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Lieberman Wants Muhammed Mursi to Visit Israeli Child Killers, You Wish!

By Khalid Amayreh

in occupied Jerusalem

PIC, Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, September 3, 2012

On Lieberman and the Corries  

The Zionist-Stalinist foreign minister of the apartheid Israeli regime is asking President Muhammed Mursi of Egypt to commit political and moral suicide by visiting Israel and holding meetings with its leaders who are actually certified war criminals, who carry on their dirty hands tons of innocent Arab, including Egyptian, blood.

Lieberman is by no means a normal human being. Even his colleagues in the Knesset, or Israeli parliament, call him a thug in a politician's clothes. One Arab Knesset member referred to the fascist-minded minister as a "real thug disguised as a politician."

Lieberman has a long history of moral depravity and political gangsterism. About two decades ago, he physically assaulted a child, claiming the school kid beat his son. During the second intifada (Palestinian uprising against the Israeli occupation 2000-2005), he urged the Israeli air-force to carry out sustained aerial bombing of Palestinian streets, grocery stores, banks, schools, and community centers in order to force as many Palestinians as possible to leave their homes.

"Carry out the bombing while keeping the border crossings opened," he said during an Israeli cabinet session.

A few years later, he proposed that the Israeli government "dump" all Palestinian political and resistance prisoners into the Dead Sea.

In fact, Lieberman's morbid thoughts have a beginning but have no end. The man is simply a criminal, evil beast walking on two legs. In truth, had Lieberman been living in a country that respects itself, he probably would have found his way behind bars a long time ago.

But Israel is a racist entity par excellence; it is a country where "politicians" like Lieberman seek and find personal and ideological fulfillment.

And now the thuggish foreign minister has the audacity to invite President Mursi to have audience with nefarious child killers such as Shimon Peres, Benyamin Netanyahu and himself.

Has Lieberman forgotten that a visit by the elected leader of the most important Arab country would decapitate Mursi's political career once and for all? The visit would have disastrous moral ramifications for many years to come, so much so that Mursi and the Muslim Brothers would have a hard time looking any Egyptian, Arab, or Muslim in the Eye as a result of the monumental shame and embarrassment the Islamist camp would suffer.

Indeed, the catastrophic legacy that such a visit would bequeath would keep the Islamists busy for half a century to fix the damage.

We know quite well that Mursi is not a na´ve leader, and we know that the imminent president of the largest Arab country wouldn't even pay the slightest attention to Lieberman's inauspicious invitation.

In the final analysis, there is a gulf of blood and fire between Muslims and Israel. This gulf would have to be bridged before real peace can be achieved in the region.

The slate would have to be made thoroughly clean first, Mr. Evet, and you might even have to return home to Moldova before Muhammed Mursi could ever set foot in occupied Palestine.

The Corries face to face with Israeli racism

The family of Rachel Corrie, the young American peace activist who was crushed by an Israeli army bulldozer during a 2003 demonstration in the occupied Gaza Strip, has been facing a really unenviable situation, having to be affronted face to face with the brutal ugliness of Israeli Jewish racism.

An Israeli civil court in Haifa this week exonerated the Israeli occupation army in the murderous death of Rachel Corrie.

The decision, say observers who have been closely monitoring the Corrie case, underscores the ignominious subservience of the Israeli justice system to the Israeli military dictatorship.

It also affirms the enormity of the anti-gentile hatred infesting the collective Israeli psyche at a time when Israel is becoming more Talmudic (e.g. more fascist) and drastically less democratic.

In recent years, many rabbis of influence have made seriously scandalous statements denigrating even negating the humanity of non-Jews. For example, Ovadia Yosef, one of the most prominent and influential religious figures in Israel was quoted as saying that non-Jews were created by the Almighty for no reason other than serving Jews, the Master Race.

Another rabbi affiliated with the Nazi-like Chabad cult went as far as saying that according to the Talmud, it was perfectly permissible for a Jew to murder a gentile in order to harvest his or her organ if the Jew needed one.

The Corries deserve our sympathy and empathy. Their daughter has actually been murdered twice by the evil entity called Israel, which unfortunately controls the American political arena in no superficial manner: First time when the young activist was crushed by the American-manufactured bulldozer in 2003 and, second, this week by the racist Israeli court, which acquitted the murderers of any wrong doing.

We Palestinians are too familiar with the racist criminality of the Israeli justice system. Thousands upon thousands of Palestinian civilians, including children, were likewise murdered twice, first by the Nazi-like Israeli soldiers and settlers, and, second, by Zionist "judges," who believe that the very life of a gentile has no sanctity.

Three years before I was born in 1957, Israeli troops murdered my three uncles near the village of Al-Burj, 24 kilometers south west of Hebron. Fifty eight years later, Israel is yet to even acknowledge the heinous crime let alone issue a simple mea culpa. When will Jews apologize for crimes committed by Jews against gentiles? Perhaps when kosher pigs would fly!!

Defenders of Assad

The dark embrace between Iran and the Syrian regime, which is carrying out a real genocide against its own people, leaves no choice for honest people, irrespective of religion, culture and race, but to identify with the oppressed people of Syria.

Siding with the regime only spells moral depravity and bankruptcy. Indeed, identifying with Bashar el Assad's genocidal cult is tantamount to entering into an alliance with Hitler, Stalin and other mass murderers throughout history.

 In light of the hard evidence available, we have no choice but to consider the murderers of our people in Syria as the soldiers of Satan.

Needless to say, those who decapitate toddlers and children and rape women in Syria have lost not only their Islam, but their humanity as well.

Some of these fanatical ignoramuses try to hide behind the thin fašade of the Palestine cause as well as anti-Americanism and anti-Zionism.

But this is exactly the ultimate insult to Palestinians and their enduring, just cause. Well, since when exterminating the Sunni Muslims of Syria, on the ground that they are no longer willing to tolerate the Alawite tyrant, was a sine qua non for liberating Palestine and combating American imperialism and Zionism?




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