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Palestinian Muslim Woman Attacked in Jerusalem by Jewish Religious Students, Who Beat her and Removed her Headscarf

By Mazin Qumsiyeh


Palestinian woman attacked by a group of Jewish religious students Feb.25, 2013 (Photo:Dorit Jordan Dotan)

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, March 4, 201

Israeli mainstream paper Maariv photographer takes picture of a Purim attack: Several Yeshiva students attack a young Muslim woman, remove her scarf, beat her up, as an old Palestinain man stood helpless and Israeli security officers smiled (Read the two stories below).


According to news reports the autopsy that allegedly found Arafat Jaradat had not died from torture was performed by Yehuda Hiss. This is the Israeli official who had been found to have stolen organs while in charge of the Israeli morgue. See

Stephane Hessel (20 October 1917 – 26 February 2013) French holocaust survivor, helped draft the UN Declaration of Human Rights.  While lots of media outlets reported his death, hardly any mainstream media dared to tell about his stance against Zionist occupation/colonization of Palestine.  He once said:  "In fact, the word that applies—that should be applied—is 'war crime' and even 'crime against humanity'. But this word must be used carefully, especially when one is in Geneva, the seat of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, who may have an important opinion on that issue. For my part, having visited Gaza, having seen the refugee camps with thousands of children, the manner in which they are bombed appears as a veritable crime against humanity." 
Feel Outrage / Indignez-vous - Stéphane Hessel in English 
l'Invité - in French

Annexation or Apartheid: (some) Israelis search for a word for their reality

The European Union has recommended its 27 member states imposing sanctions on Israeli settlements

Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD


Fundamentalist Jewish Women Attack Palestinian Woman In Jerusalem

Tuesday February 26, 2013 23:52 by IMEMC & Agencies

Tuesday February 26, 2013, A Palestinian woman from occupied Jerusalem was attacked, on Monday afternoon, by a number of extremist Jewish women who tried to remove her hijab, as she was waiting at the Train Station in Jerusalem.

Israeli Hebrew-language daily, Maariv, published pictures of the women as they assaulted the Arab woman and tried to remove her hijab covering her hair. The attack took place at the light rail station in Kiryat Moshe in Jerusalem, the Arab woman tried to defend herself, but the Israeli women kept attacking her and managed to remove her veil.

Maariv said that an ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman walked by the Palestinian woman and punched her, before some of her friends participated in the attack, and started beating the woman.

Eyewitnesses took pictures the attack. Maariv also reported that, after it published the news about the attack, the Israeli Police opened an investigation into the issue. Dorit Dotan, an Israeli peace activist who witnessed the attack, stated that a security officer working for the Jerusalem Municipality just watched the assault and smiled.


Alcohol and hate during Purim fuel attacks on Palestinians

by Ira Glunts

Mondoweiss, February 27, 2013

The Israeli press reported two separate disturbing incidents in which a large group of Jewish youths attacked defenseless Palestinians. Both incidents may have been fueled by alcohol and connected to Purim holiday celebrations.

A street cleaner named, Hassan Usraf, told police he was brutally beaten by about 20 young Jewish men while working early Sunday morning in Tel Aviv. The victim suffered multiple facial cuts, skull fractures and an eye injury as a result of the attack. He is in a hospital in serious condition awaiting eye surgery. Usraf’s wife reported that the youths told her husband that the reason for the assault was that, “He was an Arab.” No suspects have been apprehended. Usraf described his assailants as drunk. The police surmised that the youths had been participating in Purim celebrations during the evening.

On Monday afternoon, a Palestinian woman was attacked by a group of young Jewish female religious students at a railroad station in Jerusalem, according to an eyewitness. Dorit Dotan, who photographed the incident, said that the victim was repeatedly pushed and that her head covering was pulled off. According to Dotan, a railroad security guard watched the incident smiling and did nothing to intervene. There were about 100 people at the station who also passively watched, she said. Dotan also said that the attackers had “drunk much wine because of Purim.” The assailants boarded a train, leaving a stunned and angry victim and her elderly Palestinian companion at the station. Further details about what led to the altercation or the identity of those involved are not known. The police have opened an investigation, although no complaint has been reported.

Ahmed Tibi, a leading Israeli-Palestinian member of the Knesset, said, relating specifically to the railway station attack, “The recent increase in attacks against Arabs is a symptom of a racist and intolerant society. We are not speaking about drunks, but of racist thugs that the police must arrest and bring to justice.”

The sources of this post are the Israeli news websites: Ynetnews, Ha’aretz (Hebrew), Walla (Hebrew) and NRG (Hebrew).




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