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Memory Is the Power Zionists Cannot Destroy

By Salim Nazzal

Al-Jazeerah,, May 17, 2010

May 1948, Russian and Polish Jews wiped out Palestine: committed more than twenty massacres, ethnic rinsing two third of native Palestinians and declared the “independence of Israel”.

In memory of the Palestinian babies, children, women and men slaughtered mercilessly by Zionist Jews like these days 62 years ago.  

Each year on May 15th, Palestinians commemorate the war crimes committed by East European Jews and ask the same question: how did the so-called “Holocaust survivors” bring themselves to murder pregnant women, babies and others, put explosives in crowded Palestinian markets in the Palestinians towns, Haifa, Jafa, and Jerusalem, at schools and in orphanages and terrorize and expel a whole nation? Do Zionist Jews have hearts like other human beings, and if so how could they allow themselves to murder innocent people who had done no wrong to them?  

How could those Jews, claiming to be hated in Europe to a degree where Hitler sought to eradicate them physically, bring themselves to do the same thing to Palestinians? This question is addressed to the Zionist Jews who murder Palestinians, to Jews who support and finance the murder and the robbery of Palestinians, and to those Jews who do not say any word about the slaughter of Palestinians. 

The Nakhba (Limitless Catastrophe) is the Palestinian name for the Zionist Jewish policy of murder and expulsion of Palestinians in 1948, indicating a disaster of immeasurable magnitude, which resulted in the destruction of a whole society for the benefit of immigrants from Poland and Russia. The Palestinian Nakhba was more brutal than natural disasters like a volcano, or earthquake or tsunami. 

All these natural disasters come and go, however, while Zionist Jews have become steadily more aggressive over time, confirmed by their nuclear, biological and chemical weapons capability, which could, as they themselves put it, return the whole Middle East to the Stone Age, meaning in practice that they would murder around 20 to 30 million Arabs and Muslims in about 5 minutes. This leaves the region with two choices; either the UN forces Israel to give up its weapons of mass destruction or the other countries of the region develop equivalent weapons to protect themselves. 

The Nakhba is not only a historical event, however, with Palestinian still experiencing Zionist atrocities on a daily basis. Every day, Palestinians are tortured by members of ‘the most moral army in the world’! Every day, this ‘moral’ army murders Palestinians, every day Palestinians are arrested, and every day Palestinians are humiliated in their own country.

Every day Palestinians’ land is stolen by Zionist Jews, and every day the exiled Palestinians living in refugee camps grow more determined to reclaim their stolen rights, even if this takes another 1,000 years. And each and every day, the actions of Zionist Jews are building a Mount Everest of hatred against them, which will ultimately lead to endless wars throughout the 21 century. 

 How does the Western world, which claims to be expert in democracy and human rights, square this with accepting, enabling and supporting professional murderers in destroying a whole society and now in threatening stability and peace across the entire Middle East? When Zionist Jews come from different countries, murder and expel the natives, and call this independence, what kind of independence is that?  

One understands that the peoples of occupied nations call the day that foreign forces leave the country Independence Day. In the case of Palestinians, however, it was their country that was occupied, with the British occupying Palestine while Zionist Jews were still living in their homeland in Eastern Europe. The colonizing power, Britain, then brought Polish and Russian Zionist Jews to Palestine with a clear goal of destroying Palestinians. Therefore the question is; if Russian and Polish Zionist Jews were part of the British colonial system, from whom did they claim their independence?

In the behavior psychology theory we learnt that in order to understand what a group (Zionists in this case) are doing now, we have to know what they had previously planned to do. Such actions are goal directed behavior and can only be accounted for if we know who set the goal, and for what purpose.

The answer is simple; Zionist Jews said clearly that they planned while they were still in their Eastern European homelands to murder and expel Palestinians, while the native Palestinians were not even aware of what these Zionist Jews were planning. This is exactly what happens every year, with these Jews dancing joyfully to celebrate the theft of Palestine, which they call “independence” and Palestinians commemorate that day with deep sadness but with unlimited determination to restore their rights in order to live in dignity and in freedom in Palestine away from the zio Jewish culture of death.  

I also pose this question to the countries that recognized the state of Israel: please tell us who exactly did the Polish and Russian Zionist Jews proclaim their independence from?  And what right had and have they to murder thousands of Palestinians and take their homes?   

