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It's OK for Israelis Kill Arabs:

The US-Led NATO Double-Standard Again

By Ali Al-Hail

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, May 23, 2011


The US-Led-NATO's Selective definition of Killing: 'Israel' kills Arab People, That's O.K. Self Defense, But Pro-'Israel' 'Arab' Dictatorial Regimes kill Arab People, That's Not O.K. Crimes Against Humanity 

Without any doubt, or question, the Arab people revolutions against pro-'Israel' 'Arab' dictatorial regimes, mark an epoch in the development of Arab popular awakening, in modern time. For decades, Arab people long, know almost certainly that, the US-Led-NATO powers, always 'liked' and backed categorically, the ousted pro-'Israel' dictatorial regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, as well as, the yet will– be- ousted dictatorial regimes of Libya, Yemen, and Syria.

Essentially, as many argue, since the pro-'Israel' 'Arab' dictatorial regimes literally, protected the security of 'Israel', in the many ways, (albeit, at the expense of Arab people, which is observably, irrelevant to the West) they had received a cart blanch to carry out whatever measures, they might see effective in order to remain in power. Arguably, safeguarding 'Israel' welfare, security, and interests in the Arab World, and the wider Middle East, by the pro-'Israel' 'Arab' dictatorial regimes, have conceivably, quite often, surpassed the US and other Western interests, in the region.

One presumes, as do many that, the AIPAC and its towed 'Israeli' lobbies in the US and the West have long, been influencing the US and other Western states' decision making vis-ŕ-vis the Middle East, including the Arab and Muslim Worlds.  Recent studies, in the US and Europe have revealed such veracities, perhaps, the more well published of all was, John Mershiemer's, and Stephen Walt's book "The US Foreign Policy and The 'Israeli' Lobby" of 2006 .

Moreover, the US and its allies within the NATO and the EU, including, without saying of course, 'Israel' and its 'Arab' allied pro-'Israel' dictatorial regimes, pending to be upraised upon soon as it appears, strived hard, until the very last moment, to prolong the crippled lives of those ousted, and those who are expectedly, to be ousted.  However, as far as the US-Led-NATO powers are concerned the pro-'Israeli' 'Arab' dictatorial regimes have become a liability just only, at the moment, Arab people took to street in their millions, uprising against them, demanding them to step down, and to be put on trial.

Even then, the US and its allies were still, seen unwilling to verbally, condemn the brutal crackdown on the peaceful demonstrations of the protesters, let alone, taking action in one way or another.  It's not until, the US and European public opinion began to pressure their governments to say, or to do something.

There's obviously, more than a precedency, as to the Middle East.  For example, the pro-'Israel' Shah of Iran was more likable to the US and its Western allies than 'Arab' pro-'Israel' dictatorial regimes, but as Iranians erupted against him and his dictatorial regime, they were most obliged to abandon him, under strenuous pressures from the US and Western public opinion, as he became a liability, almost exactly, as the pro-'Israel' 'Arab' dictatorial regimes had become.

Nevertheless, though, to Arab people, all these all of a sudden, statements of US and Western powers' generosity towards them, combined with criticism of pro-'Israel' 'Arab' dictatorial regimes (came the latest from President Obama's 'contradictive and confused' speech to the Arab people) have no credibility al all.  For; it's typical of US and Western mindset.

To Arab people, whatever US and its NATO and EU allies try to say and do regardless how good it might be at the outset) to \ for them, is quite often (if not always) perceived by them as sketchy, to say the least.  Isn't it odd, for instance, for the US and its allies, to weigh out the killing of Arab people by pro-'Israel' 'Arab' dictatorial regimes, as murderers in cold blood crimes, or genocides against humanity etc. (which they correctly, are ) while (let's just talk about the very latest incidents) the killing of 10 innocent unarmed civilians inside the Lebanese border town of "Maroon Arras", wounding more than 150, and killing another 7 innocent unarmed civilians inside the Syrian border village of "Majdel Shams", in the occupied Golan heights, and injuring many more, while they were peacefully, protesting against the 'Israeli' occupation, were not triggered at the slightest a single word of condemnation from the US and its allies in the NATO and the EU.

How could possibly, Arab people, for Goodness sake, believe in all this' nonsense' about human rights abuse, and the rest of US-Led-Western powers' selective versions of crimes against humanity, and genocides carried out by pro-Israel' 'Arab' dictatorial regimes, while 'Israeli' blatant massacres committed over the past sixty three years (63), and still going on, seem to be a kind of' legitimate' killing that, doesn't require an attention of any sort.


Dr. Ali Al-HAil, Media Consultant, Professor of Mass Communication, Twice Fulbright Award Winner, Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Vice-President Of Qatar Fulbright Group, CSR Award Judge, Psychosomatics writer, Management Trainer, and Board Member of AUSACE, ASC, IABD, NEBAA, BEA, IMDA and EAJMC American Associations. 





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