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Obama, Time Magazine 2012 Person of the Year:

For What?

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, December 26, 2012

Time magazine has picked up President Obama as 2012 "Person of the Year."


It is hard to understand why the Time editor has settled for the president. I can understand why the president got the same distinction in 2008. He was then the first US (half-white-half) black president. But now? The Time editor either has lost his marbles or he is just trying to boost sales.
This president, who once served as a law professor, is acting more as a tyrant and dictator. He has given himself the power to target for execution anyone he wants, including US citizens anywhere in the world. All done with total secrecy and without any due process.
The number of children murdered by Mr. Obama drone strikes on Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia is at least 10 times as many as the number of children killed at Sandy Hook elementary school in New Town, Connecticut. Yet there was no tears, comment, or reflection by Mr. Noble Peace Price recipient.
Person of the Year should be reserved for those whose work and contributions help positively impact the quality of life for others and enhance the image of their country. Not President Obama! This is an embarrassment to America! More appropriate title for President Obama would have been, "Killer of the Year."
SpongeBob or Miss Piggy character from the Muppet Show would have been a better choice. They are both loved and adored by millions of children in America. Besides, Mr. Obama was responsible for these seven crimes during his first term in office:

1- Drone attacks
2- Kill lists
3- Illegal detention
5- Illegal wiretapping
6- Unconstitutional wars
7- NDAA of 2012. This act was signed into law on 12/31/2011 by the President, which allowed the US Armed Forces to engage in civilian law enforcement, suspend due process, arrest American citizens, and legal US residents and lock them up in military custody forever without trial.
Mahmoud El-Yousseph
Retired USAF Veteran





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