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Palestine, Yes We Come Video

By Mazin Qumsiyeh

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, June 13, 2011

I am back in Palestine and busily working with dozens of volunteers (but we need more) on the July and other actions to challenge the system of apartheid.  As governments (including the Palestinian authority) abrogate their duties and obligations to defend human rights, citizens around the world are acting.  Below you can see an example of a young American (who happens to be Jewish) as he spoke out and was attacked by apartheid state mercenaries. But millions are acting.  In our small corner of the world, some 20 of us met today to organize for our July actions (see in Tel-Rumeida where Apartheid soldiers are spending US taxpayer money guarding thieves (= colonial settlers) who took over homes in Palestinian areas and regularly harass, insult, and injure natives and even burn olive trees.  The scene is surreal: as if a few hundred Ku Klux Klan or Neo-Nazi members were allowed to move into a black city, take over homes, and do what they wish with the local blacks, while being protected by thousands of white soldiers who obediently cater to every whim of the racist bigots. Here is a sampling of settler behavior and you can find out more here:
Video for the July Mission: Palestine, Yes we come "With the BDS boycott against Israeli politics and the Flotilla which is preparing to oppose the siege of Gaza, hundreds of people going on the 8th July 2011 mission visiting Palestinian civil rights associations, illustrates the importance of international solidarity with Palestine and our duty to get involved. This clip shows the present situation of the Palestinians with accounts from Lubna Marsawa, a Palestinian woman living in Jerusalem, who was on the Mavi Marmara of previous Flotilla, Ronnie Barkan (Anarchists Against the Wall) from Tel Aviv, Tariq Ramadan and other international activists."
Inspiring action: Portland BDS Coalition Flash Mobs New Seasons: May 29,
At the hate fest called Jerusalem day,  brainwashed Zionists shout that they hate Arabs and want to burn our villages down
( and when a counter-protest included a young (19 yo) American man (happens to be Jewish), Lucas was attacked and "arrested" by 6 Israeli Apartheid mercenaries.  Watch here apartheid in action: 
Action especially for those in Italy: No to the Israeli occupation and propaganda fest in Milan
Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD




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