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Israeli War Crimes & Biased Media

By Sharique Naeem

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, September 19, 2011

This week, marks the anniversary of the Sabra-Shatila massacre at the hands of Israeli, which took place in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon between September 16-18 in 1982. Muslims who had fled their homes due to Israeliís atrocities, had taken shelter in a refugee camp. At the commence of the massacre, Israeli Defense Force completely surrounded the camp, and unleashed the massacre of unarmed innocent Palestinians. Over 3,500 Muslims men, women and children lost their lives on less than 3 days. Not a mention of this grave incident has occurred in the media of imperialist countries, which spend hours and hours of its air time remembering the victims of 9/11. 
The Tragedy, of Sabra-shatila refugee camp was not an isolated incident, Israel to date, continues its oppressive policies against the Palestinians. The Blockade of Gaza is still in place, which has made the Gaza strip the biggest prison in the world, where the people are denied basic rights, and continue to be harassed. 
While Israel continues its oppression, the dictatorial regimes in the Muslim world, had largely remained silent, with their opposition climax amounting only to a mere OIC condemnation or appeal in UN which ended up being Vetoed by US. However the advent of the Arab spring has queued up long standing dictators for a ride in a broken roller coaster. The geopolitics of the middle-east is rapidly changing, and inching towards what some analysts are describing as a 'Caliphate'. The possibility of re-establishment of a Caliphate has already raised eyebrows in many quarters. At the start of this year, the Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, while addressing a policy Conference of European Lawmakers warned of the threat to western civilization by stating: " the 21st century people speak of Caliphates, of new-found empires, of an ideology that is suited not for the 21st century but for the 9th century. I urge you not to underestimate this threat to our common civilization"
Today, it is evident that the masses who have stood up bravely against the tyrant, will not sit back at the continuation of atrocities by Israel in their neighborhood. Itís only a matter of time, before the aspirations of the brave Arabs is materialized by an ideological state. The Caliphate once established, will be able to galvanize the Muslims far beyond the current national borders, and can swiftly proceed to provide the Palestinians the security they are yearning for. The Media of imperialist countries can be expected to present a biased coverage, when it comes to anniversary of atrocities committed against innocents, however if cannot hamper the inevitable change, that is inching close by the day.

Sharique Naeem
Lahore, Pakistan
(The writer is an automation engineer from Pakistan. He is a a political commentator and writer. His writings have appeared in several foreign newspapers of Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Yemen and Iran.  Twitter: @shariquenaeem  )




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