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Pakistan Needs its Own Arab Spring

By Haroon Bux

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, May 30, 2012

Pakistan may not be ruled by a dictator at present however under democracy the parliment dictates the laws which they see fit for the people. Democracy is a system where the parliment can decide what's right and what's wrong based on their own whims and desires. In essence, Democracy is not very different to Dictatorship.
Do the people of Pakistan necessarily have to live under a dictator to come on the streets like those in Syria, Egypt and other autocratic states? If Democracy is just as despicable as dictatorship then people of Pakistan should not think twice to come on the streets demanding for a regime change.
We see pockets of people protesting on the streets of Pakistan however we as a nation should not only call for betterment of economic conditions of the people. When we talk about solving the economic problems, we need to realise that it should be based upon the something more fundamental. something that forms the basis of the entire system. It is the doctrine of 'secularism' (separation of religion from politics) on which the rest of the systems rest upon. We should NOT expect the economic solutions emanating from secular doctine to improve our economic condition!
Desparate circumstance requires desparate measures but that does not mean that the people of Pakistan should be content with cosmetic changes in the Government ie new faces. Real regime change entails uprooting of the existing system in Pakistan and replaced by another system. Regime change does not mean just a new face who implements the same corrupt secular system. In addition, this change has to happen all at once. Corrupt secular system can never be corrected gradually irrecpective of the ruler's character and sincerity. Reason is simply because real regime change will effect the control of foreign influcence over Pakistan, and it also effects the local elements who are benefitting from the corruption.
The political struggle of our dear beloved Prophet(pbuh) is a shinning example of regime change. The political struggle lasted 13 years in Makkah however the efforts to change the regime were not successful. After the saturation point was reached in Makkah, Prophet(pbuh) started to venture out to seek material support from the leaders of neighbouring tribes. Majority of the tribal leaders rejected to accept Islam and offer unconditional support to the Prophet(pbuh). Finally the famous two tribes of Madinah Banu-Aus and Banu-Khazraj gave their Bayah (pledge of alligence) to our beloved Prophet(pbuh). The Hijra took place and Prophet(pbuh) arrived at Madinah as the leader of the first Islamic-State.
In today's context, the power borkers of our lands are the Army Generals. The real regime change will mean they support the implementation of Islam. Naturally one should ask, what's preventing them from supporting the implementation of Islamic Shariah? This is indeed the trillion dinar question. Is it because Millions of dollars are been transferred into the bank accounts of the power brokers of Pakistan? Connecting the dots is not too hard in this case. The foreign influence have to keep the dollars flowing because they know that it simply takes one or two Army Generals to take a stand and instigate a coup to remove the existing obstacles in the way of the implementation of Islamic Shariah.




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