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Angela Merkel Reaffirms German Servility to Israel

By Nureddin Sabir

Redress, Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, August 13, 2013


The world is changing for Germany. German exports are falling, German goods are no longer seen as synonymous with reliability and durability, and the German political establishment is viewed with contempt in a growing number of European countries.

But not to worry: the German ruling elite can take comfort in at least one constant that seems immune to change. No, we’re not talking specifically about Germany’s expansionist and Nazi heritage but something related – an affinity with a particular country that has assimilated many aspects of Germany’s colourful past, Israel.

It’s an affinity that is manifested in regular displays of German servility towards the Zionist state.

Take a recent interview given by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to a Jewish German newspaper, Jewish Voice from Germany.

“In our exclusive interview, the chancellor… underlined the unconditional solidarity Germany shares with the Jewish state”, the newspaper disclosed, quoting Merkel as saying: “We’ll never be neutral and Israel can be sure of our support when it comes to ensuring its security.”

Never be neutral? Even in the face of Israeli war crimes, crimes against humanity and numerous other violations of international law? And what is Israel’s security anyway? Is maintaining Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and its criminal siege of the Gaza Strip part of Israel’s security”, or does Merkel mean only the security of the Zionist occupation of the Palestinian lands seized before the 1967 war?

Just as curious is Merkel’s assertion – reported by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency but not mentioned in the Jewish Voice from Germany’s report of the interview – that “Germany’s support for Israel’s security is part of our national ethos, our raison d’etre”.

Raison d’etre, let us recall, means the most important reason or purpose for something or someone’s existence. So, is unconditional support of the rogue state of Israel the most important reason for Germany’s existence? Has Germany really sunk so low?

As the old saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. The Zionists’ collaboration with the German Nazis has been documented by Lenni Brenner, among others. It’s a cosy relationship that continues to rear its ugly head from time to time, as seen in the Israelis’ emulation of and admiration for some of the Nazis’ tactics when dealing with the Palestinians.

Viewed in this context and against the background of Germany’s colourful past, Merkel’s statement that unconditional support of Israel “is part of our national ethos” begins to make sense.




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