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Who Are the Terrorists, Who Steal Palestinian Lands and Burn Palestinian Crops?

By Paul Balles

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, December 10, 2013

When Helen Thomas told a Rabbi that the Jews should go back to where they came from, he asked where that would be.
Her response was as honest and appropriate as it was direct: "Poland, Germany, America..." For that she lost her job as the best White House reporter America has had.
Her response was also deserved, for the land theft from the Palestinians has been as massive and undeserved as that of any empire of thieves.
The Israeli idea was to uproot as many Palestinians as possible. From March 1948 until the end of that year the plan was implemented despite the failed attempt by some Arab states to oppose it.
Some 750,000 Palestinians were expelled, 531 villages were destroyed and 11 urban neighbourhoods demolished; and America refers to Palestinians, Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorists. America even had Nelson Mandela on a terrorist watch list until 2008!
Half of Palestineís population was uprooted and half of its villages destroyed.
The State of Israel was established in over 80 percent of Palestine, turning Palestinian villages into Jewish settlements and recreation parks, but allowing a small number of Palestinians to remain citizens in it.
Who are the terrorists?
When Palestinians can't get rid of illegal settlers, the Israelis burn Palestinian land.
Recently, Hani Abu Haikel, in occupied Hebron suffered the eighth time settlers have burned his property, including an incident ten years ago when they burned all of his trees.
The night before the latest incident, Israeli police went to Abu Haikel's home and asked if he had any intention of leaving his land. They had performed this Mafia-like visit on previous occasions.
The next day, when the settlers sprayed and lit chemicals on Abu Haikel's olive trees, Israeli soldiers blocked Palestinians from putting out the fire.
Hardly a day goes by without the State of Israel demolishing an Arab home between the Jordan River and the sea. The hum of bulldozers is the constant background noise of Zionism.
According to Gilad Atzmon "The Jewish State and its lobbies are the greatest threat to world peace."
There's not much that anyone could celebrate as world peace, but things could get worse. Is it conceivable that Israel and its lobbies could bring about the final battle between good and evil?
As long as those lobbies function endlessly all over the planet, there can be little doubt about the final result. The lobbies continue to exercise the control they have demonstrated so unmistakably over governments and media worldwide.
The British Parliament, almost as bad as the U.S. Congress, is under the thumb of Israeli interests. Eighty percent of ruling party MPs are CFI members (Conservative Friends of Israel).
Haaretz reported that "Israel and the United States regard Iran as the region's main proliferation threat, accusing Iran of seeking to develop a nuclear weapons capability in secret."
How can Iran be the regionís main proliferation threat when it hasn't even developed a single nuclear weapon while Israel has secretly developed more than 200 nuclear bombs?
Professor Jim Fetzer reminds us that Benjamin Netanyahu has been claiming that Iran was about to get the bomb for the last 30 years.
American intelligence agencies concluded in 2007 that Iran was not pursuing a nuclear weapons program, a conclusion it reaffirmed in 2011.
Commenting on Israel's leader, Stephen Lendman wrote, "Netanyahu racketed up tensions with bogus claims about Iranian plans to develop nuclear weapons."
Lendman added. "Never mentioned is Israel's long-standing pre-emptive policy to use nuclear weapons if threatened. It's well known that it's nuclear armed and dangerous."
Send these settler thieves and terrorists back to where they came from.




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