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To Israeli Fascists Netanyahu and leiberman:
Nations Don't Live by F-16s Alone

By Khalid Amayreh

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, December 26, 2012


Binyamin Netanyahu and Avigdor leiberman are the perfect fascist couple that will shape Israeli policy and lead the Zionist entity for the next few years. Netanyahu is a notorious-propagandist turned politician, who is indoctrinated in Zio-Nazism. His views, political behaviors and especially his actions testify to this prognosis.

Not only does Netanyahu believe in the "inherent superiority" of Jews over non-Jews, but he seems to be a firm believer in the Nazi doctrine of Lebensraum. This is why he wastes no time trying to seize additional Arab land to incorporate into Israel. This is exactly what Nazi Germany did when it sought territorial aggrandizement at the expense of its neighbors, which ignited the Second World War.

The Nazi leadership sought to justify its expansionism policy by arguing that Germany merely needed a breathing space, and that the acquisition of neighbors' territories by force would eventually bring lasting stability and peace. Netanyahu and other Zionist leaders are virtually making the same argument.

Indeed, when trying to defend the manifestly criminal policy of confiscating Arab land (confiscating is euphemism for stealing), Netanyahu would claim that Israel is only recovering ancient Jewish land and that the actual theft of Arab land would have no effect on the so-called peace process.

In short, the Israeli premier just practices brash lying just as he breathes the oxygen of life. This is the leader of a state that claims to adhere to the Torah of Moses which teaches "thou shall not lie."

Like most other politicians, Netanyahu lies knowingly and deliberately, even enthusiastically. However, he thinks that lying, even in its ugliest form, is a necessary part of being a successful politician.

To be sure, Netanyahu is not really a shrewd or wise politician. He is actually a visionless, tactless and dishonest extremist who is leading Jews to disaster. Netanyahu and like-minded Israeli leaders have effectively decapitated any remaining chances for peace, not only with the Palestinians, but also with the Muslim world.

With characteristic arrogance, Netanyahu thinks Israel will remain strong forever and Muslims will remain weak forever. But that is no less than moral and historical blindness. It is a blindness the consequences of which Jews will undoubtedly suffer rather badly and for a long time. This is because the strong, whether the Roman Empire, or the Ottoman State, or Great Britain, or the Soviet Union, doesn't remain strong forever nor does the weak remain weak for ever. This is an evident and timeless historical axiom that never stops functioning, regardless of time and place.

Besides, Muslims are not known for having a short historical memory. The Crusades had occupied Palestine for over 120 years. They murdered untold numbers of Muslims (and Christians). They actually converted the Aqsa Mosque into a stable for their horses.

There is no doubt that Israel is moving on a losing course as the facts of geography and history stand decidedly against the Zionist enterprise. The Crusades created kingdoms and fiefdoms in Palestine and elsewhere in the region which lasted for a longer duration than has Israel.

But, the Crusades met their ultimate fate because they couldn't overcome the basic dichotomy between their colonialist dreams and the geographic and demographic realities of the Middle East.

Eventually, Israel will have to meet the same fate of the Crusades.

Yes, Israel does possess a huge arsenal of deadly weapons. Israel also controls the politics and policies of the United States. But states also need a real moral fabric to survive the treacherous pitfalls of history. Nations donít live by F-16s alone.

As to Leiberman, he represents the Stalinist part of Netanyahu, but obviously without Stalin's intelligence.

Leiberman is notorious for his Nazi-like ideas, which include, inter alia, a proposed blanket bombing of Palestinian population centers, drowning Palestinian political prisoners in the Dead Sea and bombing the Aswan High Dam in Egypt .

Leiberman is also a known proponent of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians not only in the West Bank but also across the Green Line, e.g. in the territories occupied in 1948.

Leiberman and Netanyahu are expected to receive the biggest share of votes in the upcoming Israeli elections scheduled for 22 January. This is a telling fact about the collective mentality of the bulk of the Israeli Jewish society.

Hence, pundits predict the next Israeli government will be the most extremist ever since the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948. This means that all remaining hopes for a peaceful settlement between Israel and the Palestinians, especially one based on the land-for peace formula and the two-state solution strategy will evaporate. In fact, vestiges of the next government's policies are already apparent before our eyes with the latest plethora of Israeli government decisions to build thousands of additional settler units all over the West Bank, especially in occupied East Jerusalem.

Some naÔve or overly optimistic observers would argue that the international community will not allow Israel to destroy the peace process and therefore perpetuate the conflict in a sensitive part of the world for many decades to come.

But such dismal arguments are based on wishful thinking as well as the erroneous presumption that the international community has the ability and resolve to restrain Israel, let alone force the Jewish state to give up the occupied territories which Israel seized in 1967.

The truth of the matter is that both Europe and the United States lack the ability, even if they had the inclination, to force Israel to walk in the path of peace.

This is not only due to the fact that Israel and her supporters and allies in Washington dominate the American government, especially the Congress.

The situation on the ground in the West Bank, especially in Jerusalem, is extremely unlikely to enable any prospective Israeli government to undo the settlement enterprise since doing so would be a political suicide for any government.

And if we add the other equally insurmountable problems, such as the paramount issue of the right of return for millions of uprooted Palestinian refugees awaiting repatriation to their former homes and villages in what is now Israel, the prospects of a lasting reconciliation becomes more than farfetched.

True, one should always be hopeful and optimistic. But one should also free oneself from the illusions of false hope and deal realistically with reality.





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