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Israelis Slam Arab Incitement, But Ignore Clarion Jewish Zionist Racism

By Khalid Amayreh

PIC, November 8, 2010


The Israeli press on Wednesday, 3 November, reported that Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu deliberated a draft known as the "incitement index", measuring the levels of violence and anti-Israel sentiment among Palestinians.

The meter completely ignores the much more virulent and nearly daily incitement by Israeli political and religious leaders against Palestinians, Muslims and non-Jews in general.

In fact, Israeli-Jewish incitement and racism against gentiles in general exceeds in terms of wickedness and depravity anything ever uttered by the Palestinians,  Israel's ultimate victims, by many light years.

In reality, while Palestinians do  voice anti-Israeli attitudes,  given the decades-long Israeli occupation of their country and brutalization of their people, Jewish racism as expressed in word and in deed, is more or less a built-in character, a permanent pathological feature that is quite conspicuous  in Zionist and even many Jewish religious circles. Ignoring or evading this real issue, e.g., for fear of being accused of anti-Semitism, is dishonest, immoral,  and anti-academic.

For example, it is well known that some important Jewish sects, including mainstream sects, view gentiles as a whole as beasts created by the Almighty in a human shape. Thus, the lives of these beasts have no sanctity whatsoever. Other basic virtues such as dignity and honor never apply to the goyem.

Last week, the Israeli media quoted Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the religious mentor of the Shas party, who is widely considered one of the greatest living Torah sages, as saying that non-Jews are like donkeys and that God created them solely to serve Jews.

The Jewish bible says that non-Jews living under Jewish religious laws ought to be enslaved as water carriers and wood hewers.

Interestingly, Yosef's remarks didn't raise eyebrows in Israel, neither in government, nor in the media, nor in the intellectual community, nor in the public at large.

Now just imagine the outcry that would take place if a Muslim religious leader or a Protestant or Catholic leader declared openly that Jews were "the sons of the devil" and that God created them to make mischief on earth!

In fact, through my studies of classical Jewish racism, which took many years, I have found that Jewish racism against non-Jews exceeds by far any perceivable amount of   gentile racism against Jews.

And in nowhere this virulent and nefarious racism is displayed more brashly like in Palestine. I will give some examples:

In Israel, the bulk of the Orthodox religious establishment doesn't accord non-Jews equal human status. These hateful teachings are not concealed in ancient books in some synagogues; they are taught in some Talmudic colleges, such as Merkaz Ha'rav in Jerusalem and other yeshivot or Talmudic schools

Some rabbinic figures, like the spiritual godfather of the settlement movement, Abraham Kook, in whose name Merkaz Harav was dedicated, taught that the differences between Jews and Gentiles were greater and deeper than the differences between humans and animals.

A few weeks ago, one rabbi advised Mossad male agents that they could always have sex with non-Jewish women without risking committing adultery. He explained that adultery occurs between humans, and since the non-Jewish women were non-humans according to Halacha or Jewish religious law, then these agents would only be guilty of the much lighter sin of bestiality not adultery or fornication.

Another example: a few years ago, a young Jewish immigrant from France duped a Palestinian taxi driver from Jerusalem to give him a ride to his home near Tel Aviv. However, when the Arab cabbie arrived at the young Jew's apartment, the new immigrant cajoled the cabbie to get off and drink a cup of coffee. However, instead of the cup of coffee, the young Jew brought up a dagger and decapitated the taxi driver's throat, killing him on the spot.

When the murderer was questioned by Shin Beth interrogator why he did what he did, he simply and calmly told them that he didn't think he was slaughtering a human being but rather an animal.

He explained further that his neighborhood rabbi had told him that non-Jews were not really human beings and that their lives had no sanctity.

In fact, the nefarious belief that non-Jews are not really humans is not confined to a few religious weirdoes affiliated with some obscurant rabbinic circles such the Chabad group, which can be described as Nazi par excellence, especially  in terms of their perception of non-Jews.

A few years ago, Knesset member Aryeh Eldad, a secular politician, lamented how the Israeli security forces were treating "real human beings," a reference to Jewish settlers, as if they were Arabs. Eldad is considered an important political and ideological ally of Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu.

In fact, one can amass a huge volume of literature exposing Jewish incitement and racism against non-Jews.

I know that all Jews are not carbon copies of each other. I also know that not even all rabbis are carbon copies of each other. And  I  am  absolutely sure that many rabbis don't agree with and don't believe in  the dehumanizing  and demonizing  of non-Jews.

I also know that there is prima facie Jewish religious literature that establishes the full humanity and dignity of all men and women, regardless of race and religion.

For example, the story is often told that a heathen came to Shammai with the request to be accepted as a convert on condition that he was taught the whole of the Torah while he stood on one foot.  The Rabbi drove him away with the yard-stick he was holding.

He then went to Hillel with the same request, and he said to him: What is hateful to yourself don't do to your fellow man. That is the whole of the Torah and the remainder is but commentary. Go learn it."

Now why is this story not taught to young Israeli Jews who are otherwise taught that non-Jews are beasts and their women are whores!! Or is it reserved for Hasbara purposes when arguing with Gentiles in America and Europe ?

Unfortunately, we are dealing with Godless politicians who lie as much as they breathe oxygen and with opportunistic rabbis who are more eager to appease their satanic tendencies than obey the commandments of the Almighty and uphold a true moral life.

Otherwise, we all know, the world knows, and Jews and non-Jews alike know that a thuggish politician such as Benjamin Netanyahu and his equally hoodlum-like colleagues are utterly unfit to even utter a single word about incitement when every thing they say and do constitutes the ugliest form of incitement against their fellow human beings.

Indeed, since when is a state like Israel, whose entire existence has been based on ethnic cleansing, land theft, and mendacity, qualified to preach to the world about incitement. ?

Since when is a state that demands that aspiring citizens pledge oaths of loyalty to a Jewish state qualified to complain about incitement? Since when is a state that instructs soldiers to murder babies at their mothers' laps and children on their way to school qualified to judge which talk constitutes incitement and which doesn't?

In fact, for Israel to even allude to Palestinian incitement is very much like having Nazi leaders and ideologues preach egalitarianism and justice. It is like having unrepentant thieves speak about justice and unrepentant whores speak about morality and chastity.

But Israel is a self-absorbed entity that lives in self-denial and listens only to itself. One day, it will have to wake up, but then it might be too late for Israel and Zionism.




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