's liberals seem more consumed by hatred of the Brotherhood than the Brothers were by the liberals.

Liberalism itself can become a form of zealotry. This is the dark place in which Egypt now finds itself….”

We need to follow the evolution of the coup and the events to realize that the result of this coup is the return of the Mubarak regime without him personally, which is sought by this gang that wished to get rid of him because he became a heavy burden on them.


I began watching Morsi during the second round of the presidential elections in June 2012, and like many, I gave him my vote so Mubarak’s regime represented in Shafiq doesn’t come back. However, different from others, I considered that this stage strategy requires standing beside Morsi and behind the Muslim Brotherhood until the end of his first term because I am convinced that the battle with the ‘deep state’ is one of the most important battles and represents the first priority to give Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood a full opportunity.  I was not concerned with the success of the MB or lack thereof, but my top priority was the success of the new born democracy and the elimination of the corrupt Mubarak state.

However, those who call themselves liberals demanded President Morsi to be revolutionary, and when he tried and used his constitutional privilege to isolate the Attorney General they stood against him. Liberals refused giving Morsi any chance, and worked from the first day to insure his failure. Where he faced the ‘deep state’ on his own, but liberals and beneficiaries helped this ‘deep state’, and deliberately forgetting that throughout the year Morsi worked through:

-         Media that grew in corruption, already corrupted during the Mubarak era, and continues to play its divisible and frustration until today;

-         A corrupted judicial system that has permitted corruption, including the Supreme Constitutional Court and the Attorney General;

-         Police that is the enemy of reform and a hotbed of abuse and corruption that refused to be fixed and to serve the people, and today it is deliberately destroying the country;

-         An education system built on the destruction and sabotage;

-         An economical system that collapsed and is serving the corruption.

Despite all that President Morsi worked in several arenas increasing the hatred of the revolution enemy within and out of Egypt, among those arenas:

-         The re-establishing of Egypt's foreign links, Iran, Syria, China, Africa ...

-         Adoption of the constitution and democratic system

-         Didn’t dice any of the media that is full of hatred, Morsi is known as the president mostly attacked by the media.

It was natural that the remnants of the Mubarak regime allied to defend their interests and survival, united with the liberals in their hatred of the Muslim Brotherhood and even Islamists in general, some of whom hated Islam itself.

In an attempt to understand how these so called ‘liberals’ that boast to defend freedoms and rights, then stood behind the coup, legitimizing it and denying rights and freedoms to those who opposed and disagreed. So, I went to listen to their interpretation, what I heard was the real coup against values ​​and declining of the principles that were long chanted, they are:

-         Took advantage of the economic suffering and accused the Muslim Brotherhood of negligence and indifference towards the ordinary citizen, and empowered whom behind that suffering;

-         Took advantage of the energy crisis, which was manufactures, planned and executed by the Mubarak regime and remnants of the deep state;

-         Chanted deliberately misleading quotes like ‘MB taking a full control of the state’ “Akhawana”, forgetting that if it is true, it is normal to enable the system to govern, allegation that proved to be false and it became clear that MB have no control over any of the State’s agencies;

-         Falsely charged MB of terrorism, relying on propaganda orchestrated by Mubarak’s media and composite images and incredible allegations, sometimes linking terrorism with MB resistance movement against the British occupation of Egypt during the 30th and 40th of the last century.

-         Charged MB of hatred and intolerance, based on statements of some ignorant Islamists, by amplifying their takes and refusing to recognise the existence of counter arguments.

-         Claimed that the MB are anti-minority, while they are aware that the one that persecuted minorities is the same one that persecuted the Muslim majority, the Mubarak regime is the one that arranged and carried out the attacks against the minorities (Churches as example), led by his security forces.

-         Chanted nonsenses that Morsi is an agent of Hamas, and of tampering in Sinai are the enemies of Egypt, Hamas and Palestine, while they know more than any other that these charges are unreasonable and unfounded.

-         Chanted absurdities, that Egyptian intelligence services proved Morsi’s treason earlier, before January 25, 2011, and surprisingly they allowed him to run and become the president of Egypt for a year!

-         Worked very hard to drive a wedge between the Egyptians and the other Arab people, such as Syrians and Palestinians, don’t forget Mubarak's regime and his media’s position from Algerians in the past.

-         Claimed that the 30 million Egyptians came out on June 30, 2013 to demand the departure of Morsi, figures that can’t stand up in front of any logical analyses. Claiming falsely that "Google" and "BBC" counted them! A claim that was denied by both of them. If this is a real figure, this means that one-third of all the inhabitants of Egypt, and more than half of adults went to the street!

