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Fighting in the Syrian City of Al-Qusair

By Sawsan Jabri


 Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, May 20, 2013


This article is based on a report by Ahmed Al-Qusair, who is in Al-Qusair city, Syria, on May 19, 2013.


The fierce military campaign in the Al-Qusair city continues, where more than 10 airstrikes has been reported today (5/19/2013), accompanied by a heavy cover of bombardment and more than a thousand artillery shells and bombardment  by Assad military forces and Hizbullah militias who had pounded the city with rockets and vacuum and cluster missiles from all direction. So far, the counted martyrs have reached the 52 and more than 400 wounded,; these numbers are most likely will increase as the recovery missions are still collecting bodies, and the hostile bombardment by the regime forces and Hezbollah militias are still undergoing.

 We are in the early morning hours in Syria, and the shelling never stopped, it is one of the hardest nights so far, nobody could have a time to sleep, yesterday there were more than 7 missiles/ minutes from all axes and directions of the city, now just in few hours there were four airstrikes, the number of missiles I guess has reached 50 rockets or missiles/ minutes from all sides. The city has 40,000 civilians, mostly women and children.

It is by far the most barbarous,  intense , and the fiercest clashes using all axes of the city in this attack in an attempt to break into the Al-Qusair; the clashes south with the Al-Mashtal barrier,  also in the north-east on the front of the checkpoint of the “ Agricultural Bank “and other security detachments Frontiers

Field hospitals are overwhelmed with the wounded. It worth mentioning that these small hospitals are already of low capacity and exhausted  due to the long siege on the city. There is increasingly fear of imminent massacre as the Assad forces and Hizbullah are trying hard to break in the city and take it over, there is continuous Airstrikes and indiscriminate targeting all people in the city . We are in huge need for medical supplies and basic rescue and emergency care, these field hospitals are almost empty from all needed medicines and supplies.  

This continuous bombing proven the lies of Hizbullah and Assad regime as they claim that they had entered the city, we confirm that this doesn’t happened and we will fight to prevent it.

We appeal to the world and the international community and the Arab League need to move quickly and the pressure on the Government of Lebanon to stop Hezbollah attack. The blatant Hezbollah involvement in Al-Qusair attacks denotes that the Lebanese government approve such aggression which contradicts the international laws.  


Hadi al-Abdullah also reported from inside Al-Qusair today, May 19, 2013, he said that the besieged city of the more than 40,000 population has been subjected to heavy shelling from all sites and directions, resulted in more than 13 death so far with lot trapped under the rubble and couldn't be recovered and counted yet.

It is worth mentioning that the city id completely besieged by Assad military forces and Hebzallah militias that is classified by U.S. as terrorists group.

Below is the video 


Sawsan Jabri


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