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Was Peter King's Mail A Hoax? A Publicity Stunt?

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, April 11, 2011


For all-too obvious reasons, I do not like or agree with the views of US Rep. Peter King. However, the recent act of sending this lawmaker a bloody pig’s foot in the mail can only be described as a foolish act. For those ‘not in the know’, Rep. King is the one responsible for holding the recent “hearings” on Muslims in America this last March.

As a Muslim, I do not believe such an act–sending a bloody pig’s foot in the mail– is conducive to ”good dialogue”. This prank is neither legal nor funny.

Having said that, I will gofurther by saying I believe the entire event is more than likely a hoax, the intended message of which is clear–To stigmatize Muslims. It is the same message when a McCain supporter claimed that during last presidential election a “black Obama supporter” assaulted her and wrote “b*tch” on her face. It turned out to be a hoax then too.

According to King’s staff, the mail came from a black Muslim woman who told the Congressman, “kiss my black Muslim tush,” in addition to other things.

Think about it for a minute. Why would a Muslim–prohibited from consuming or even HANDLING pork products–commit such a stupid and irreligious act? You don’t rob a home and leave your ID behind on the kitchen table. Besides, you would never live to see the day where you would hear a Muslim woman utter such a profanity, let alone to a Muslim man.

Trust me, this act was more than likely a publicity stunt from someone pretending to be a Muslim who shares Rep. King’s hostile views on Islam and its followers. It is a desperate attempt for media attention in order to vilify Muslims in America.

Americans still do remember the story of Susan Smith who murdered her two sons in 1995. Who did she blame at first then? You guessed it! A black man. Thankfully, the truth did prevail. 

Mahmoud El-Yousseph is a retired USAF Veteran






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