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Government Silence on Israeli Mossad Forging Australian Passports

By Asem Judeh

Al-Jazeera,, May 24, 2010


ASIO must investigate and report to the government of Israel state sponsor terrorist activities in Australia.
My close friend Reverend Dr. Alan Reid has received (10 May 2010) the attached response from Acting Director of DFAT Middle East and North Africa, Mr Joel McGregor, on behalf of Labor Rudd Foreign Minister, The Hon. Stephen Smith.
Rev. Dr. Reid has forwarded DFAT’s sickening response to his network with the following message (19 May 2010):
“Some of you were interested to see if I got a reply to my query in why the government was sitting on their hands (for fear of the pro-Israel lobby?). Wonderful how you can write almost two pages and say nothing!  Alan”
Ten years ago or more, this Digest yourPDFDU wrote extensively about the Zionisation of Australia’s Middle East Foreign Policy and Australian largest democratic institution, the Peoples’ Parliament.
Things will get much worse than 2000, unless free Australian men and women take action. If the 80-years-old Rev Dr Reid, God bless him and keep him in good health with Janet (his wife) can do it, then everyone on this list should do it. It is our responsibility to free our country from Zionist-Israelis occupation to our taxpayers’ funded institutions, Parliament and the Government.

Dear Minister [Stephen Smith],
I understand you have received a report of the AFP's investigation of the use of Australian passports in the assassination which took place in Dubai. In a similar situation in Britain Israel was severely criticised. Why has the Australian government taken no similar action?
I look forward to your response.
Rev Dr Alan Reid [via email 30 April 2010]
yourPDFDU encourages you to write, fax or email Prime Minister, the Hon Kevin Rudd,
Foreign Affairs Minister, the Hon Stephen Smith and your local MP.
Le us see what reply i.e. shameful cover-up, you will get from them this time.
Interestingly, DFAT response stated that “On 9 April, Mr Smith received a report on the Australian Federal Police’s investigation. After a preliminary assessment of the report, Mr Smith sought further advice from other agencies.”
DFAT’s letter did not say which agencies the Minister sought advice from and why?
But Australian Jewish News, 12 May 2010, reported more details as usual:
“The Foreign Minister called for an Australian Federal Police (AFP) report, and received the findings on April 9, but said at that time he would not rush to a conclusion. He said he would discuss the report with the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation [that’s really interesting. yourPDFDU] and the Australian Security Intelligence Service.”
Do we trust ASIO after seeing ASIO’s (assessment) report to re-list Hamas’ Brigades and PIJ as a terrorist organisation?
yourPDFDU found that ASIO’s report a cover-up of Zionist entity crimes against humanity and gives Zionist entity free license to kill more Palestinians.
May be yourPDFDU is wrong! May AFP report found that Mossad is deeply rooted in Australia and pro-Israel lobby terrorist infrastructure in Australia are far bigger than they thought.
''I'm a lifelong supporter, defender and friend of the state of Israel …'' he said. ''However, when it comes to this particular matter, I have a responsibility as Australian Prime Minister to get to the bottom of it and to establish that Australia's interests are being properly safeguarded in the future and I will do that.''

Kevin Rudd SOURCE, SMH 6 March 2010.
[Mr. Rudd, Australians are still waiting for your responsible action and to show true leadership!]
“If the abuse of Australian passports was in any way sponsored or condoned by Israeli officials, then Australia would not regard that as the act of a friend."
Mr Smith said he also told the ambassador that "if we didn't receive that co-operation, then we would potentially draw adverse conclusions from that". Stephen Smith SOURCE, Herald Sun 26 February 2010.
[Mr. Smith, how long will take to ‘draw adverse conclusions’?]
May AFP’s report discovered that the Zionist organisation, Jewish Agency, activities in Australia must
be investigated and that’s why Foreign Minister, the Hon. Stephen Smith, ‘sought further advice’ from
Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and the Australian Security Intelligence Service.

