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A Heated Debate Between a Palestinian & a Jewish Peace Activist, and a Jewish Israeli Zionist

Mysterious Deaths Of Many 911 Witnesses

IMMI Iceland Adopts Law Protecting Journalists and News Organizations


7th Anniversary of Rachel Corrie: March 16th

There is a quiet battle going on for the memory of a young American woman who could have been anyone's daughter. On one side there are those who would like to erase her from history; her actions, her beliefs, her murder. On the other side are those who feel her shining principles should be praised, her courage honored, her death grieved. On this side are those who believe that heroism is noble, bravery admirable, and compassion for others the most fundamental form of morality.

On March 16th, 2003, two Israeli soldiers drove a house-crushing bulldozer over her twice, crushing her into the Gaza dirt. She had spent several hours in front of a family home in Palestine, pleading with Israeli soldiers not to demolish their home. They didn't (until later); they demolished her instead.

Her friends rushed to her screaming. They dug her out of the dirt. her last words were, "My back is broken."
Far more, of course was broken. The day was broken, the universe was broken, her parents hearts were broken.
I wonder how much we'll hear about Rachel Corrie on this March 16th. For those of us who believe in justice and peace and an end to the occupation of the Palestinian people,  Rachel Corrie will never be forgotten. She was 23 when she was killed. We won't forget her young idealism, her sweet bravery, her needless death. And we won't forget her beliefs, the third of which killed her: that good would triumph, that justice would prevail, that Israeli forces would not kill her. She was wrong on that last one!
George M Karsa

Read more about Rachel Corrie:




Despite the intense pressure by the Israeli government, the government has ruled out any change in law on universal jurisdiction before the general election. This reflects the massive pressure put on the government by those supporting justice and human rights, including many MPs who have been increasingly vocal in their opposition to any attack on universal jurisdiction that will restrict the power of courts here to issue arrest warrants for those suspected of war crimes. So far, 128 MPs have signed Jeremy Corbyn’s Early Day Motion.
Jack Straw announced today (4 March) that ‘rather than legislating now, we are going to seek views’ on changes to the existing law, which allows victims of war crimes to seek justice in British courts. The government hasn’t been able to push through a change in parliament before the election because of the strong opposition in parliament and wider to changing the law to hinder those seeking justice for war crimes. This statement follows Gordon Brown’s article in the Telegraph.
Your emails, letters and phone calls have been vital so please keep the pressure up – tell your MP and prospective parliamentary candidates that you oppose any attack on universal jurisdiction – no safe haven for war criminals!
Find out more about what you can do in the weekly update – link below.
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General Election 2010: Use our briefing to lobby parliamentary candidates
Report back: Gaza protest arrests clearly ‘political’
BDS: H&M opens new stores in Israel
Verdict: Guilty. Russell tribunal finds EU guilty for breaking law
International Women’s Day - Palestinian women in Britain
News, events and much more…
Follow the link below for your weekly news and action round up:
Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Tel:   020 7700 6192
Fax:  020 7609 7779


What are you doing on International Women's Day?

This Monday, March 8, for International Women's Day, we are banding with Women for Women International as part of their Join Me on the Bridge campaign. Women will be joining in solidarity on bridges around the world to demonstrate how women have the power to say no to war and build bridges of peace and justice. When you join together on a bridge in your community, you are connected to the women of Iraq, Sudan, Nigeria, Bosnia Kosovo, and beyond.

We find it especially moving that thousands of women will meet on the bridge between the Congo and Rwanda, lands that have been wracked with war for a decade, lands where women have suffered on an unimaginable scale, where rape, violence and loss of loved ones are constant threats. Imagine all these strong, resilient women together, showing that a more peaceful future is possible.

Join us on the Bridge! To learn more about the campaign and find or create a march on a local bridge, click here. Be sure to print out our bridge image and take a picture of yourself on the bridge holding the sign. If there are no bridges in your area, you can link hands and create a human bridge! Send your photos here and any video of your event here. We'd love to know how it went--email us with a quick report back about your action!

