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Zionese Is The Language of Lust for More Wars

By Charles E Carlson

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, July 31, 2012


Bulgaria, the Arab Swede “Terrorist” and Israel’s Call to Bomb Iran

Israelis continue to act on the premise that if they tell their chosen story often enough and loud enough, they do not have to tell the truth. On July 26, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said in the New York Times “the attack (in Bulgaria) was carried out by Hezbollah, the long arm of Iran.” (“Bulgaria bus blast linked to Hezbollah“)*

“Unnamed US officials” also so stated, but no one offered a scrap of hard evidence, or even a rumor, as to why or how the governments of Iran or Lebanon are involved. Sadly, our own government is gradually adopting the Zionist practice of saying what they want you believe, swearing to it, and repeating it until most people accept it.

A few months ago I published a feature article I hope you will reread, entitled “Operation Cast Lead: It’s Zionese for Burning People.” It began with “Zionese is the unofficial spoken language of the State of Israel.” Zionese is not a language of letter, syllable, and punctuation. It is the delivery of a few so-called “truths” that must be learned and repeated consistently without reservation. The trick is in the delivery.

Zionese is the art of telling a story that most would reject, and repeating it as if most believe it. If either Israel or the U.S. has evidence, why not share it with those they are trying to convince, as any sane person does when trying to persuade a skeptic? I hope you will take time to read, pass on and post The Arab Swede “Terrorist” from Guantanamo, and Israel’s Call to Bomb Iran.” It would not surprise me if Netanyahu and the “unnamed US officials” will next decide the Colorado theater assassin and Norway’s Anders Breivik were also working for Iran, too. The bigger the lie, the easier to believe, and as long as it works. That is the language of Zionism, and we need to learn how to identify it.

Bulgaria, the Arab Swede “Terrorist” and Israel’s Call to Bomb Iran, JULY 24, 2012 Israel and USA warmaking factions are jointly attempting to fashion an irrational bombing incident by a seemingly disturbed Guantanamo prison victim, into an excuse to bomb the people of Iran. President Netanyahu and US Secretary of State Clinton have long made it clear that both are looking for an incident…any incident to justify starting it. The real question is not about Mehdi Ghezali, or why he chose to be a part of attacking vacationing Israeli civilians, if indeed he did it. But why does the USA, and its attack ready Zionist, pit bull, Israel want this war?

Israel wants conquest of valuable land…they want to be the occupier of Iran and Iraq. Its arrogance is reminiscent of an incident I wrote about that made a truly far-fetched effort to convince the world there was a tie between Mexico and Iran to a ne’er-do-well, used car salesman from Texas in an alleged plot to kill an Israeli diplomat, supposedly while eating in a Mexican restaurant in Washington. After a burst of publicity on prime time TV the scheme talk evaporated, but the Administration used the incident to ramp up sanctions that stings working class Iranians.

It has been my thesis for years that the USA is a war based economy, which is cracking economically for need of a super war. The US is much like the British Empire was a century ago when its citizens got tired of fighting needless serial wars and forced a temporary peace upon their government, and, subsequently the war debts of past adventures destroyed its world reserve currency, the venerable Pound Sterling. This is how Americans succeeded the British as world financial power, our money was firm(er). Warmaking is how we are losing that position, today. The giant Lockheed company recently flashed a public threat of massive lay offs if it does not get more war business before the fall election. Lockheed says, give us more and better war or we will give you unemployment.

Why, you ask, did this Swede of an Algerian father kill these innocent tourists, if indeed he did it, and why did he sacrifice his own life in such a useless act after surviving 28 months in Gitmo? A well done Swedish produced film, featured Mehdi Ghezali, GITMO: The New Rules Of War, portrays how, after two years in this American-made hell on earth, many men might become unbalanced, void of hope and trust in God. This was the stated purpose of Gitmo: to produce hopelessness that would cause men to talk. How better to create a killer than to confine him for years in that place where torture became the American way. America is creating incidents like this by manufacturing enemies, as Israel does every day.

You might ask yourself, does it make any sense for Iran to have a part in killing a handful of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria? Not to me, but if your answer is something like this, Iranians are not human, so they do not think rationally, then you must be either a Neo-Con, a Christian Zionist, or trained by the Israeli Defense Forces. Iran knows they would gain nothing by giving the warmaker Netanyahu an excuse to start bombing Iranian cities. And, then the USA could unleash the Lockheed war machine upon Iran. Americans might soon wonder why gas could go to five to six dollars per gallon. Former US Ambassador John Bolton, is already all over the US Press, justifying what he suggests will be Israel’s attack on Iran, and with not a shred of evidence of Iran’s involvement in Bulgaria.

Will Israel find a connection to Iran? This depends on whether the USA Press examines the evidence. With all the wondering Ghezali did around the Middle East, it is likely he knew at least one suspicious Persian, but I would bet it is not the Iranian Government. Whatever the connections, imagined or real, they will be magnified to create what Netanyahu considers sufficient excuse. Perhaps, it will be some obscure piece of hardware in the bomb itself will be discovered. And, if Israel cannot find such a link, it will invent one.

Will the anti-Zionists in Israel accept this contrived attack…that is the question, for some of them might get hurt? The most irrational call for war from America will come not from neo-cons like john Bolton, who nudge things along at a high level and bombard the willing press, but from millions of Christian Zionists who also need another war to make their prophetic religious rite of death take place in Israel. They will cheer on the irrational call for bombing until their death wish is exposed. Americans for peace (religious or otherwise) are growing in number, and they must finally speak out out to save not only Iran, but our own economy of plenty.

GITMO: The New Rules Of War Mehdi Ghezali From Wikipedia The End Times of Christian Zionism

GITMO: The New Rules of War – Swedish made documentary about the Guantanamo Prison Camp and includes interview with Medhi Ghezali, accused of the Bulgarian bombing.

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About the Author:

Charles E. (Chuck) Carlson is a pro-peace activist, who grew up on a South Dakota farm, was conscripted and served twice in the US Army, and is a former Denver and Phoenix businessman, and is grandfather of six.

Chuck was a Baptist Deacon before learning he was raising his family in a war based economy and that the next conflict was only an election away. He also learned that most churches fail to teach Jesus' call for peace.

With the help of several close friends, Carlson organized We Hold These Truths ( in 1996, and phased out his business interests thereafter. A new generation website is under construction. View all posts by Charles E. Carlson →




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