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To Australian Greens Senator Christine Miles:


Silence About Israeli War Crimes Is Complicity


By Asem Judeh


Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, November 26, 2012

Hi Leader of the Australian Greens Senator Christine Miles,  


Silence is complicity!


My name is Ranan Yousef Arafat I am 3-years-old and this is Omar next to me, We are both from Gaza, he doesn’t know how to speak yet, he is only 10 months Old. Ok, ok we were from Gaza, we are dead now. The Zionist occupation army killed both of us. The Labour Gillard government share these Zionist values. As we understand, the Greens are part of Gillard’s minority government which means that you can take effective actions to distance the Labour government from supporting Zionist war crimes and ethnic cleansing policies in Palestine. I heard that your Party has had an excellent Israel-Palestine policy since October 2003. Why don’t you implement your own Party policy? Why do you put it on the shelves? We appreciate your Party’s supportive words when Zionist entities massacre us in masses. But excuse me, you are holding the Balance in the Senate and part of the minority government. You can establish Senate Estimate Committee to investigate whether or not the intelligence organisation, has lied and mislead the Parliament i.e. Contempt of Parliament, to keep Palestinian Islamic groups in the terrorist list forever to give the Zionist entity the green light to massacre us. You can pressure Gillard’s minority government to establish independent  royal commission inquiry to investigate whether or not ASIO said the truth in their Statement of Reasons. Your party is in a position to ACT not TALK! Will you Act?! See THESE photos may this encourage you and your Party to break your silence. Will you visit Gaza?


Dear all,


Today’s Digest meant to be about the defeat of Zionist entity in Gaza and the many other related issues. But I had enough from militant pro-Palestinian groups

who hijack Palestinian cause to serve their own interest.  These militant groups doesn’t understand the how important to send powerful message related to the real

issues in Gaza.

These militant groups insists to invite the Greens Senators to speak in rallies for Palestine. The Greens did NOTHING for justice in Palestine other than talking and

making motions in the Senate. The Greens in a position to FORCE Labor minority government to take important actions, fair and balanced Middle East Foreign

Policy, establish Senate Estimate Committee to investigate if ASIO fabricated its Statement of Reasons to relist ONLY Palestinian groups as terrorist organisations

and not listing any Zionist groups, there are many Zionist groups listed as terrorist organisations in USA, Canada and Israel. The Greens since July 2011 are holding

the balance in the Senate, so they are in a position to pressure Labor minority government. Part of the deal between the Greens and Gillard to form a minority Labor

government ‘Julia Gillard is committed to a weekly policy meeting with The Greens and allows Greens MP Adam Bandt and the party’s senators to propose new

policies, with Labor committing to respond within 10 working days.’ (Source Australian Jewish News 8/9/2010)


From 8/9/2010 to 23/11/2012 there are 116 weeks. That means that Greens has met with Julia Gillard at least 100 policy meetings, if we exclude public holidays.

According to this Digest intelligence, the Greens never discussed Palestine issue with PM Gillard in of the weekly policy meetings.


And yet the militant ‘pro-Palestinian’ groups gives the Greens to opportunity to promote for their Party without holding them accountable for their silence. Without

questioning them why they didn’t act? Why the Greens put their well drafted and extensive Israel-Palestine policy on the shelve?


But don’t underestimate this Digest knowledge, network and courage. This Digest believes that ‘knowledge is power … if you don’t use it, it will be used against you’.

For strong family reasons, I missed today’s (23/11/12) rally for Palestine in Melbourne. I had plan to lift the veil from the Greens. Those militant ‘pro-Palestinian’ groups

couldn’t read how the public are angry from the Greens, they think that they knows better than true Palestinian supporters. However, I didn’t need much effort to convince

the courageous 19-years-old Palestinian student Enas Sammak to talk about Greens silence in the rally.


Enas said that about the Greens:


We are here today, because the Greens, too, deny the Palestinian right to self-determination through resistance. They speak of the Palestinians and

Israelis as equals. The Greens are part of a minority government.

It is now more than ever that we demand that the Greens put pressure on the Labour government to denounce Israeli occupation. What right of

self-defence does Israel have? Shame. Shame that even the Greens cannot be counted upon to represent Australians who seek justice and honour.


                     BRAEKING NEWS:  Zionist occupying forces violated the ceasefire and kill 20-year-old and injured 10 Palestinians in Gaza. Read THIS report.


