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Peter King, I Am Not With You!

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, March 21, 2011

Dear Rep. Peter King,
This is in response to your email letter addressed to me dated March 8th.
You got it wrong, Mr. Chairman, on all accounts. Let me explain!
First of all, I do not support or stand by you. You are conducting a Kangaroo Court hearing against Muslims like me in America. Your hearing is nothing more than a witch hunt against our fellow Muslim American citizens.
Secondly, your false claim about Muslim terrorism, radicalization, extremism or what ever you want to call it is unfair and un-American, as it targets Muslims only, while ignoring all other acts of terror. Besides, how does a man like you with ties to Europe's bloodiest and most notorious terrorist organization become the Chairman of USHomeland Security Committee, let alone paint all Muslims with the same terrorism brush?
As the old saying goes, Mr. King, " if you live in a house of glass, you do not throw stones." 
Two distinguished lawmakers are on record condemning your Mickey Mouse hearing. Rep. Michael Honda of California and Rep. Beanie Thompson of Mississippi both wrote OpEd pieces challenging your false claims against Muslims and disputed all of your allegations.
Finally you ended your letter with, and I quote, "As I go forward, it is very reassuring to know that I will have good Americans like you on my side." 
I am not so sure as to how you came to this conclusion. Have you or any of your staff ever read my letters?
Well Mr. Chairman, you were half right on that regard. I am a good American. In fact I served the country that I love for 20 years. And I was willing and ready to die for America if need be. But, I am not on you side.!
To give you further proof, here is a copy of a letter I wrote last night after I watched  you on CNN spewing your venom. BTW, the was sent to local news publications.
".US Rep. Peter King is a flat liar!
He has told CNN news in an interview on March 7th that AG Eric Holder  stated/told him that Muslims in America keep him up at night. That is a false claim. There was no where in AG Holder's quoted statement that the word "Muslims" was ever uttered.
To set the record straight, here is AG Holder's exact statement:
 "It is one of the things that keeps me up at night,” Holder said. “You didn’t worry about this even two years ago — about individuals, about Americans, to the extent that we now do. And — that is of — of great concern.”"The threat has changed from simply worrying about foreigners coming here, to worrying about people in the United States, American citizens — raised here, born here, and who for whatever reason, have decided that they are going to become radicalized and take up arms against the nation in which they were born"
Rep. King's statement against Muslims is dishonest and disingenuous.Americans deserve facts not a demoguage." 
Mahmoud El-Yousseph
Retired USAF Veteran




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