If Arthur Balfour, the British foreign minister in 1917 gave them that ‘right,’ Palestine was not his property to give him any right over it.

 If the Jewish god supports killing pregnant woman as in Deir Yassin near Jerusalem, if it is a god that gives Jews the right to murder babies, if it is a god which spread the culture of death, he must be an international murderer and must be put immediately on the Interpol list at all airport to be arrested.  And if Jews around the world believe their god is against violence, their voice must be heard, but, the fact is, until now, very few Jews have opposed the culture of death Zionists brought to Palestine. 

 While these atrocities continue, Palestinians see the hypocrisy of the US and Europe which dares to criticize the violation of human right everywhere, but, when it comes to Israel, where torture is an official state policy, nobody say anything. And, when we ask about the reason for this silence, they tell us Jews control the media, Jews control the banking system, Jews control the US Congress and nobody dares to confront them.

 But why the policy of supporting Israel is encouraging wars? The answer is simple, past history has taught us that the support and the silence about the occupation encouraged Israel to occupy more and to oppress more because it knows no body will account it for its atrocities. The appeasement policy, is also poisoning the international relations between the east and the west, and gives strong argument to hardliners in the Muslim world that the West talks only rhetoric about human rights while supporting the Zionist occupation. Past experience demonstrates beyond doubt that the credibility of the US, Europe and the UN grows weaker every time Israel commits genocide and escapes sanctions. It has taught us that the policy of appeasement towards Israel means more wars, more destruction and thus more instability across the entire world. 

Some may argue that questioning the legitimacy of the Zionist state after 62 years is too late, but for the Palestinians this question will always be asked and will never get old, as long as Zionism deprive Palestinians from Palestine. The questioning of the legitimacy of the Zionist state will be passed from generation to generation, and consequently the Palestinian struggle for freedom will continue throughout the 21 century.  

It has been proven that Zionist Jews have failed to integrate in the region through use of wars and weapons. Effective, modern arms may make a well equipped army, but definitely make no friends. Justice and quitting a racist policy does.  The Zionist policy is also encouraging the region to arm itself. Middle East observers anticipate that the next wars will be more destructive than all the previous ones. Some even predict that in 20 years time the most sophisticated arms will be available to everybody in the Middle East. This means a group of just handful individuals can launch a war on their own against the state of Israel.

Today most political analysts, including Israeli says that after 62 years of its establishment Israel is still worried about its existence. The question is why Israel is worried despite its large arsenal of arms? The answer is simple; Israel is like the man who stole a flat .The owner of the flat erect a tent opposite to his stolen flat, and each time the thief opens the window he sees the owner and feels unsafe because the stolen pose a moral threat to him. The thief owns a gun which scares the whole building naturally sympathizes with their stolen neighbor.  The thief is insecure because he knows everybody will turn against him the moment he gets week or if times changed.

 Indeed times are changing. Israel previously had a monopoly over sophisticated arms and on the media. Today the whole region is seeking to arm itself with equal sophisticated arms, and in the media, the alternative media is breaking this monopoly. 

The Jewish community in Palestine needs to make radical changes if there is any hope to stop the cycle of violence. Israel army has the power to kill millions of Palestinians and Arabs; this is no secret. Yet, would it help them in any way? The answer is a Big No; the more they murder, the more they are hated and the more they increase vengeful sentiments towards them. In a research I made 12 years ago among Palestinian kids born Fifty two years after the Nakhba  , I found out that the most precious dream the vast majority of them have is to see the apartheid state of Israel disappears, this generation which Israel will face in the future.

Jews in Palestine, therefore, have only two choices, to continue with the occupation and the oppressive policies, which will definitely lead to more wars, and in the end to the disappearance of the Jewish existence in Palestine or, to integrate in the region, meaning that Palestinians get their full rights and non Zionist Jews continue to live in the region on an equal footing with everyone else. But as we are in 2010 there is no shred of evidence that Israel is changing its apartheid nature. Today, Israelis expel, arrest, murder, and use intensively the same policy Russian and polish Jews did 62 years ago.

And as the old generation of Palestinians defeated in previous wars with Israel passes away, and as our generation is aging, a new generation is emerging with a metal will and determination to carry on the struggle under the slogan that the destruction will be inflicted on everyone. This apparently changes the rules of the coming wars, and leads the region into a new phase.

Dr. Salim Nazzal is a Palestinian-Norwegian historian in the Middle East, who has written extensively on social and political issues in the region




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