Read Sammak’s full speech:


Rally speech – Friday 23rd November, 2012


Once again the bombs have fallen on the Gaza Strip. Gaza has become a closed ghetto. Israel enjoys support and funding from Western powers, including our own Gillard government! But we are here, because we will not forgive, and we will not forget! War crimes have been committed, even if a ceasefire now exists.


Gaza was first cut off from Palestine in violation of the partition plans and political programs of Israel, and then turned into a sealed ghetto, following the democratic elections which brought the Islamic Resistance Party – Hamas – into power. 


The Palestinian people have been besieged for more than 6 years now for democratically electing the resistance party. They have suffered the brutal massacre in 2009, and they have suffered today.

We are here to say, enough is enough. The Palestinian people have the right to self-determination and resistance against the imperialist, Apartheid state of Israel. This right is recognised in the United Nations, but our government, which is now a Security Council member, shies away from international law. Our government ignores international law and the Geneva Convention and shamelessly sides with the Zionist Israeli machine. Shame. Shame.


It can come as no surprise that the Israeli and Western media accuse Hamas for attacking Israel with rockets, rather than reporting that Hamas sent off the rockets as a response to an Israeli attack! This method of reporting is part of continued efforts to delegitimize the Palestinian struggle for freedom.

Israel claims it has a right to self-defence, when reports show that it began the recent aggression by attacking Palestinian boys playing soccer. How can our government reasonably accept and support Israeli propaganda? How can Ms. Gillard have the conscience to reiterate the lies, to applaud Israel as it kills children in Gaza?


I’m from Palestine and my story is shared by many. My grandfather was born in Yaffa. In 1948, he was a young man, force to flee for his life with his bride and a few family members. They made their first migration on foot, escaping ethnic cleansing upon arrival in Gaza.

Gaza became the home of thousands of refugees who could not believe the violent persecution they encountered from a persecuted Jewish people.

Why the bloodshed, why the mass killing? Why did they desire to occupy our homes? Our beloved farms? Our coastlines? Why the hate?


My dad was born in Gaza city. 1963. As a child, he fled with his family to finally settle into a camp in Amman, Jordan. He was a child below the age of 5.

Once again, thousands of Palestinians were forced to ask, why, what do they want from us? Where do we go? When will this end? When will we return?


Some Palestinians did not flee, but remain in Gaza today. Third generation Palestinians who have only known war and destruction. Who are confined in

the most densely populated places on earth. Who do not have homes. Who live under a siege imposed by Israel because they elected Hamas.


Who could blame them for favouring a resistance movement? When all that was theirs is lost, when all that they identify with is denied, when they are

constantly assaulted by Israel in the name of self-defence, when Julia Gillard and other world leaders unequivocally support their oppressor’s right to

oppress, why would they not want to retaliate?  The Palestinian people have an absolute right to resistance. Palestine will one day be free through the

stubborn willpower of these Gazan people. The people of Gaza have always, and will stand firmly against the Israel. One day, the Gazan people will

celebrate when Palestine is free.


We are here today, because the Greens, too, deny the Palestinian right to self-determination through resistance. They speak of the Palestinians and

Israelis as equals. The Greens are part of a minority government. It is now more than ever that we demand that the Greens put pressure on the Labour

government to denounce Israeli occupation. What right of self-defence does Israel have? Shame. Shame that even the Greens cannot be counted upon

to represent Australians who seek justice and honour.


We want the Australian government to support the Palestinian right to freedom in the United Nations Security Council.

We want Australia to take lead in condemning Israel for its breach of human rights.

We will not accept silence, and we will not accept a Zionist foreign policy.

Free, free Palestine! Free, free Palestine!

--------- End of Sammak’s speech

Shame on those who hijacked the rally.


Enough is enough … no more Greens speakers without shaming them at the every rally.


“My message to the international community is that our silence

            and complicity, especially on the situation in Gaza, shames us

            all. It is almost like the behavior of the military junta in Burma”

            Desmond Tutu, 30 May 2008



In solidarity


yourPDFDU ‘Unique and True News of Palestine: Voice of Knowledge and Courage’


Twitter @yourPDFDU


Asem Judeh

Mobile 0415 802 780

POBox 2080

Templestowe Heights

Victoria, Australia 3107





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