-         Claimed that 22 million Egyptians signed the rebellion ‘Tamorod’ forms.  It was ok for them to repeat illogical and questionable figures.

-         Refused documented surveys showing that the majority refused Morsi’s removal, and tried to counter these surveys with uncredited statements.

-         Did not find it derogatory the remnants of the National Party, Mubarak regime’s participation in the June 30th demonstrations.

-         Did not reject the return of the Mubarak regime represented in the security forces, his Attorney General, and his ministers.

-         Many of them called June 30 as the revolution, and some even denied that of January 25, and this is what Mubarak’s regime seeks.

-         Spreading the photos of coup leader and songs glorifying him, and a campaign for his candidacy for the presidency.

-         Repeating what Mubarak’s regime said about the revolution, describing the sit-in rejection to the coup as dens of drugs and sex, and bear arms.

-         Did not mind the killings of thousands of those opposing the coup.

-         Not ashamed of supporting the coup, and justifying it

-         A few of them called for breaking up a sit-in claiming that this sit-in is disrupting daily life and have a negative impact on the economy and the rebuilding of Egypt. While they refused all calls to help the rebuilding throughout a full year.

To soothe their conscience, those pro-coup are claiming that there is no difference between what the army did on February 11, 2011 and that of July 3, 2013, ignoring that in 2011 there was a despot ruining the country and nestling for nearly forty years, 1975 to 2011.  There was no mechanism for peaceful and democratic change, and in 2013 there was a democratically elected regime.

But why the coup was planned for this time:

-         A plan to provide bread and wheat began to bear fruit

-         Starting the practical steps for developing the banks of the Suez Canal

-         In spite of that relentless campaign, polls confirmed that 65% of Egyptians refused the removal of Morsi (

-         Although that relentless campaign, polls confirmed that Morsi enjoyed a high acceptance rate, 52% on June 28, 2013, which is very high for any president after a year in power, especially under those circumstances.

-         While that relentless campaign, polls confirmed that if parliamentary elections took place at that time (June 15, 2013) Islamists will receive 68% of the seats

-         At this time, President Morsi had prepared a law by which the police will be reformed and five thousand of its corrupted officers would be forced into retirement.  Those are the leaders whom own personal interests are in conflicts with the success of the revolution

-         At this time, President Morsi had prepared the Judiciary Act by which thousands of corrupted judges and attorneys would be forced into retirement.  Those are the crew and back bone of the Mubarak regime

-         If the parliamentary election took place it would be a realization of the constitution which although some have reservation on a few of its articles, it would have isolated the remnants of the Mubarak regime and would controlled the armed forces' role in politics.

It is unfortunate that this happened with the support of some of January 25 revolutionaries, and today they are failing and denying it, and of those who thought it to be July 23 supporters whom exploited and abused it and resembled the traitor (Sisi) with Naser, who is highly respected in Egypt as the national leader.

After these months, what the coup did to enable it to rule:

- Many of Morsi’s opponents and stood against him asking him to resign, today they stand in the same trench with the MB and getting closer every day, not in defense of the MB, but in defense of the revolution and democracy, which is being hit day and night.

- International condemnation of the coup, the African Union suspended the membership of the founder of Egypt! Amnesty International condemns the coup government and denouncing its methods.

- Only a few countries formally recognized the coup, among them the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Israel, in addition to the Syrian regime, and lately US administration.

- Deepening the divide between the Egyptians.

- Clearing Morsi’s mistakes, his mistakes is looking as act of angels compared to the coup.

- Showed the true face of those who claim to be revolutionaries, then supported the coup, and those who are siding with the revolution until now.

This is a warning of a dark future made ​​by the coup and its supporters, and, unfortunately, the consequence will hit the entire region, not Egypt only. Unless we wake up to the reality of the coup, the shock will be appalling greater than the shock of the failure to achieve any progress in Egypt at the hands of the MB and the results will be devastating

The coup proved that contrary to misguided claims, MB are the ones that believe in and defend democracy, while liberals are the one whom turned against democracy when it didn’t serve their purpose.

Egyptian liberals committed the worst sin ever, by supporting a coup to erase Morsi’s mistakes, history will narrate that in the June 30, 2013 sector of the Egyptian people committed a mass suicide, for the first time in history!

Morsi’s mistakes do not equal to the sin of a coup and despicable conspiracy to revolt. We have to review history and avoid the experience of Chile, Romania, Spain and others, but we have to keep in mind what was conducted by Venezuela to fall the coup.

In spite of all this, we still have the time that allows the patriot liberals to regain their position for a principal stand, correct their position and join the peaceful resistance and participate in the overthrow of the coup.  The Trusty honest is the one to admit mistakes before it is too late.

Forgive us Egypt, it is the counter revolution.



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