The History of the Jewish Agency for Israel
For 80 years, the Jewish Agency for Israel has been synonymous with the efforts to rescue Jews at risk and the resettlement of the Jewish people in its homeland. The history of the Jewish Agency in the pre-state era is inseparable from that of the Yishuv. In the early years of the state, the Jewish Agency's role was paramount in setting up an economic and cultural infrastructure for the country, still struggling for survival. Since the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, the Jewish Agency has facilitated the aliyah and absorption in Israel over one million new immigrants - the equivalent of the United States absorbing the entire population of France!! Today, too, the Jewish Agency's role remains central to countless Jews the world over as it continues to provide vital services in Israel and to the global Jewish community.
The Jewish Agency was established by the World Zionist Organization at the 16th Zionist Congress, in August 11, 1929 as a partnership between the WZO and non-Zionist Jewish leaders. The Agency was set up in accordance with the stipulation in the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine (1922).
After the war, a Jewish Agency delegation visited the DP camps to provide relief. The Mossad resumed large-scale sea operations to rescue the 250,000 survivors who had escaped from Eastern Europe to various Mediterranean shores through the Berihah rescue operation organized by the Jewish Agency.
The end of the war brought the Agency to the forefront of the struggle for statehood. Under the leadership of the Jewish Agency an agreement was signed in October, 1945, between the Hagana, Irgun, and Lehi to establish the United Resistance Movement, which included joint operations against the British. Defiance of British authorities led to the arrest of members of the Jewish Agency Executive, along with thousands of other leading figures in the Yishuv, on Saturday, June 29, 1946 (what became known as Black Sabbath. The British also entered the Jewish Agency buildings and confiscated a large number of records, including documents that demonstrated the Agency's role in the leadership of the United Resistance Movement. Starting in 1946 the Jewish Agency recruited the Hagana to defend all Jewish settlements and neighborhoods; it also set up the Palmach commando units and took on the task of procuring weapons, ammunition, etc. Independence.
Source: Jewish Agency homepage
yourPDFDU well-researched intelligence and investigation confirms that Jewish Agency are very active in Australia. Let us hope that Australia’s Intelligence and Security agencies investigates their activities and if it happen that they, Jewish Agency and other Zionist organisations, are conducting any illegal activities and endangering Australia’s national security and interest, then they should report to the government to outlaw these organisations under Division 102 of the Criminal Code.
That’s what has been put in the Public Record, Parliament, by Asem Judeh, in his public submissions to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security (PJCIS), November 2009

(Source HERE):

Start of Public Record
•    I recommend that PJCIS to recommend to the Parliament and Attorney-
General to list Israel as a terrorist state.
•    I recommend that PJCIS to recommend to the Parliament and Attorney-
General to list Zionism as international jihadist terrorist organisation.
•    I recommend that PJCIS to recommend to ASIO to investigate and report
on Israel and Zionism terrorist activities on regular basis.
The head of the Irgun operation under Menachem Begin who later became Israel’s prime minster and invaded Lebanon in 1982 and committed Sabra and Shatilla massacre.
The photo on the left hand for Menachem Begin: Wanted for Murder. Published in the British newspaper Daily Express Friday August 1, 1947.
A former member of British Palestine Police Force who currently resides in Australia and married to former Labor state MP, gave me copy of the Daily Express newspaper when I met him first in 1998 at their house. He is still has alive memory and remembered his colleges who killed by jihadist Zionist terrorist attack.
Recently, Australian Federal Police has agreed to investigate 1975 killing of five Australian journalists in East Timor[1]. Zionists crimes will never be forgotten.
National Security: Terrorism
(Question No. 2180)

Mrs Irwin asked the Minister representing the Minister for Justice and Customs, upon notice, on 11 August 2003:
(1)  Are the organisations known as Kach and Kahane Chai regarded as derivative organisations of the listed terrorist organisation Hizballah External Security Organisation.
(2)  Are these organisations known to be active in Australia.

Mr Ruddock —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:
(1)  No
(2)  No. Kach and Kahane Chai operate primarily in Israel and the [occupied East Jerusalem and] West Bank.
Source: House of Representatives Official Hansard
No. 1, 2004
Tuesday, 10 February 2004, Page: 24212
End of Public Record

Finally, if ASIO and AFP couldn’t protect Australia’s national interest and security or the Government Do not take ASIO’s and AFP’s advice then both ASIO Director-General and AFP Commissioner must resign to protect their organisations integrity and credibility in the public eyes.
For more information please refer to yourPDFDU well researched case proves that ASIO has had deliberately mislead Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security i.e. contempt of parliament:
Asem Judeh’s public submission to PJCIS, 12 October 2009
Asem Judeh’s public supplementary submission to PJCIS, 19 October 2009.
Asem Judeh’s public supplementary submission to PJCIS, 20 October 2009.
The House of Representatives Hansard, 18 November 2009:
The Senate Hansard, 17 November 2009:
PJCIS report Review of the re-listing of  Hamas’ Brigades, PKK, LeT and PIJ as terrorist
      organisations which tabled in the Parliament, 17 November 2009.
ASIO’s assessment report on Hamas' Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades (the Brigades) to
      PJCIS, 27 August 2009.
ASIO’s assessment report on Palestinian Islamic Jihad to PJCIS, 27 August 2009.

[1] See




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