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Zio-Nazi Group Attacks American Academics Critical of Israeli Apartheid Regime

By Khalid Amayreh

PIC, Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, Monday, May 7, 2012


A small supremacist Jewish group is launching a smear campaign against a number of professors and academics on North American campuses for daring to criticize racist Israeli policies against native Palestinians.

The group, called Campus Watch and headed by David Horowitz, an extremist Zionist stalwart, has published advertisements inciting to hatred against a number of prominent professors on American campuses.

The academics are accused of vilifying Israel and of indulging in hate speech that would endanger the very existence of the apartheid Israeli state.

However, it is widely thought that the witch-hunt campaign is aimed first and foremost at silencing legitimate criticisms of murderous and brutal Israeli practices. College campuses are considered the last bastion of liberalism in the United States where right-wing Jewish robber barons and Christian Zionist groups are joining forces to suppress freedom of speech and expression.

Howowitz and his group readily ignore the manifestly Nazi-like discourse in Israel, or what is referred to as Talmudic Nazism, such as denying the very humanity of non-Jews, the genocidal trends harbored by supremacist Jewish groups like Chabad and the nefarious conduct of Jewish settlers in the West Bank.

Last year, the most famous rabbi in Israel, Ovadia Yosef, was quoted as saying during a Sabbath homily that non-Jews are effectively donkeys and that the Almighty created them solely to serve Jews.

"Goyem," Yossef said " were born to serve us."

Yossef is the spiritual mentor of the fundamentalist party, Shas, which represents Jews from the Middle East. He has hundreds of thousands of faithful followers.

A rabbi affiliated with the Chabad cult, was heard on video claiming that a Jew could without the slightest compunction murder a gentile in order to extricate an organ from the victim if the Jew needed one.

The academics targeted by Horowitz and his so-called "Freedom Center" include the following: Bill Ayers, University of Illinois, Chicago (emeritus); Khalid Abu Alfadl, University of California, Los Angeles, Law School; Hamed Algar, University of California, Berkley; Joseph Massad, Columbia University; Julio Pino, Kent State University, Manljeh Nasserabad, NY University; Carlos Munoze, Jr. University of California, Berkley; Timothy Michell, Columbia University; Abha Sur, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and William J. Tompson, University of Michigan. Dearborn.

In the advertisement the Horowitz group urged citizens and students to contact the president of local universities and ask them to publicly condemn their faculty's participation in activities deemed anti-Israeli, such as opposing the Israeli lebensraum and ethnic cleansing policies in the West Bank.

Many intellectuals around the world have compared the Israeli approach toward the Palestinians with the Nazi policies in Europe.

Last month, the famous German poet Guenter Grass described Israel as the most dangerous state in the world.

Even liberal Jewish intellectuals made Zionist-Nazi analogies on several occasions. However, such criticisms have utterly failed to redirect Israel toward peace and civility as the Israeli Jewish society continues to drift toward Jewish fascism and jingoism.

This fascism, one of whose manifestations is the current Israeli government which is made up of fanatical and genocidal settlers, is viewed with particular gravity around the world since Israel is widely believed to possess a large stockpile of nuclear weapons.

Many observers also think the Israeli-American fixation on the Iranian nuclear program is first and foremost intended to divert attention away from Israel's huge nuclear arsenal used to maximize and spread Jewish hegemony and supremacy in the region and beyond.




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