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Who is ASIO Serving?

By Asem Judah

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, April 16, 2012


Assessment Report #10 - "Who is ASIO Serving?"

Why ASIO using taxpayers’ money to supports Lowy Institute for International Policy?

What value Lowy Institute for International Policy will add to ASIO and in which direction?

Today Lowy Institute and tomorrow Israeli Mossad!

We have every right to worry about ASIO’s intelligence! More hatred not intelligence!

Please take this issue with your local MP and lobby all Greens Senators to ask the tough questions.


Hatred, Lies & cover up …   Used by Zionist entity to …                              Justify Israel’s terrorism and killing Palestinian civilians …


Greens Question on Notice regarding Lowy Institute funding from government

Senate Hansard, 5 April 2012


(Question No. 1517)
Senator Ludlam asked the Attorney-General, upon notice, on 19 January 2012:
(1) What financial contributions, if any, have each of the following government agencies or departments provided to the Lowy Institute for International Policy in the 2010-11 and 2011-12 (to date) financial years:
(a) Australian Federal Police;
(b) Attorney-General's Department;
(c) Australian Security Intelligence Organisation; and
(d) Australian Export Finance and Insurance Corporation.
(2) On what basis were such financial contributions made
Senator Ludwig: The Attorney-General and the Minister for Trade have provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

(1) (a) In 2010-11 the Australian Federal Police paid $35,000 to the Lowy Institute for International Policy. In
2011-12 (to date) the amount of $35,000 has been paid. All monies paid were for obtaining corporate membership.
(b) In 2010-11 the Attorney-General's Department paid $35,000 to the Lowy Institute for International Policy. No payments have been made to date in 2011-12. All monies paid were for obtaining corporate membership.
(c) In 2010-11 the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation paid $35,000 to the Lowy Institute for International Policy. No payments have been made to date in 2011-12. All monies paid were for obtaining corporate membership.
(d) In 2010-11 the Export Finance and Insurance Corporation paid $49,494.25 to the Lowy Institute for International Policy. In 2011-12 (to date) the amount of $44,000 has been paid. In 2010-11 the amount of $35,000 was paid for obtaining corporate membership, and $14,494.25 was paid for a presentation on the evolving global economy by the Executive Director, Lowy Institute for International Policy and Director, Lowy Institute International Economy Program.
(2) (a) Australian Federal Police
The financial contribution is for a corporate membership fee which allows access to research and consultancy. The AFP receives publications and services which include:
i. Up to two consultancy briefings per year with Lowy Institute subject matter experts, focused on AFP-specific business needs;
ii. Access to major events and functions, including;
a. Three places at the 'members and supporters' annual dinner hosted by the Chair of the Lowy Institute.
b. Two places at the Lowy 'lecture and dinner', featuring a major foreign affairs speech given by a prominent business, social or political leader.
c. Member pricing on any additional Lowy Institute lectures or functions.
d. Uncapped invitations for Wednesday lunchtime meetings at Lowy in Sydney, and invitations in Canberra and Melbourne 'Food for Thought' functions where Lowy Institute experts and guest speakers discuss a range of foreign affairs, international security, trade and economic issues.
iii. Invitations to a minimum of six other events per year, including a combination of distinguished speaker series, meet and greet functions and a range of seminars and conferences.
(b) Attorney-General's Department
Corporate membership provides for a relationship and exchange of knowledge between the Institute and the Attorney-General's Department and includes priority access to Lowy Institute expertise and facilities and the Institute's program of speakers and events of relevance to the Department as detailed in the response from the Australian Federal Police.
(c) Australian Security Intelligence Organisation
This membership is part of a strategy to enhance ASIO's outreach and generate opportunities to gain wider perspectives which inform ASIO's strategic thinking. Membership enables ASIO staff to attend Lowy Institute seminars. Lowy Institute executives and research staff have also visited ASIO to present on international economic, political and strategic developments and their impact on the international security environment.
(d) Australian Export Finance and Insurance Corporation
The corporate membership fee supports Lowy Institute's research into economic, political and strategic issues confronting Australia. Membership includes access to Lowy Institute researchers and staff for research and briefings.

Dear all,


Imagine that government departments, Australian Federal

Police and Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) has paid from taxpayers’ money $AUS277,989.50 total for Lowy Institute for International Policy.


