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Dennis Ross Continues to Oversee the US Foreign Policy Towards the Middle East

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, February 6, 2012

For students of the US foreign policy towards the Middle East, this is an important news. Dennis Ross continues to be the Obama administration advisor on policy towards the region. He has kept this job since Reagan, non-stop. This is just another piece of evidence about how Zionists control the US foreign policy. Period.


The Arab American Institute released the following statement today regarding Dennis Ross's continued advisory role with the Obama Administration:

It is surprising and troubling that we learn today that Dennis Ross remains an adviser to the Obama Administration on sensitive Middle East issues.

To be clear, we opposed Ross’s appointment in the first place, feeling as many of his former colleagues did, that having failed to achieve Middle East peace for two decades, it was time for new leadership with a new vision in the search for peace.

The fact that Ross was deeply involved in the leadership of unabashedly pro-Israel organizations has called into question his objectivity and ability to be an impartial negotiator.

When he resigned last year, and went back to his posts with these same pro-Israel organizations, we hoped that the administration would take a different tack. Apparently they have not.
Arab American Institute
1600 K Street, NW Suite 601
Washington, DC 20006


Dennis Ross Still Talks to Obama and Bibi

By Haaretz

Published January 27, 2012.

Despite the fact that he resigned from his post in the Obama administration, longtime American diplomat Dennis Ross just cannot quit. Haaretz has learned that Ross still advises President Barak Obama on a regular basis, and maintains an open channel with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Last November, Ross announced he was leaving his post as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for the Central Region, which includes the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, Pakistan and South Asia. Nonetheless, Ross still maintains a working relationship with Tom Donilon, Obama’s National Security Advisor, and with the president himself.

A senior official in the administration told Haaretz that despite his resignation, Ross kept his security clearance, so he could still take part in White House debates and be exposed to classified information. “Dennis still comes in and out of the White House every few days,” the official said.

Ross is currently in Israel speaking at the Jerusalem-based think tank, the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute which he chairs, and at the Institute for National Security Studies.

Two Israeli sources claimed that between engagements Ross secretly met with Netanyahu and his close aide, Isaac Molho. A senior official in Jerusalem confirmed that Ross met Netanyahu, but added that it was a “private” meeting, held at Ross’ request.

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Obama seeking Dennis Ross's advice on Middle East, helps him both with hawks and doves

Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill.) told a group of Jewish communal lay leaders that he is receiving advice on Middle East issues from Dennis Ross.

The Democratic presidential hopeful made the disclosure during a closed meeting in New York with 25 Jewish leaders, according to a Jewish organizational source familiar with what was said at the gathering. It comes as the senator's campaign is making a concerted effort to reach out to the Jewish community across the country.

The association with Ross could help Obama solve a key dilemma: how to win the confidence of hawkish pro-Israel donors without alienating his anti-war base.

Ross, who served in the State Department of both Bush administrations and the Clinton administration, has displayed a rare ability to command respect from a wide swath of the political spectrum in the Jewish community. As the architect of President Clinton's Middle East peace efforts and a consistent voice for more robust American diplomatic efforts, Ross has secured the support of the community's more dovish wing. At the same time, he has earned respect in more hawkish circles with his willingness to blame Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat for the collapse of the peace process and challenge those who say the pro-Israel lobby controls U.S. foreign policy.

"He says, 'Tony Lake and Susan Rice are my top foreign policy advisers,' but when it comes to the Middle East, Dennis Ross informally advises the senator."==

George Mitchell resigned over Dennis Ross’s bias to Israel, hatred for Palestinians

Abu Sharif

Al-Ahram Online, Tuesday 17 May 2011

The former US envoy to the Middle East viewed Barack Obama's foreign policy advisor has an obstacle to peace, according to a senior PLO figure Saleh Naami.

Bassam Abu Sharif, former advisor to late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, has revealed that the resignation of former US Middle East envoy George Mitchell was in protest to US President Barak Obama’s foreign policy advisor Dennis Ross’s bias to Israel and deep hatred for the Palestinians.

The independent Palestinian new website Maan reported that Abu Sharif said that Mitchell blamed Ross for hindering the US initiative to move forward in the road to peace in the Middle East.

Abu Sharif, known for his acquaintance with international figures, said that top US officials told him that Mitchell considered the appointment of Ross as an “Israeli step to block his efforts for the achievement of peace.”

He added that Mitchell, in a meeting with his aides, questioned Ross’ ability to help in pushing forward the peace process when he refuses to meet Palestinians, despises their leadership and hates their president.

According to Abu Sharif’s sources, Mitchell thinks Ross and those supporting him are working against the interests of the United States.

Ross filled the position of special Middle East envoy overseeing the peace process during Bill Clinton’s presidency. After the election of George Bush as president, Ross dedicated all his time to working for the Jewish People’s Policy Planning Institute, a Jewish institution working on reinforcing the relationship between Jews and Israel. Israeli media had pointed out at the time of Ross' appointment that Obama was flirting with Jewish Organanisations who had protested former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s criticism of Israeli policies.




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