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US Presidents Have to Seek AIPAC-Israel Approval as a Precondition to Run for Office

By Ali Al-Hail

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, October 6, 2010


Should Or Shouldn't US Tax Payer know about this?  

" Bill, I think, you're going to be a president, someday. I think, you'll do a good job, but there's one thing, above all, you must remember: God will never forget you, if you doesn’t stand by Israel." Paster W. O. Vaught to Bill Clinton (Clinton, 2004: 353)  

According to Lenni Brenner, an anti – Zionism Jew, "No election [in contemporary U.S.A.], would be thought complete without the domestic politicians, down to the ranks of mayors and city council members, rushing to appear before Jewish organizations to reaffirm their fealty to 'the only democracy in the Middle East'." [BRENNER, Jews In America Today, p. 9] It has been observed, since Franklin Roosevelt, until Barak Obama did US presidents seek the AIPAC's and 'Israel' approval as a precondition to run for office.

Having said that, argues Stephen D. Isaacs, "While some Jewish agencies have persistently denied the existence of a Jewish vote,  just as persistently the politicians have pandered specifically to 'Jewish' interests and issues. The pandering has been especially observable since 1948, when the state of Israel was created." [ISAACS, Jews And American Politics, p. 142]


Moreover, Brenner  observes, "The percentage of Jews ... who involve themselves in party affairs as policy-makers and fund-raisers" as Will Maslow, general counsel Of the American Jewish Congress,  detects "is  probably higher than any other racial, religious, or ethnic group. The result is that Jews play a role in the political life of the country whose significance far transcends their proportion of the total population." [BRENNER, p. 121]


Further, Roth quotes Ira Foreman, the 1999 Jewish Democratic Council executive director, who suggested that, there is a, "disproportionate number of opinion leaders among Jews." [ROTH, B., 10-11-99] According to Isaacs, Jewish theologian and political activist Seymour Siegel suggested that the "messianic drive is present in many great Jews. Having lost the faith that there is a God, but not wanting to give up messianism, they go into politics ..."  [ISAACS, p. 20] Isaacs echoes Norman Podhoretz, who elaborates that, "The pursuit of salvation through politics is a modern disease," "And a lot of Jews are infected with it." [ISAACS, p. 26]


Henry Feingold notes that, "American Jewry cannot claim the dubious distinction of being normal, It is, to be sure, shaped by the American society with which it casts its lot; but it also has, as part of it, Jewish connections, a long separate history of its own that shapes its vision. It lives delicately suspended between two cultural pulls, the Jewish and the American. It's that connection to k'lal Yisrael, the mysterious tie that binds Jews everywhere together, and that also determines its unique political character ... It is also that connection that compels American Jewry to exert a special effort to influence the United States government ... United States foreign policy contains the most discernible signs of a specific Jewish influence." [FEINGOLD, p. 115]  Additionally, certain US sociologists found that, American popular culture and government have for decades, been heavily,  influenced by Jewish culture.  For instance, sociologist Irving Horowitz firmly, believes that, "the critique of American imperialism, reformism, and welfarism readily spills into a critique of America's Jewish element." [HOROWITZ, I., p. 91]


As a result, the main Jewish concern in high level US politics, is not Crime or  Pollution or The unemployment rolls, or The economy or Racism, it's rather, how close is a US administration to 'Israel'. The Baltimore Jewish Times leant  in 1966 "in the world of big-league Jewish politics[ has] one question[ that], overshadows all others, year after year: how friendly is the current [White House] administration of Jewish and pro-Israel interests? Jewish leaders may be interested in a host of domestic and international issues. But in the end, an unfriendly administration, or one that sends mixed signals, becomes the central organizing principle of Jewish political life." [BESSER [LOVE], p. 34]


This argument also, seems to become valid to EU's states, with varying degrees. Though, 'Israeli' lobbies either collectively, within the EU, or individually, at each EU's state, are not as strong and influential as their sisters (AIPAC, and its subsequent lobbies) at the US, their influences are not conceivably, powerless. Such an argument noticeably, detects that, an almost entirely, a half of the House of Representatives, and two-thirds of the Senate are, either members at AIPAC or else, sympathizers with or supporters to 'Israel'.


By now, there's no need to prove that, the AIPAC influences US Foreign policy in the Middle East.

    It's not a stretch to claim that, the American 'Israeli' Committee of Public affairs (AIPAC)  and its 'Israeli' \ Jewish \ Zionist lobbies, which  determine who should or should not be the president of the United States of America.  According to the Jewish comedian Milton Berl (1996), "the president of the United States is concerned about our intelligence. He goes to the president of Israel and asks him to share the secrets of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency. The Israeli president is unable to help him but suggests something. He tells the president, 'If you want to know anything, just go to the synagogue. The Jews there know everything.' The president dresses up in a skull cap, beard, and all the accoutrements of the religious Jew and goes to a temple. He sits down next to an old Jew and says, 'What's happening?' The old Jew says, 'The president is going to be here.'" ( joke by Jewish comedian Milton Berle, 1996, p. 310).

Many argue, It's not 'Israel', it's rather, the American 'Israeli' Public Committee (AIPAC), and its 'Israeli' \ Jewish \ Zionist lobbies, which holds potentially, an 'endless' impact on US administration (current and dated), despite denial and concealing. Partially, According to Barbara Matusow (2000), because:

"Washington is an easy place to be Jewish these days. There are some 200,000 Jews living in the area, making this the seventh-largest Jewish community in North America ... No one would dispute that area Jews are disproportionately represented in the upper echelons of law, politics, medicine, science, journalism, accounting, and other professions." [The Washington DC Jewish community includes "at least 62 synagogues" and "32 Jewish preschool and day schools."] ( Barbara Matusow, MAY 2000, p. 79]

Arguably, the AIPAC has, over the years breaded franchised 'Israeli' Zionist lobbies beyond Washinton and New York. As chaim Bermant (1977) argues, "Jewish organizations like to deny that there is such a thing as a Jewish lobby, which is, of course, nonsense, but it may fairly be said that the massive strength of the Zionist lobby is of comparatively recent origin." (Chaim Bermant, 1977, p. 253).

The AIPAC and its lobbies, have notoriously, succeeded to have a grip on the US from within, let alone misguiding US foreign policy in the Middle East, in favor of 'Israel', as Maersheamar and Walt wrote. According to Peter Novick (1999): "Oscar Cohen, a long-time official of the Anti-Defamation League, wrote to a friend that by the 1970s organized American Jewry had become 'an agency  of the Israeli government .. follow[ing] its directions from day to day.'" ( Peter Novick, 1999, p. 149).   

Professor, Dr. Ali Al-Hail, Media Consultant, Professor of Mass Communication, Twice Fulbright Award Winner, Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Vice-President Of Qatar Fulbright Group, CSR Award Judge, Psychosomatics writer, Management Trainer, and Board Member of AUSACE, ASC, IABD, NEBAA, BEA, IMDA and EAJMC American Associations.





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