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 Because of Israeli Nuclear Arsenal, Iran Has the Right to Possess Nuclear Weapons

By Khalid Amayreh

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, March 12, 2012

Iran has perfect right to possess nuclear weapon 

People may legitimately differ in their views on the Iranian regime, its ideology, policies and behaviors. However, when it comes to right and wrong, especially from the ethical view point, I believe that Iran , or any other country, has an absolute right to develop nuclear weapons in order to deter predator countries, such as Israel, from attacking them, the nation of Iran in this case .

I personally don't feel comfortable with some Iranian behavior, especially at the regional level. And I believe the Iranians have come to realize that their behaviors with regard to the Syrian and Bahraini crises are boomeranging and seriously harming Iran's image throughout the majority-Sunni Arab world.

A few years ago Iran stood out as an ostensible force for freedom and justice, drawing the wrath of the forces of arrogance and oppression, including the evil pair, Israel and its guardian ally, the United States.

Now, however, the Iranian republic is widely seen as following brazenly sectarian policies at the expense of a more ethical modus operandi that should be consistent with declared Iranian principles of siding with the oppressed against the oppressor.

None the less, things ought to be put in proportion, and any criticism of Iran should never push true Muslims to join the Israeli-American front against Iran.

The reason for that is two-fold: First Israel and the United States represent the aggressor party and their goals have more to do with maintaining and perpetuating Israel's strategic supremacy in the region than with any other ethical goals.

America was the first and last country on earth to use nuclear weapons, and as such is utterly unfit to lecture the world about the evils of nuclear weapons. In fact, America and Israel continue to use nuclear weapons in different forms, e.g. depleted uranium, against Muslims in places like Iraq , Afghanistan and Palestine , with horrible consequences. These nefarious weapons will continue to kill people and cause all kinds of illnesses and deformities for hundreds of years to come.

And second, Israel, the country America wants to preserve and shield from any potential Iranian danger is armed to the teeth with all sorts of conventional and nuclear weapons.

This shows that the U.S. is effectively telling Muslims that Israel, with unrestricted American backing, will continue indefinitely to hold hundreds of millions of people who don't belong to the "holy tribe" hostage to Talmudic whims and vagaries.

This situation, whereby a tiny criminal state, which happens to control the government of the United States, is allowed to intimidate, terrorize, and humiliate hundreds of millions of Muslims from Istanbul to Tehran and from Casablanca to Bahrain, is simply unacceptable.

People and nations have a natural right to live in peace and pursue their legitimate goals. Needless to say, Israel's policy which is based on regional hegemony and military superiority can't be allowed to continue indefinitely.

Many people had hoped that the big powers would rid the world of these evil weapons of mass destruction. However, instead of doing this, the U.S. continued to pursue a global policy based on domination, hegemony and subjugation of those who dare say "No."

In brief, the US policy gave the Muslims of the Middle East, and I am talking about a vast sea of humanity extending from India to the Atlantic ocean, the choice between languishing under Israeli strategic supremacy for ever or trying to develop a strategic deterrent that would convince the apartheid regime to think twice before applying its Talmudic genocidalism against the "goyem."

Some Zionist and American pundits would argue that the Iranian leadership is irrational and should therefore be prevented from acquiring nuclear weapons. Well, this is nonsense because Iran has consistently shown a meticulous adherence to the rule of international law. For example, Iran has never waged aggression against any other nation in recent history. In fact, the opposite is quite true as Iran itself was attacked by foreign aggressors, which necessitated that the nation of 70 million possesses the means to defend itself.

Besides, what are the standards and criteria of true rationality in this case? Does rationality mean that Iran should, for example, show weakness by inducing Israel to attack her, anytime the apartheid state feels like it, on the ground that Israel feels threatened?

Israel has the means to defend herself, so why is it that others, including Iran, have no right to defend themselves? Is the "Chosen people concept" acceptable in international relations and international law?

Another point. Zionist and pro-Zionist propagandists claim that Israel has a responsible nuclear policy and that it is unlikely that the Jewish state will attack other countries using its nuclear arsenal.

But this is a propaganda presumption at the very best. Israel is now a bellicose theocracy that is drifting rather steadily to Talmudic fascism. The real political power in Israel is changing hands as genocidal rabbis, not secular politicians, are calling the shots.

Just imagine the fanatics of Kahana and Gush Emunim taking control over Israel's vast stockpile of weapons of mass destructions. We are talking about Nazi-minded Talmudic fanatics who believe that non-Jewish lives have no worth and no sanctity. In 1994, a rabbi and government minister reacted to the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre in downtown Hebron by saying that "A thousand Gentile lives are not worth a Jewish fingernail."

Unfortunately, one doesn't have even to imagine such nightmarish scenarios because such rabbis are already in control of the Israeli government. Just wait! One more Knesset election and they will be in total and absolute control of the Israeli army and military-political establishment.

Then no American politician would dare speak about nuclear rationality and responsibility because Israel after all is "a democracy" and Jews, of all people, have the right to defend themselves!!

Such would be the result of the political prostitution now prevailing in Washington, which allows presidential hopefuls to declare their unrestricted and unreserved support of Israel, regardless of what it does.

There is no doubt that the inherent pornographic duplicity in the American and Western policy toward Israel and the Muslim world could lead to unforeseen ramifications. This includes, inter alia, a collective feeling of desperation which would lead to groups like al-Qaeda "taking the matter into their hands" and developing or acquiring a "dirty bomb" or any other weapons of mass destruction which could be used against Israeli or western targets.

Western powers ought to realize that even if governments and nation-states submit to the inherently-unjust international order, certain sectors within the masses just won't submit. It is in the context of this logic that many violent groups are bound to act against western interests.

Are these western powers likely to move to defuse the powder keg developing now, including forcing Israel to end her decades-old occupation of Palestine ? Well, unfortunately, the West has neither the will nor the inclination, not even the ability, to do so.

The US government is tightly controlled by Jewish political power and money, and Europe, which is fighting for its own economic survival, is nearly irrelevant.

This means that Israel will have a virtual carte blanch to pursue its expansionistic and hegemonistic goals. Which leads to the ineluctable conclusion, namely that if Muslims don't defend themselves, no one will.




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