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In Preparation for the Next Round, the Next Israeli Massacre of Palestinians


By Khalid Amayreh


Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, November 26, 2012

Having satiated its people's thirst with Palestinian blood, Israel has ostensibly agreed to a truce with the Palestinian resistance factions in the Gaza Strip.

The fragile understanding, however, doesn't mean that Israel is quite content with the huge number of Palestinian civilians murdered at the hands of the Jewish Wehrmacht. Indeed, the cannibalistic Zionist instinct is intrinsically insatiable. This is what we have learned rather too well from Israel ever since the creation of the nefarious entity 64 years ago.

During the latest aggression, the "only democracy in the Middle East" murdered 33 children, 14 women, and more than 60 other innocent civilians. Moreover, as many as 1300 people, the vast majority of whom innocent civilians, including more than 400 children, were injured, many sustaining life-threatening injuries and burns.

Israeli spokespersons appearing on TV screens claim shamelessly that their Nazi-like army doesn't deliberately target innocent civilians. But both man and God know this is an obscene Zionist lie. In the final analysis, Israeli Zionists qualify, par excellence, for the title "God's lying people."

Israel has always been a crime against humanity from day-1 of its existence. It conspicuously lacks the moral credentials that would qualify her to be a normal state with a semblance of a moral government, let alone a moral army. Israeli politicians and military commanders from the lowest-ranking private to the President are certified war criminals with tons of innocent blood on their hands.

Most Israelis would only elect irredeemable criminals and murderers as their political leaders. Being a mass murderer of Arabs and perpetrator of massacres is therefore the main and most important qualification for being worthy of leading Israel.

Unfortunately, these atrocities raise no eyebrows in Washington, Paris, London or even Moscow. Instead, they generate admiration for the Nazis of our time. But the pot can't call the kettle black. The Americans are themselves too criminal and have a long history of genocidal mass murder to object to Jewish Nazism. Didn't the Americans exterminate 10-15 million Native Americans and called the genocide manifest destiny?

Interestingly, the same thing applies to the French, the British and the Russians as well.

Another aspect of the obscene western discourse vis--vis the latest conflict is the mendacious claim that it was Hamas that provoked Israel to slaughter Palestinian civilians. Well, has the western media so easily forgotten that Israel herself is an exotic plant that is strange to the Middle East?

After all, it was Jewish invaders, supported by western countries that came from Eastern Europe, hijacked Palestine, terrorized and massacred its people, destroyed their homes, and expelled them to the four winds. Yet, these Zionists now have the audacity and shamelessness to accuse their victims of terror and violence.

Moral victory

We Palestinians are not conceited and don't give in to national hubris. We know Israel is a regional superpower which also controls rather tightly the government of the United States. We also know that American and European political whores grovel at Israel's feet, looking for a certificate of good conduct from the evil Jewish golem.

But we also realize and know deep in our hearts that Israel is a morally bankrupt state that thrives on murder and oppression. Needless to say, a state as such, which has dishonesty as its shield, oppression as its policy and murder as its modus operandi, will not live long.

Indeed, every child Israel murders and every civilian home Israeli war-planes destroy will be a curse that would accelerate and expedite Israel's ultimate demise.

Israel, thanks to its immense firepower, may have succeeded in killing so many innocent Palestinians. Israel, like Nazi Germany, has always done that.

But the Palestinian resistance has remained largely intact and is retaining the ability to keep Israel and its settlers, who live on land that belongs to another people, in a state of existential anxiety.

The Palestinian resistance will ultimately learn the right lesson from this round of Israeli aggression. It is hoped that the resistance will be much more powerful when Israel decides to wage another round of aggression on the Palestinians.

Palestinians don't fire rockets on Israel out of a feeling of insolence, or arrogance or even pugnacity and bellicosity. They fire the poor-man's weapons in the hope of deterring a manifestly murderous enemy, which also happens to be their tormentor and occupier of their ancestral homeland, from slaughtering their children. And the slaughter of their children is too realistic to be propaganda. It just transcends reality.

Indeed when there are five or six killed on one side while thousands of casualties occur on the other side; we are not talking about war, but rather about a massacre.

Israel may continue to dwell in her insolence and megalomania, but eventually those who have the higher moral ground will prevail. Israel is doomed to an early demise, thanks to her evilness and iniquity.




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