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Give the Zionist Palmer Report the Contempt it Deserves

By Khalid Amayreh

in occupied Jerusalem

PIC, Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, September 7, 2011


On Friday, 2 September, 2011, a pro-Israeli body at the United Nations released a brazenly unbalanced report concluding that Israel's four-year  blockade of some 1.7 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip was "legal" and  "within the barometers of international law."

The scandalous report, dubbed as the Palmer report, also concluded that the manifestly criminal  Israeli assault on a Turkish ship carrying solidarity activists and humanitarian materials  to besieged Gazans, which occurred 18 months ago and   killed at least nine Turkish citizens and injured many others, was also legal.

The report was reportedly prepared by a group of fanatical Zionists who thought that Israel could do nothing wrong and that its victims, whether Turks or Arabs, were either terrorists or sub-humans whose lives had no sanctity whatsoever.

The obscene disregard of truth inherent in that infamous and biased document showed that professionalism and objectivity were the last things on the minds of that commission's members.

Indeed, the victims of the Gaza siege, which ironically  is yet to be lifted, have every right under the sun  to cry out to the seventh heaven, in anger and bitterness, wondering what right  the Nazi-like entity, Israel, ever had to withhold medicine and  food supplies, fuel and  other  basic necessities from the people  of  Gaza.

To justify its murderous  and  enduring blockade, which killed ( and continues to kill) thousands of innocent  people,  including children,   and devastated the lives  of hundreds of thousands others, Israel invoked  the mantra of arms smuggling into Gaza .

However, the truth of the matter is that under the rubric of preventing the alleged smuggling  of weapons  into the coastal  enclave, Israel repeatedly demonstrated that it was hell-bent  on  starving ordinary Gazans by denying  them badly-needed medicine and  by ruining their originally meager  economy, causing  real starvation with catastrophic proportions.

In fact, some Zionist officials boasted rather gleefully and sadistically about Israel's ability to make the people of Gaza go on a diet. Unfortunately, the sickening remarks were not prominently featured in the Jewish-controlled American and western press whose coverage of Israeli criminality fell markedly short of basic professional standards.

In the final analysis, when people, including Jews, think, behave and act like the Nazis, these people ought to be compared with the Nazis, let alone treated as the Nazis were treated.

 Failing  to hold these comparisons due to "special sensitivities" such as the fear of being  branded "anti-Semitic" is both a betrayal  of  human conscience and professional standards.

Gaza is not  a state, it is  rather an impoverished and heavily-populated  coastal enclave packed  with refugees who had been forced to flee their native towns and villages  at the hands of terrorist Jewish gangs coming from  Eastern  Europe .

  Israel claimed ad nauseam it left Gaza for good. However, the truth of the matter is that the Nazi-apartheid regime retained its erstwhile tight control of Gaza's territorial water, border crossings as well as air space.

And when the Islamic  liberation movement, known as Hamas, won meticulously  internationally observed elections, Israel lost its  composure and decided to  impose draconian  sanctions encompassing  everything  entering  Gaza or  coming  out of the blockaded territory.

The criminal siege, which many courageous  international  observers compared with the Nazi siege of the  Ghetto  Warsaw during the Second  World War, was always made to  produce maximum suffering  and  pain  thanks to a never-ending series of criminal aggressions that mainly targeted innocent civilians.

 Israeli leaders, most of them are actually  certified war criminals,  were  quoted on several   occasions  as saying that the targeting of  innocent  Palestinian  civilians by the Israeli  occupation army  was meant to force the civilians  to rise up against their elected government.

There is no doubt that the deliberate and planned targeting of innocent children by Israel is a criminal act. Even Israeli human rights organizations, such as B'tselem, admit that it is.

The fact,  that the whoring  press and  TV networks  in New York ,   London ,  or Montreal don't see it this way doesn't make the reality of Israeli  criminality any less nefarious.

A genocide or an attempted genocide doesn't become less evil if and when perpetrated by Jews. This is what Israel's ignorant supporters in the West ought to realize, the sooner the better.

In light,  one is prompted to treat the Palmer report with the contempt it deserves. In the final analysis, judging murder, including haphazard murder, as legal because Jews are involved is the ultimate expression of moral bankruptcy, dishonesty and maliciousness.

 The same thing applies to the other conclusion about the murderous  attack on Marmara, the Turkish aid ship sailing in international waters in May 2011.  That ship was carrying peaceful activists who wanted to reach the shore of Gaza to deliver urgently-needed relief materials, including  milk, to besieged Gazans.

Yet, instead of allowing the ship to proceed to its destination unhindered, the Gestapo-like  Israeli marines ganged up on innocent  and unarmed men and women, riddling  them with bullets from all sides.

The Turks and  other activists onboard Marmara never ever posed any real threat to the Jewish Rambos. How could they possibly do that, unless we adopt the proverbial  criminal  logic that it was the victims' heads and chests  that hit the bullets, not the other way around, which puts the blames decidedly on the  victims.!

Unfortunately,  the government of Israel resorted to hasbara and lies and stone-walling to escape  responsibility, claiming  that its soldiers' lives were  endangered, a claim that shouldn't be dignified by commenting  on it.

Moreover, in an effort to come out clean of this murderous obscenity,  Israel made numerous insinuations about the humanitarian organization that planned and chartered the aid voyage, calling it terrorist.

Well, the Jewish state and its numerous mouthpieces  of mendacity  would automatically call anyone giving the Palestinians a helping hand terrorist even if the  that one were Jesus Christ or Moses, the  son  of Amram.

This is their way of demonizing and  dehumanizing their victims, just as the Nazis did several decades ago.

It is really heartening that the Turkish government has decided to show Israel that Turkish blood is a red line and that Israel could no longer mobilize its Free Mason  tools in Turkey to bully the Turkish leadership to grovel before Jewish feet. These days are over.

The  reported decision to expel the Zionist ambassador from Ankara, along  with the planned   downgrading  of  security relations with the  Jewish Reich in  occupied Jerusalem, should only be the beginning  of  a new strategic approach  on the part  of  Turkey toward Israel, an approach  that must demonstrate  to Jews and non-Jews alike  that Muslims are human beings, too, and have dignity like  everyone else.




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