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Apocalyptic Israeli Rabbi Amnon Levy Predicts Killing of 4 Billion People

By Gilad Atzmon

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, December 8, 2011


In the following video, popular Jewish preacher Rabbi Amnon Levy, warns world Jewry about the forthcoming apocalyptic war (Gog and Magog). You can hear all the necessary ingredients: The ‘Arabs want to throw us to the sea’ (0:47), Antisemitism will rise and Jews will be chased wherever they are.

Diaspora Jews, according to Levy, better move to Israel immediately because Jews will be blamed for this colossal war. “As much as they (the Goyim) blame the Jews for the current financial turmoil, once antisemitism shows its face, every Jew will face a grave danger.”

According to Rabbi Levy, some Biblical reading backs the horrific scenario. However, here is the good news-Jews do not have to worry too much-their revengeful God is promised to deliver (7:58) and retaliate in the name of his people-"4 billion people are predicted to perish."

This video is more than just a glimpse into Jewish Pre Traumatic Stress Disorder (Pre-TSD), a unique mental condition in which an imaginary phantasmic future scenario shapes one’s behaviour in the present.

Within the realm of Pre-TSD, an illusion pre-empts reality and the condition in which the fantasy of terror is focussed is itself becoming grave reality. If it is taken to extremes, even an agenda of total war against the rest of the world is not an unthinkable reaction.

This talk takes place in a sold out concert hall. We are dealing here with a deranged ideology and a very problematic collective identity- their ideas, politics and actions may as well be a grave and immediate danger to world peace.


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The Wandering Who-A Study of Pre TSD or

Gilad Atzmon: The Apocalyptic Rabbi


1. Gilad Atzmon: Desperate Dershowitz

Dershowitz is desperate. In a recent TV appearance, in a mere seven minutes the notorious Zionist mouthpiece, manages to exhibit just about every single ugly Hasbara symptom.  

And what is Dershowitz so desperate about? Dershowitz, is desperate to stop ‘The Wandering Who’. Why? Because ‘The Wandering Who’ is probably the only contemporary text that offers a complete and comprehensive reading into, not only Jewish Identity politics in general but also into Dershowitz’ own particular psychosis and duplicitous behaviour.  

Speaking of duplicitous behaviour, being a prime Hasbara agent and well used to ‘the ways of deception’, Dershowitz fails to produce a single truthful statement in the entire program. He lies all the way through. But lies and deception are not going to help Dershowitz. 

To read a complete expose of  Dershowitzes Lies and Glitches

Click to read more ...

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2. Gilad Atzmon on Mark Glenn's Radio Show

This is a very interesting podcast. We spoke about the ideology that drives the Jewish Lobby, the tribal continum between hard core Zionism and the so-called Jewish anti Zionism, anti Semitism and more

The Wandering Who-A Study of Jewish Identity Politics - available on  or




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