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100 Imams Condemn Terrorism And Call for End of Wars,

April 9 Antiwar and Anti-Islamophobia Rally at Union Square, New York

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, April 4, 2011


Muslim Coalitions, Civic, and Interfaith Partners Endorsed and Announced

Muslim, interfaith, and civic leaders gathered today on the steps of City Hall in New York City for a press conference organized by the Muslim Peace Coalition, USA and the Islamic Leadership Council of Metropolitan New York.  At the press conference, a group of 100 Imams released a statement initiated by the Coalition, calling for an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, condemning terrorism and thanking American individuals and groups who are standing with the Muslim community against Islamophobia.  Participants including some national Muslim organizations announced their endorsement and participation in the April 9 antiwar and anti-Islamophobia rally at Union Square organized by the United National Antiwar Committee, which is endorsed by more than 500 peace, justice, labor, civic, religious, and civil liberties organizations around the country.  

The 100 Imams statement was inspired by Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid, a leader in the peace movement and social justice campaigns; and is posted on the website of the Muslim Peace Coalition USA 

Dr, Shaik Ubaid, the New York State Co-Chair of Muslim Peace Coalition USA said that Muslims are joining the peace movement “because wars of aggression are immoral and drain our national resources which are already under tremendous strain.” He thanked the millions of decent Americans including Senators Durbin and Graham “for speaking out against anti-Muslim fear mongering.” 

In a statement, Imam Amin Latif, the President of the Islamic Leadership Council of Metropolitan New York said “We condemn terrorism and any act of political violence against innocent, non-combatant civilians - no matter who is committing the acts, or who the victims of that violence are.  These are the clear teachings of Islam and what has been our publicly stated position since the establishment of the Majlis. 

Reverend Robert B. Coleman, Chief Program Minister of The Riverside Church said "Peace, Hospitality, Compassion, and Love are just a few of the things faithful Christians are called to embody, and the Riverside Church has long stood in opposition to violence, in war making and domestic concerns.”  “We strongly denounce efforts to create fear, suspicion, or distrust based on false claims and we stand in solidarity with our Muslim sisters and brothers, and those of all other faiths, to celebrate the freedoms we enjoy in this country while seeking a more just and peaceful path to a global beloved community" He added. 

Joe Lambardo, Co-Coordinator of United National Anti-War Committee said “As Peter King and other politicians are fanning the flames of hate, the fight against Islamophobia will be a major part of our antiwar rally on April 9th.  While millions revolt against US supported dictatorships in the Arab world, the United National Antiwar Committee will continue to demand no new military interventions, and to bring the Troops Home Now.” 

Seemi Ahmed, the co-chair of the New York chapter of Muslim Peace Coalition-USA said “We support the rights of all people to practice their beliefs in peace at home and abroad.”  “Together we urge that the untold billions of dollars now spent for war, to instead be used for peoples’ needs at home.” She added. 

Other prominent personalities who spoke conveying their solidarity with Muslims, immigrants, and under-siege union workers, and against wars and corporate greed include Rev. Mark Hallinan from Jesuits of  New York, Rev. Steven Chinlund from the Episcopal Church and Sara Flounders the Co-Director of International Action Center. They all appealed to the American people to come out in large numbers to support the anti-war/anti-Islamophobia rallies to be held in New York City on April 9th and in San Francisco on April 10th.  Sara Flounders wanted the billions of war dollars to be brought home and be spent on fulfilling the basic needs of the Americans. 

The civic and inter-faith leaders expressed appreciation for the American Muslims for standing up for the rights of union workers, immigrant communities and standing with the peace movement.                   

The Muslim Peace Coalition is the first national coalition of its kind.  Muslim peace activists and organizations from 15 states and growing came together in 2010 to form this coalition to promote peace, respect, and understanding, in response to the growing polarization, fear, and hate mongering in the society.


100 Imams Endorse April 9 Rally 




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