Early this year I became aware of ASIO’s involvement with Lowy’s institute from ASIO Annual Report 2010-2011. ASIO’s report says that:


Lowy Institute

As part of the strategy to enhance outreach with academia, in 2010 ASIO became a corporate member of the Lowy Institute for International Policy — a think-tank generating new ideas and dialogue on international economic, political and strategic developments and Australia’s role in the world. The Executive Director of the Lowy Institute visited ASIO to present on the

implications for Australia of changes in the international security environment, including the impact on the intelligence community of the shifting shape of global politics and the new architecture of interconnectivity. ASIO’s membership of the Lowy Institute enables its staff to attend Lowy seminars and reflects the Organisation’s acknowledgement that access to external

expertise and knowledge is vital to ensuring ASIO’s strategic thinking is progressive.


Source: ASIO Annual Report 2010-2011, page 77. Full Report HERE.


When ASIO asked ASIO by this Digest, why? Their answer were  

“he is an Australian business man”.  But ….


Who is Frank Lowy?


Experienced journalist Paul Barry who investigates ‘who really runs Australia?’ and publishes The Power Daily

e-news letter.


I encourage you to join his mailing list if you would like

to widen your knowledge and intelligence radar. Click

HERE to join Paul Barry mailing list.

According to Paul Barry investigative journalism and his power index Frank Lowy rates number 7.


Frank Lowy's not on Wayne Swan's billionaire hit list. Yet when it comes to foreign policy, this shopping king has more sway than the rest of Australia's mega-rich combined.

Frank's friends in high places include the last four prime ministers, Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, John Howard and Kevin Rudd, and Australia's new foreign minister, Bob Carr, who (as NSW premier).


Frank Lowy was born in Czechoslovakia in 1930 to Jewish parents, and was a child in Budapest during World War ll. When the

Nazis occupied the city in March

1944, his father went to the train station to buy tickets to get the

Family out. Only 50 years later

did Frank discover he had been captured by the Nazis and beaten to death in Auschwitz.


After the war was over, 15-year old Frank jumped ship to Palestine, where he was intercepted by the British and sent to a detainee camp. Before long, he was fighting for the Haganah and Golani Brigade in a dirty and brutal struggle for a Jewish homeland.

It's no surprise Lowy is a passionate supporter of Israel, telling the NSW parliamentary inquiry into the Orange Grove affair in

2004 that, "the state of Israel, to which I am fully committed, is more important for me than to do a job."


The shopping centre magnate was explaining to parliament why he had spent one of his two meetings with Bob Carr talking to the

NSW premier about Middle East politics, and drawing his attention to a paper dealing with Israel, rather than talking about his

business rivals. Despite his passion for the Promised Land, few would accuse Lowy of being a rabid Zionist. He does not barrack for

illegal Jewish West Bank settlers, as Joe Gutnick regularly does. And his Lowy Institute, which is run by a 12-person board that

includes him and his three sons, is generally regarded as moderate. It also studies plenty of things apart from Middle East politics.


Nevertheless, Frank founded and still chairs Israel's Institute for National Security Studies, which, according to journalist Antony

Loewenstein, author of My Israel Question, "produces research that pushes a hardline, Zionist line on the Israel/Palestine conflict". 

According to Loewenstein, the INSS advocates "refusing to give up illegally-occupied territories in Palestine due to 'security' concerns,"

and "warms to the idea of an Israeli military strike against Iran".


The INSS, Lowy Institute and (Lowy-linked) Brookings Institution in Washington also support an American role in the Middle East

and advocate close ties with Washington, Loewenstein tells The Power Index.


Paul Barry concluded just that:


So has Lowy used his money and power to shape the political debate? Almost certainly, yes.


Paul Barry, I couldn’t agree more with you.


This Digest wrote similar things in its 300-page public submission to the Parliamentary Middle

East Inquiry, 1999.


From my extensive experience and communications with various Australian government departments they have section called ‘North Africa

and Middle East’.


Can ASIO “cut and paste from the web” intelligence tell us why Lowy Institute for International Policy  doesn’t has “North Africa and

Middle East” section?


Another point, did the then Attorney-General, Robert McClelland, influence AFP and ASIO to gain corporate membership with Lowy’s

Institute? I am not surprised if that was the case!


We have every right to worry about ASIO’s intelligence! More hatred not intelligence!

ASIO, when you are going to declare publicly your full coordination with the Israeli Mossad?


Where is our pride for our country and its institutions? Please stop lecturing us about integration and misusing the word ‘multicultural’

when it suit you. We don’t trust you …


Next Digest, I will call the white paper ‘Government Counter-Terrorism Racist Paper’ and more about Intelligence and Security

agencies double standards.


For any media coverage, please contact: Asem Judeh mobile 0415 802 780 email  



In solidarity,


yourPDFDU ‘Unique and True News of Palestine: Voice of Knowledge and Courage’


Asem Judeh

Victoria, Australia





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