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Six News Items from Palestine

By Mazin Qumsiyeh

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, September 19, 2011


In this week's email, I bring you one bad news item, six good news items, and action calls regarding human rights.
There are a number of actions being organized around Palestine this weekend.  They include demonstrations and vigils and marches after Friday prayers in places like Al-Walaja, Nebi Saleh, Bilin and on Saturday at noon at Qalandia apartheid wall-gate (organized by the General union of Palestinian Women meet at Qalandia Cooperative society) and at 1 PM Saturday at Beit Ummar among many other places.  I hope people join and act on their convictions/beliefs whether in Palestine or by creating or joining actions in their own countries (e.g. by BDS).
Bad news: The country that set up a high level commission to look into the feasibility of establishing "Jewish colonies in Palestine" (their words not mine) in 1845, and the country that issued a declaration to promise someone else's land (Palestine) to a third party in 1917, and the country that appointed the first Zionist foreign ruler on Palestine in 1921, this country just changed its law to allow war criminals to enter it without risk of being arrested by its courts.  This country of course is no other than the one that also created much of the conflict around the world and drew much of the borders like in Pakistan/India, divided the Arab world, divided many countries in Africa etc. But, Britain is also the country that has one of the most active boycotts, divestments, and sanctions movements on earth.  This again shows that countries have good and bad in them and usually governments do bad things and people try to do the decent and honorable thing.
Good news:
1) A-The Turkish government under pressure from its people expelled the Israeli ambassador and his staff (after Israel fails to even apologize for murdering 9 Turkish humanitarian activists). B- The Egyptian people forced the Israeli ambassador in Egypt to flee after Israel murdered 5 Egyptian Policemen.  C-There were planned demonstrations in Jordan against the Israeli embassy in Amman Thursday so Israeli government decided to pull its ambassador and staff out. This after people called for ending the shameful "peace treaty" between the ruling monarchy in Jordan and the apartheid state.   Hopefully other countries will follow suit. 
2) Paris court rejects Zionist attempts and declares boycott of apartheid Israel as freedom of expression and association.  The tribunal of the 17th magistrate’s court of the Paris law court, which specializes in matters regarding press rights, the defamation of public figures and the freedom of expression, has given a most important  and clear ruling on the right of citizens and consumers to call for a boycott of Israel and its products. Congratulations to our partners in EuroPalestine campaign.  We will now redouble our efforts in BDS in France.
3) Netanyahu Congress speech interrupter sues four she says ‘roughed her up’
4) Pro-Palestinian protesters who demonstrated outside Israeli chocolate shops across Australia have not breached the law, the nation’s consumer watchdog ruled.
5) There was a very large Israeli demonstration in front of the house of Israeli prime minister Bejamin Netanyahu calling for his dismissal for failing to deal with political, social, and economic issues.
6)  There are hundreds of meetings being organized around the Arab world including in Palestine to talk about everything from the September bid at the UN to the Arab revolutions, to the economic catastrophes caused by neoliberal and neoconservative policies.  Apathy is being replaced slowly around the world (including here) by participation and action.  One can only hope that this is just the beginning of the long anticipated global uprising.
Rumors of good news (confirmation pending): that the pressures by the US and Israel to prevent a full-fledged show-down at the UN are failing and that Netanyahu will go himself to the UN instead of sending the older and more diplomatic (but equally racist) Shimon Peres. It seems more likely that the submission will be to the security council forcing the US to use its veto and thus lose what little credibility remains (if any) for its hijacked foreign policy.
Stay tuned
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Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD




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