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Silence About Bahrain Protests

By Mohammed Khaku

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, June 13, 2011

As Bahrainís government intensifies its campaign to crush dissent, the world has been largely silent. The silence of the world, and particularly the US, in the face of this campaign is frustrating to ordinary Bahrainis who oppose the crackdown, but watch the world condemn rulers in Libya, Syria, and Yemen without a mention of Bahrain.
The Bahraini protesters continue to demand the ouster of the 200-year-old monarchy. Troops from Saudi and the United Arab Emirates, with the Bahraini government forces have launched a lethal attack on the popular revolution that began to sweep the Island of Bahrain on February 14.
Bahrain is the size of New York City, but also home to the US Navyís Fifth Fleet, which patrols the Persian Gulf, however this should not stop Obama administration to condemn human rights abuses committed by the Bahraini security forces. Western governments have had no problem in calling for Muammar Gaddafi to go. They have condemned Bashar al-Assad in Syria and Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen for firing on protesters and detention without trial. But on the topic of the equally repressive Khalifa regime in Bahrain, US remains silent. This is undermining any credibility with Bahrainis or internationally. 
Bahrainiís are being tortured, kidnapped, sexually harassed and assaulted, villages and houses being raided, religious and historical monuments are being demolished and holy book  - Quran burnt. The world remain silent while the champions of democracy Ė United States has done little but mumble incoherently. Bahrainís government has also sought to wipe out the political opposition, arresting politicians, imprisoning and killing medical doctors and nurses and shutting down the nation's only independent newspaper. The Al Khalifa is committing genocide, ethnic cleansing and should be indicted for crime against humanity
There are numerous reports whereby some news agencies and TV stations were asked not to report on Bahrain so as not to embarrass President Barack Obamaís administration. While the Saudi monarchy has been able to win the favors in Washington beltway, through buying influence with the policy makers; through direct cash assistance; and business contracts with American companies, and also buying interest in the media, such as ABC and FOX news. It is no coincidence that richest man in the world, Prince Alwaleed comes to Washington to talk with Bob Segal of NPR and other news media outlet on Arab uprising.
Even Think Tanks in Washington do not address the Bahrainís human right violations and Saudi forces occupying Bahrain. The US and European countries will start calling for sanctions if Syria was to occupy Lebanon. The Think Tank analyst such as president jimmy carter refuse to even talk of human right violation in Saudi Arabia, he is probably the worst example, because he had received over 35 million dollars for his Carter Center in Atlanta, which has a Human Rights center. What a hypocrisy,  President Carter has never raised the issue of human rights in Saudi Arabia or Bahrain, but talks and writes books and Op-Ed Column  about human right violation in Palestine.
If you are to believe that we are there for humanitarian reasons to bomb Libya as President Obama states, then why are we not in Bahrain?  Proof of the hypocrisy is that the US has ordered the media to be silent of the killings and injustices taking place in Bahrain.




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