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A Conspiracy Beyond Theory

By Paul Balles

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, August 29, 2011
The biggest political mistake I've ever made was to vote for Barack Obama.  I should have known that a really great campaign speaker and organizer would probably make an inept president.
All of Obama's emphatic talk about change sounded appealing; even though Washington has proven so often that it's incapable of changing.  There are just too many self-interests needing trade-offs with other self-interests, none of which has public needs in mind.
The fact that Obama opposed the Iraq War carried a lot of weight with those who don't believe America should mind everybody else's business.
Many had enough of Bush-Cheney war-mongering for the neo-cons (aka American Zionists who desperately wanted America to take out Iraq before Saddam Hussein could wage the mother of all WMDs against Israel).
So the Zio-cons made up stories, pretended that fiction was fact and lied about non-existent WMDs.
Some argue they even went so far as to arrange for the slaughter of 3000 plus people on 9/11 with Israel's help.
Let’s say Mossad, Israel's intelligence deceivers, speaking perfect Arabic and pretending to be Arabs, infiltrated an Al Qaeda cell and hatched a plan to highjack four planes; and that would show everyone how clever Al Qaeda was.
Of course the hijackers knew nothing about any plan to fly into buildings like kamikaze pilots on a suicide mission.
Once they got into the air and managed to get control of the planes, there would be nothing else the hijackers had to do. Thank you very much; everything would now be on remote control, with planes being flown like drones and directed by the Pentagon.
All the Israeli-firsters needed to do now was trigger the already placed thermal devices in the Trade Centre buildings just before the time the flying drones were guided into the top of the twin towers.
Another plane was droned into a largely unoccupied wing of the Pentagon, and the last--not allowed to fly into the White House--was shot down over Pennsylvania.
The whole story is perfect enough to allow Bush to continue reading to school children in Florida and for Cheney to pretend fear of terror while hiding in a bunker under the White House.
Of course the dots had to be connected between hijackers and Al Qaeda who at first knew nothing about the operation, and later--Bin Laden hearing they were blamed for 9/11--ignorantly accepted credit.
Is there any better rationale for assassinating Bin Laden, once he was allowed to be found, than to keep him from eventually testifying that he had nothing to do with 9/11?
Once Bin Laden claimed credit for bombing America, the Taliban refused to turn him over to US authorities without evidence that Bin Laden was indeed guilty.
That provided enough reason for America to gather a coalition of 9/11 sympathizers to agree to invade Afghanistan. Does anyone seriously believe it took 10 years to find Bin Laden? Certainly Obama must know better!
Before locating and capturing the Al Qaeda mastermind, it was necessary to go to war with Iraq.  In order to do that, Iraq had to be associated with the reign of terror connecting the triumvirate of evil: Iraq, Iran and North Korea.
North Korea was simply thrown into Bush’s Axis of Evil to send a message to China while pretending that the US wasn't focusing only on Middle Eastern threats to Israel.
Now here's Barack Obama, foster child of Bush-Cheney, trying to prove to the Zio-cons (who have already jumped ship) that he's as much a warrior for Israel as his predecessors were.
Shame on me for ignoring the lessons of history: a great campaigner can make an inept leader!





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