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 Israel's Orgy of Death in Gaza

By Khalid Amayreh

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, November 19, 2012


It is very difficult to humanly understand the ongoing pornographic murderous bloodshed in the Gaza Strip at the hands of the Israeli occupation forces.

The indiscriminate and callous killings are really beyond the pale of what is humanly acceptable. Zionist Jews, whether we like it or not, are behaving in Nazi-like manner.

It may be politically incorrect to speak in such terms in some capitals such as Washington D.C. and London where the political establishments are thoroughly enslaved by Jewish money and Jewish power.

But the truth must be proclaimed even at the expense of angering some Jewish supremacists who think that non-Jews are sub-humans whose lives have no sanctity.

Take, for example, the Daleou family whose 11 members were completely annihilated in central Gaza Sunday afternoon, 18 November, when an American supplied Israeli F-16 warplane bombed their home with a laser-guided missile, killing the husband, the wife and their 9 children. Now, what sort of human beings or more correctly beasts, would commit such an obscenity? How will they see their faces in the mirror from now on?

Since the beginning of the current murderous aggression on Gaza in which Israel has used hundreds of warplanes, tanks and other state-of-the-art machines of death, as many as 65 Palestinians have been killed, the vast majority of them innocent civilians, including more than 20 children. More than 600 others were maimed or injured, many with handicaps that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

Israel claims it is killing Palestinian children in self- defense. But Israel is an occupying power that illegally occupies other people's land and continues to build illegal colonies on land that belongs to the Palestinians.

In the final analysis, Israel stole Palestine from its lawful and legitimate owners, destroyed their homes and expelled them to the four winds. Hence, Israel is utterly unfit to accuse the Palestinians of terror or lecture the world about it. Indeed, Israel invented and perfected terror in the Middle East .

In truth, Israel has always adopted a nefarious modus operandi in dealing with its premier victims, the Palestinians. Israel doesn't really make any distinction between combatants and civilians as evident from targeting homes with missiles and bombs from high altitudes as was the case with the Daleou family.

This is not a case of an intelligence failure or collateral damage as some Israeli propaganda mouthpieces would claim. It is an intentional, deliberated act of murder with malice aforethought.

Israel thinks she is above international law, thanks to the criminal diplomatic protection it receives from the United States which always uses its veto power at the UN Security Council to shield the quasi-Nazi entity from international condemnation.

Hence, the wanton, unbridled brutal aggression on the thoroughly tormented, thoroughly blockaded and bombed out Gazans.

The targeting of unprotected and undefended civilian homes from high altitudes is no act of heroism to say the very least. On the contrary, it is the ultimate expression of cowardliness and callousness. Any air force, even using antiquated warplanes dating back to WWI could bomb civilian homes and exterminate their dwellers.

Besides, the pilots who push the button are not brought face to face to witness the death and havoc they inflict on their victims, which significantly mitigates whatever compunctions or feelings of guilt they may harbor as a result of their crimes.

Zionist Israel is not merely a murderous venomous snake. It is also God's lying people par excellence. Israel has the temerity to accuse its own victims of responsibility for their own death. What is the difference between these Zionists and those Nazis who accused their Jewish victims of responsibility for their own death?

But Israel is really never interested in truth, honesty or morality let alone justice. Israel is mainly interested in transforming the big lie into a virtual truth, Hence the word Hasbara.

Israel's notorious lying machine, the Hasbara machine, claims that the Israeli army doesn't target Palestinian civilians. I am not going to refute this obscene lie lest I inadvertently give it some credibility which it doesn't deserve. After all, Zionist Jews have always had and continue to have a modus operandi based on mendacity. They lied and lie about almost everything. They lied about the events of 1948, they claimed they didn't expel Palestinians from their homes and villages. They lied about Judaism, and they falsified history in order to justify their crimes against man and God alike.

Zionist Jews sought to distort Judaism by transforming many Jews into child killers, land thieves and liars in defense of their satanic enterprise.

Therefore, we shouldn't be surprised a bit by their pornographic crimes as well as their pornographic lies as both go hand in hand.

But the nefariousness and murderousness of Zionism will eventually backfire and boomerang on the Zionists themselves. This is at least a sure lesson which we learn from history.

The Zionists may bask rather gleefully in their arrogance of power and

Temporary drunkenness. But soon, they will have to face payback for their crimes against man and God. Every innocent man, woman and child they murder and every home they bomb will be a curse on them for eternity.

And like all criminals and murderers, the Zionists will be depressed and sterile from within, with nothing to live for.

As to the United States, which is the real dirty evil whore responsible for Israel's satanic behavior, I have no doubt that it, too, will face the ultimate payback for its enduring dark embrace of Israeli Nazism. The wicked will not go unpunished. God's retribution may not be instantaneous, but it is sure.





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