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Leaders of USREAL:

People Are Not Buying Any More Idiotic Tricks

By Frank Scott

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, May 6, 2013

USRAELI LEADERS: Hello? Anybody Home?
After characterizing the suspect in the Boston bombings as possessing “weapons of mass destruction”, the assault on logic by our political leadership dropped more deeply into the moral cesspool from which it derives its theory, practice and language.
Further meaningless gibberish from America’s ruling class had it that democracy was not served in Venezuela, a nation whose voting process was called the best in the world by no less than Jimmy Carter. If anyone ought to understand the corruption of democracy, it’s an ex-president of the USA. 
Sinking further down into that murky well, American puppets of Israeli’s Knesset echoed charges from eternally-threatened-with-extermination Israel that Syria had used chemical weapons. In language that makes pre-schoolers sound like intellectuals, these transgressions, accepted by no one but fanatic true believers, are said to represent “game changers” (war is a game) and a “red line” which Syria has crossed.
The USA and Israel, as primary members of humanity’s master race of chosen people, can establish these “lines” arbitrarily, given their superiority over the other 7 billion ordinary members of the human race.
Can Americans believe anything their government – and its Israeli overseers – says? No.
Unfortunately, the growing numbers who feel that way are not all inclined to exercise their anger through political action of a system changing nature. In fact, the population grasping at plots, conspiracies, and miraculous mythology seems to be growing even faster than hardheaded realists calling for a transformation of capitalism before it’s too late.  But while it is easy to laugh at people who insist that four Jews sitting in a room in New York or Tel Aviv are controlling the universe, or that any and every act of  maddening retaliation aimed at the most powerful nation in the world which is killing more people than any other nation in the world is a false flag attack by America on itself in order to uh, you know, create more attacks, it really isn’t a laughing matter.

Given the idiotic excuses offered for all these outrages in statements like those currently being used about threats from Iran, North Korea, Syria, and al Qaida, blaming it all on George Bush, the tooth fairy, the illuminati, the Easter bunny, the CIA, the FBI, or those four Jews can seem the only comforting thought to people being driven over the edge by reality.
And when we add to the collection the increasing speed with which the financial ponzi scheme of a global economy is reaching the point of running out of tricks to make nothing look like something, why shouldn't people be slipping into a mental trough that threatens to get deeper than the one occupied by leadership?  Big finance may soon be enlisting big science for instructions on how to create hundreds of trillions of new funny-money-dollars the  way that those actuarials of the cosmos started the universe: by having nothing explode. 
Sadly, there will be more explosions of warfare and financial violence before needed changes are undertaken on a larger scale than is proposed at present by all but minorities. The message for seekers of democracy and peace via public control over decisions going far beyond private considerations of profit for some and loss for most, is the same as ever:

 We’d better get a move on. 

Frank Scott writes  political commentary and satire which appears online at the blog Legalienate

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