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A Diaspora Conference in Jerusalem for Palestinians from Around the World

By Hesham Tillawi

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, July 4, 2011

I am the founder of the Jerusalem Conference and I need your help.  At first it was a dream to convene a conference of Palestinians from the Diaspora in Jerusalem, but now it is becoming a reality. We have people of all ages registered to go to Jerusalem in July of this year. The idea is simple bring Palestinians to Jerusalem to help the people of Jerusalem economically and morally and at the same time make a bond between our new generations being born in the Diaspora and Palestine through Jerusalem.
Yes, its that simple... Our founding Conference is scheduled to convene on the 20 of July, 2011. We will be there every year, please join us. If you can't go with us this year, please consider giving us a small gift to enable us to do what we have planned. We do have many expenses such as hotel conference expenses, food, transportation, and housing expenses.
Yes, your gift will help us reach our goal of making the Jerusalem Conference, the conference for all Palestinians and their supporters around the world.
To donate it is very simple, just go to and click on donate... My god bless you and you may see the fruits of your action. Come with us register at the site.
Hesham Tillawi, PhD


The Jerusalem Conference and Shiddo Alrihal




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