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Outrageous Veto Underscores Futility of Counting on US for Peace

By Khalid Amayreh

PIC, Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, February 21, 2011


The  outrageous decision by the Obama administration to veto a Palestinian draft resolution denouncing Jewish settlement expansion beyond the Green Line (the former armistice line between 1948-Palestine and the West Bank) is undoubtedly a slap in the face to Palestinian Authority (PA) and other "moderate" Arab regimes that continue to  count on the US to play a constructive role in the so-called peace  process.
It is also a reaffirmation of the well-known fact that consecutive US administrations, irrespective of which political party they are affiliated with,  are decidedly at Israel's beck and call.
The Obama administration says it is against the construction of more Jewish settlements in the West Bank. However, the same administration refuses to take any proactive measures to demonstrate whether this opposition is sincere and real or merely  rhetorical and aimed at calming and cajoling  the Palestinians. In the final analysis, actions are louder than words.
The American rationale for vetoing the Palestinian resolution, which contained mere platitudes that  don't  really conflict with longstanding American policy, doesn't make sense to say the very least.
State Department  officials claim the  resolution would interfere with negotiations.
Well, what negotiations these people are talking about? The PA and Israel have been "negotiating" for nearly 20 years, and the net result has been a gigantic zero. This  is  while  Israel, with tacit but real  American encouragement,  has been devouring more and more of the  proverbial disputed piece of cheese by stealing  more Palestinian land and building  more Jewish-only colonies on occupied  territory.
The latest affront  in New York shows that it  is completely pointless and foolhardy to count on the United States to extricate legitimate Palestinian rights from Israel's hands.
The truth of the matter is that when it comes to the Palestinian issue, the United States has no will of its own, it is  completely and absolutely overruled  by Zionist circles and Israeli lobbies.
This  total  subjugation has been demonstrated numerous times and is being  demonstrated again.
In fact, what makes the mission of Jewish lobbies, such as AIPC ever easier, is the fact that America's vital economic and strategic interests in the Arab-Muslim region have remained unscathed despite decades of criminal American embrace of Jewish Nazism.
In the final analysis, the US condoned every Israeli crime against humanity,  every Israeli war crime, every violation of international law and every form  of ethnic cleansing  of Palestinians in their ancestral homeland.
Eventually, the US introduced  a phony peace process under whose rubric it allowed and enabled Israel to dot  the West Bank with hundreds of Jewish settlement that effectively, even irreversibly, killed any realistic  prospects for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state worthy of the name.
It is hoped that the belated awakening of Arab people  in a number of Arab countries will convince the US that it can't have good  ties  with the Arab world as usual while continuing  to embrace Israeli Nazism as usual.
The collaborationist entity known as the PA seems  to have finally realized the utter futility and pointlessness of counting on the US to give some justice to the Palestinians. Doing  so  is like seeking justice inside  a den of thieves or seeking safety in a snake hole.
We hope that something positive will come  out of this  belated  realization, although it is hard to give the current PA leadership the benefit of the doubt.
Non the less, the PA, now standing exposed  and  weak, having  lost  its main patron, the  deposed regime  of ex-President  Hosni Mubarak, can still  take certain measures  which would convince  Washington that the Palestinian people's cause is not a matter of  bargaining between an American political whore and  a fascist Zionist pimp.
First of all, the PA should immediately put an end to all forms of security coordination with the Israeli occupation army. We must be able to demolish all that Gen.  Keith Dayton built in ten years during which he succeeded in distorting and falsifying our national consciousness. We  must  be  able  to  redraw and rediscover our national  priorities in away that is harmonious with our national  goals, namely the liberation of our people and homeland from  the criminal hands of the Zionist  occupiers.
History since Adam and Eve has shown that no  people under a foreign occupation earned  its freedom without  sacrifices, e.g. employing kind  talks and amicable negotiations.
Second, the PA must immediately stop arresting, tormenting and torturing its  own people in  order to appease Israel and receive a certificate of good conduct from the Zionist regime. Enough is enough.
Third, the PA must display good will toward Hamas in order to reach the highest degree  possible of national  unity.  This  is not  an impossible task, provided all sides shun parochial calculations and considerations.
Yes, the Palestinians may eventually suffer as a result of showing Washington the "red eye."  If need be, we must tell Washington to take its money and shove it because  at  the end  of the day we will not exchange our ancestral homeland and our Jerusalem for American bribes.
Moreover, the  popular  revolutions  inundating  much of the Arab world these days should be viewed as a clarion Arab response and reaction to decades of blind American embrace  of Israeli Nazism.
The Israeli insolence and  arrogance of power can not be understood except in a providential  context that would prepare the Middle East theatre to historical developments that would  eventually signal the beginning  of the end  of this illegitimate entity, known as Israel.
Undoubtedly, this  will take  some  time, but it  must happen  and  it will.




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