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Videos of the Qadhafi Zanga and Wealthy Saudi Lifestyle

March 21, 2011


Why are Arabs revolting against the dictatorial and corrupt regimes imposed on them by the rulers of the Zionist Empire?

Read here for an answer:

Arabs Are Revolting Against the Brutal Regimes of the Zionist Empire

The following videos may also give you some answers:

The Arab Nation's Oil Wealth:

Saudi Prince spending the wealth he earned through his hard work in improving the infrastructure of the Arab Nation:

A Saudi prince spending the wealth he earned through his hard work on the poor and the needy in the Arab and Muslim Worlds:

Another Saudi spending the wealth he earned through his hard work on a good cause:

Al-Walid Bin Talal: Leading Austerity lifestyle

Al-Walid Bin Talal: Spending his nights in mosques and among the poor and the needy:


Qadhafi and Mariam Nour:

Qaddafi and his female guards:

طز طز في القذافي يازنتان معش تخافي 

Tuz, Tuz Fil Qadhafi

Mou'ammer Qaddafi: Rapping Zanga, Zanga:

Scores of humorous Arabic videos flooded the internet after the Qadhafi threat to chase the revolutionaries from street to street, home to home, and alley to alley (the last in the Libyan Arabic dialect: Zanga):




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