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Open Letter to the UN Security Council on the Need for a Stronger Sanction on the Eritrean Government

By Seyoum Tesfaye

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, August 15, 2011

UN SC President H.E Mr. Hardeep Singh Puri
We would like to begin our urgent letter by extending our sincere appreciation to all members of the Security Council for collectively accepting the Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group's exhaustive and thorough report and for extending the life of the Monitoring Group for another year.
We would like to convey our admiration to the members of the Monitoring Group for the exemplary professionalism exhibited in their prolific and detailed report. They have done their part.   
We feel the only thing missing now is for the entire Security Council to take the recommendations made by the Monitoring Group into serious consideration and pass a stronger resolution to make it clear to the Eritrean government that itís illegal actions and flagrant behavior cannot be tolerated or accepted.
As the first direct victims of the Eritrean governmentís disregard for the rule of law and basic human rights we appeal to you to do what is right and pass a resolution that will demand the Eritrean Government be accountable and conform to the international standard by complying with all the demands spelled out in Resolution 1907.  
Almost two years since Resolution 1907 has been passed the Eritrean government, according to the last report, has not implemented or complied with a single part of the requirements outlined by the resolution. Failing to come to terms with this fact will only give psychological comfort and political green light for the Eritrean government to further consolidate its support for terroristic elements determined to destabilize the Horn of Africa and the contingent areas. Without a strong sanction aimed at the sources of funds that are sustaining the Eritrean governmentís illegal actions and behaviors the Horn of Africa will not find peace.
The forced extraterritorial taxation of Eritreans who have settled in Europe, America, the Middle East and other parts of Africa, the undiplomatic and illegal role played by the Embassies of the State of Eritrea around the world, the vast Diaspora underground PFDJ cells and networks that are illegally collecting and transferring funds contrary to the laws of the nations they reside and have accepted citizenship: These illegal actions and ways of doing business have to be checkmated by the UN Security Council and by member nations.  
International and national banks which, knowingly and unknowingly, have become facilitators of all illegal financial transaction of the Eritrean government have to be held accountable. Companies that are engaged in business dealings with the Eritrean government have to make sure that the funds they turn over to the government are not used for an illicit activity to finance avowed terrorists like Al-Shabab and other regional groups headquartered in Asmara contrary to the spirit and letter of Resolution 1907.
The UNSC must act and act decisively by accepting and adopting all the recommendations of the Somalia and Eritrean Monitoring Group and send the strongest unified message to the Eritrean Government. We feel no joy in opposing the government of our ancestral homeland, yet based on its record we have no choice but to stand with people of the Horn of Africa in demanding that the Eritrean governmentís support for terrorist groups and fomenting regional crisis must be stopped. This, we believe is the paramount duty of the United Nations Security Council.
The Eritrean government has turned Eritrea into an isolated and imprisoned nation. Its internal behavior is more draconian than what is described as illegal and extremist behavior in executing its belligerent foreign policy. Before betraying and abusing the Horn of Africa the government of Isaias Afeworki has betrayed, tortured, imprisoned and silenced the people Eritrea.  Because we know the very true nature of the government we strongly appeal to the UNSC to reinforce its previous sanction and accept and implement the recommendations of the monitoring group in itís entirely. Failing to do so will mean appeasing a rouge government that will continued spreading chaos in a fragile region.
Seyoum Tesfaye

Chairman of Eritrean Global Solidarity for Justice- Human Rights-Democracy    




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