Come to DC! If you can get to DC, we are planning a weekend of trainings and events to honor International Women's Day and build more bridges for peace. Click here to find out more.

March 17-20 Actions: Later in the month we are honoring the Iraq War's 7th anniversary March 17-20 with a whole line up of actions. Check out the schedule here!

International Women's Day is a day for women around the globe to celebrate our power, our voice, in all of its fierceness and compassion. Together, we can create the world we want to see!

See you on the bridge! Dana, Emily, Farida, Gael, Gayle, Janna, Jodie, Medea, Nancy, Rae and Whitney


Have you heard about the woman-founded Coffee Party movement to counter the irrationality of the Tea Party movement? To honor these seeds (make that beans!) of change, join the March 13th kick off and bring the message of peace to the party!

Code Pink


Help Kucinich Use War Powers Act to Force Afghanistan Debate

This week, Representative Kucinich plans to introduce a privileged resolution invoking the War Powers Act to force the President to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan this year. Because it will be a privileged resolution, Congress will be forced to debate the issue of the open-ended U.S. war and occupation in Afghanistan.

Ask your Representative to be an original co-sponsor of Representative Kucinich's resolution by using the form below.


The March for America, March 21, 2010

"The March for America: Change Takes Courage Good Jobs and Full Citizenship for ALL America's Families."

"The March for America: Change Takes Courage Good Jobs and Full Citizenship for ALL America's Families." Thank you for your interest in participating in the "The March for America: Change Takes Courage Good Jobs and Full Citizenship for ALL America's Families."

As 2010 slips into March, the urgency for action on comprehensive immigration reform only grows. It's time to pick it up a few notches. On March 21st thousands of workers, families, immigrants and allies are mobilizing to Washington, DC to make sure our voices get heard. We're telling the White House and Congress that the time is now, and there is no turning back on the promises they've made.

GALEO & GLAHR are coordinating buses to leave from the Metro Atlanta area on Saturday, 3/20/10, late in the PM. The march will be in Washington DC on Sunday, 3/21/10. We will then leave DC after the March to return to the Metro Atlanta area by early morning on Monday, 3/22/10. More details will be posted on under "EVENTS" section of the website.

ONLY from Wednesday, 3/3/10 until Friday, 3/12/10, 2:00 PM, there will be a special rate of $25.00 per person. Those who have already paid will have the option to donate the rest or bring additional people with them at this special rate. This was made possible by a special subsidy rate with the Reform Immigration for America organization. Please follow this link for the special rate: Volunteer opportunities are available to help defray the cost. Please ask Maria Duarte, maria@... for more information. Please sign up today and reserve YOUR SPOT! reserve a spot with GLAHR, please contact Adelina Nichols at 770.457.5232 770.457.5232. Same cost for the GLAHR bus. Payment may also be made by check: GALEO P.O. Box 29506 Atlanta, GA 30359    


 Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition - Atlanta


Election 2010 & Strategies of Self-Empowerment


Sunday March 14, 2010

10:30 am @ Chandni Restaurant

  5748 Mowry School Rd
(between Balentine Dr & Cedar Blvd)
Newark, CA 94560

(510) 668-1051




AMA-F BannerAssemblyman Alberto Torrico

- CA District 20


AMA-F BannerMs. Moina Shaiq- President, American Muslims and Friends Democratic Club


AMA-F Banner Mr. Tashie Zaheer-President, American Muslim Alliance, Bay Area


AMA-F BannerDr. Agha Saeed- Chairman, American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections


Topics To Be Covered 

What is a club?

What do Democratic (Republican or Green) clubs do? 

How is the 2010 election agenda shaping up? 

What kind of coalitions can be formed? 

What is a candidates forum? 

If all politics are local, than which local issues should we focus on, and which campaigns should we work on? 


For More Info Contact:

Ms. Moina Shaiq






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