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Relocation of Israel to the U.S. State of Montana:
The Only Solution for World Conflicts

By John Himes and Simon Angelini

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, July 23, 2012


The recent attack on an Israeli tourist bus in Bulgaria is a mere continuation of a very long struggle in the Middle East. The whole situation also teaches us that the past never really fades. The problem that was started decades ago, with the founding of the Israeli state, is still causing turmoil in the region; it will not go away. Thusly, we have deduced that the only logical course of action is to relocate the entire Israeli state to the northwestern state of Montana. Montana's population of less than one million would be bolstered by a dramatic increase in population(approximately five million), industry, and wealth that would likely turn the area into a haven for the Jewish people while simultaneously bolstering the United States economy and restoring peace to the Middle East. No more would the Iranians, Palestinians, or any other ethnic group, feel threatened by the potential for conventional or nuclear conflict that could have global consequences. Montana is more arable, mountainous, easily defend-able, and not bordered by nation's filled with enemies: yet another benefit for the Jewish people. The United States has a long tradition of supporting the Jewish peoples and thus would be given an opportunity to show their loyalty, compassion, and desire for a strong ally within this region.

Furthermore, the establishment of a "Jewtana" would directly stimulate the diversity of the American public, culturing them to a more globalized society, as well as reducing racial tension and anti-Semitism within America. There would also be an influx of ethnic food, such as Matzah and Hummus. The increase in demand for Hummus would require greater importation of chickpeas. Chickpeas being native to the middle east would cause for trade to stimulated, bringing down trade barriers and promoting greater interconnectedness and (due to the increased number of kosher food outlets) greater interdependence. Thus promoting the "Perpetual Peace" advocated by such intellectuals as Kant and endorsed by neoliberals. Furthermore, the increased export funds created by produce exports would bolster the economies of Arabic nations, resulting in greater domestic stability and thus lead to a less radical and dangerous Middle East for all. Whilst providing a substitute for the dangerous and destructive Opium trade, thus helping to diminish transnational crime and the necessity for drug-related violence.

The new state of Jewtana would not have difficulties in establishing international recognition; the regional hegemon, The United States, would likely support to new state. The United States donates over 3,000 million dollars each year in foreign aid to Israel, mostly due to their need for a very high military budget. This would become unnecessary, as Jewtana would only have peaceful neighbors. This incentive, combined with the increased domestic production of the Israelis, would lead to US advocacy of the new state. The only other nation besides the US that would border Jewtana would be Canada, and the Canadians would likely support the move due to the increased exports of Ice hockey gear, maple syrup and whiskey.

 Furthermore, since Jewtana could become a NAFTA member, the norm of IGO interdependence thus would reach unprecedented levels. On top of this, the removal of the Israeli state would likely reduce tensions between the Russian, Chinese and American peoples by removing a key cause for the use of Security Council Veto Power. By reducing the usage for such a power, it is possible that reform of the United Nations Charter would become far easier, resulting in a more effective and less biased system that would increase global communication on issues, and increase the UNís legitimacy further. No longer would states feel disenfranchised with the system; they would feel their voice is of equal value even to the greatest of nations; which would promote greater interest in the use of peaceful methods to solve issues that usually result in conflict, or simply inactivity in the situation as in the case of Syria.

The newly founded Jewish Montana would also be a key ally in the war on transnational crime. Israeli special forces and police networks, such as MOSSAD, are well versed in combating international terrorism and crime and thus could help reduce the cross border crime coming in to the US through the Canadian and Mexican borders. This would be very detrimental for drug cartels operating within North America and they would no longer be able to terrorize their regions, thusly producing increased stability in many Central American nations, and decreasing the likelihood of radical regime change.

In closing, last weekís bombing has shown us how volatile the situation is in the Middle East due to the disagreements caused by Israeli presence and western intervention. Thus, the founding of Jewtana would stop needless massacres and bloodshed in the region, as well as prevent further attacks on US and other Western nationís soil. Also, the world would become more interdependent, especially with the rising demand for chickpeas and other Middle Eastern produce, which would create a more peaceful world for all of its inhabitants, while simultaneously decreasing the likelihood of nuclear war. In short, the establishment of Jewtana would solve the Middle Eastís issues and restore peace to the region, while benefiting all parties involved.

About the Authors:

This is a short essay that John Himes and Simon Angelini wrote for their International Relations class at University of Maryland College Park. My name is .




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